Report Affirms Public Safety Threat Posed By Sanctuary Policies

In anticipation of last weekend’s planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) enforcement actions, officials from the  largest of the targeted sanctuary cities doubled down on their obstruction by offering advice to illegal immigrants who might be detained as part of the  intended sweeps. Some elected leaders went well beyond offering advice.

While, in the past, Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers have been allowed to cooperate with ICE if targeted individuals are in the city’s gang database or have an outstanding criminal warrant, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has now ended that practice,  permanently barring ICE from accessing any city databases. In a July 14 open letter to President Trump, the mayor defended her actions, even claiming “this Admin’s anti-immigrant posture doesn’t make us safer or stronger as a nation.”

It was an assertion was proven to be pure fantasy by the facts included in the ICE’s Declined Detainer Report released the same day. According to the report, which will be issued on a quarterly basis, hundreds of alleged criminal aliens were released back onto the streets after sanctuary cities in California refused to comply with ICE detainers -filed between January 1 and March 31 of 2018.

One example of the kind of individual protected by sanctuary policies is a 35-year-old Mexican illegal alien , who  was removed by ICE in 2009, re-entered the U.S. after removal, and was arrested on February 17, 2018 in Santa Clara County on larceny charges. ICE issued a detainer request three days later, but the Mexican was released from Santa Clara County Jail. He was arrested again several months later and again another detainer request was issued but local authorities released him again. He remains at large.

Other  crimes listed in the Declined Detainer Report include driving under the influence, spousal battery, drug and weapons possession, and burglary.

“Because ICE is often not alerted by uncooperative jurisdictions when a detainer has been declined, and because ICE may only learn of the detainer having been declined after an alien is arrested for a subsequent offense, the cases contained in this report are examples of a broader public safety issue and are not exhaustive,” notes the report summary.

In addition to increasing the odds that criminals will be able to prey again, the refusal to comply with ICE detainers also increases the chances that innocent bystanders could be harmed or injured.

“At-large enforcement actions can carry greater safety risks when compared to taking an alien into custody in the secure and controlled environment of a jail where, for example, individuals have been screened for weapons,” the report says. “Ultimately, a jurisdiction’s decision to ignore ICE detainers increases the need for ICE’s presence in communities and requires additional resources to locate and arrest removable aliens.”

So, the sanctuary politicians not only increase the likelihood ICE will need to conduct sweeps in immigrant communities, but also raise the risks associated with doing so. Certainly does not seem to be the sound public safety approach these politicians claim they support.

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    The media needs to be sued. Free speech does not give them the right to slander, lie and be biased. It means TELL THE TRUTH AND GIVE THE READERS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED NOT THEIR VERSION OR OPINION. This country is in jeopardy because of the coup that is being led by the Democrats and leaders of the Obama administration. It is time to make America the country of the people not the country of the press, the government and those that want to make us a Socialist country. If you do NOT love America, then get the hell out.

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    There is just no question that the policies of sanctuary jurisdictions empower foreign criminals, many guilty of serious felonies, and work against the interests of law-abiding citizens. They put ICE agents, and the public, at risk because they fight efforts to take those criminals into custody in the secure environment of a jail. Instead they have to go out on the streets and try to catch them, which by that time the suspect may have armed themselves. What more has to happen, what more do people need to see, when it’s beyond obvious that sanctuary advocates put the interests of non citizen criminals first. There are laws about aiding and abetting. If this doesn’t qualify what does.

    The media is all over Trump, but they never had a problem when Hillary trashed Trump voters as “deplorable” and “irredeemable”. They are also saying he attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar but what he was talking about was a statement she made in 2013 in which she complained about a college professor who according to her had a negative attitude about Al Qaeda and the professor didn’t seem to have the same attitude about this country and our army. So is there any comparison? Maybe to her, but not to anyone else with an ounce of common sense. When asked to outright condemn Al Qaeda a couple days ago, she said she would not dignify it with an answer. Which is it’s own answer.

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