Asylum Seekers Hit the Wall in Court, if They Bother to Show Up

The tidal wave of asylum seekers at America’s southern border is washing out in U.S. immigration courts.

After years of roughly even odds of winning asylum, migrants’ chances of winning asylum are steadily diminishing, with denial rates hitting an all-time high of 65 percent in 2018. Asylum applicants were rejected 61.8 percent of the time in 2017 and turned down at a 56.5 percent clip in 2016. Five years earlier, approvals were granted in 56 percent of cases.

Denial rates vary widely by region. Currently, judges are toughest in Charlotte, N.C., where 88 percent of asylum claims were rejected.

Apparently word travels fast, as increasing numbers of sketchy asylum seekers are blowing off the courts altogether.

Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that 90 percent of asylum claimants failed to appear for their hearings. Referencing a DHS survey of pending asylum applications involving “family units,” McAleenan reported, “Out of those 7,000 cases, 90 received final orders of removal in absentia.”

Of course, these scofflaws aren’t going anywhere if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) cannot find them.

To end the judicial charade and get a handle on the metastasizing case load, the Trump administration announced plans this week to deny asylum to migrants who fail to apply for protections in at least one country they passed through on their way north.

Under the new rule, Hondurans and Salvadorans would have to apply for — and be denied — asylum in Guatemala or Mexico before they could be apply in the United States. Guatemalans would have to apply for and be denied asylum in Mexico.

Cubans, Haitians and a rapidly growing number of Africans who travel through Mexico to the southwestern border would also be covered by the new policy.

“This rule is a lawful exercise of authority provided by Congress to restrict eligibility for asylum,” Attorney General William Barr said. Per usual, American Civil Liberties Union lawyers object and say they will see Barr & Co. in court. You know they will show up.

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    There is no possible way to know if the vast majority of asylum cases are real. We get this “thoroughly vetted” nonsense about people coming from the Middle East when the fact is there are usually no records to be checked and if there are, there are not the people and funds to check them. And a lot of those who show up at the border with their “children” have been subsequently shown through DNA tests not to be their parents. Which begs the question, whose children are they, where are the parents, and why should anyone be admitted here after lying about something like that? Doesn’t that meet the definition of child trafficking?

    Rep. Ilhan Omar claims that she is “more American” than those born here because she, being from another country, has the insight to see this country for what it is. And she has already called us an “unjust society”. But we dumb Americans have produced a society that she and billions of others can’t wait to get to. Not some other Mid-east violent hellhole, but here. The fact that she and her “squad” buddies callTrump a racist is undercut by the fact that they label anyone who disagrees with them a racist, including Nancy Pelosi.

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      And most of them coming here are just an ungrateful bunch of scammers here to exploit the USA and we citizens for their own gain, nothing else.

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    Great to hear that the courts are starting to get it. I think Charlotte has it right. The number should be way up there. I always thought the law involved being a victim of governmental genocide, not just corrupt governmental crimes typical of our equatorial neighbors… Keep up the good research, Bob!

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      The annual costs, in money, to American taxpayers of the tens of millions of illegal aliens and other foreign noncitizens is well over $100 Billion. Just think, even if it costs us that much to remove ALL these foreign noncitizens from our country, it would be a one time cost, and every year afterwards, we could put thst same amount toward paying off our insane national debt. A great plus would be an end to these foreign noncitizen, nonassimulating people changing our country in negative ways, making the USA lies American every year. Our public schools and medical centers bottom line would improve immediately and their service to actual Americans would return to the way it once was Wgen both these institutions were ranked among the world’s best. 9f course, we would have to create new law preventing Congress from ever again borrowing money and forcing them to spend wisely, spend only on the USA and citizens and live within a strict budget. And thst seems impossible unless we find a way to totally change the kind of people in Congress abd the way they operate.

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    I am completely agreed is time for America to stop people just go in Tourist visa for work.
    Is better to do I t that now MR: Donald Trump congratulate to think in this OUT the illegals and make better country.Is NO U.S.A responsibility for the poornes country around.