State and Local Politicians Move to Grant Coronavirus Relief to Illegal Aliens

State and local open borders politicians are moving to grant coronavirus relief to illegal aliens, despite millions of Americans continuing to suffer from the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom recently met with the state Legislature to produce a coronavirus relief plan to aid the state’s illegal alien population that is not covered by the federal government’s $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief plan.

The California plan seeks to provide financial assistance to illegal aliens who lost work due to businesses shutting down as a result of the outbreak. These were jobs that they were holding illegally in the first place. The plan is expected to be publicly revealed in May.

Despite illegal aliens already costing California taxpayers more than $23 billion annually, the highest of any U.S. state, Newsom somehow continues to ignore the burdensome costs. Rather than take care of his colossal homeless populations, or Californians hurt medically and financially by COVID-19, he continues to find ways to balloon costs for illegal aliens. 

“Californians care deeply about the undocumented residents in this state,” Newsom said.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently signed an executive order enabling illegal aliens to receive the city’s coronavirus relief benefits. The relief includes a Housing Assistance Grant program and a $100 million Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund.

“Here in Chicago, saying ‘we’re all in this together’ means that during this crisis, no one gets left out and no one gets left behind,” Lightfoot said.

Despite Chicago also having one of the largest illegal alien populations and Illinois’ illegal alien population costing state taxpayers roughly $3.2 billion annually (ranking no. 6 nationally), Lightfoot apparently believes that granting more funding for illegal aliens is somehow a good idea.

Even in the time of a pandemic, state and local open borders politicians can’t seem to stray away from their political agendas. Rather than take care and prioritize those who elected them, they continue to spend a significant amount of time and resources to fight for those who have broken our federal immigration laws.

At the federal level, congressional members also continue to introduce legislation to grant illegal aliens coronavirus relief, even though Congress consciously excluded illegal aliens from receiving benefits under the $2.2 trillion stimulus package enacted last month.

Funding and resources are finite. With record numbers of Americans filing for unemployment benefits and not having enough money to put food on the table, these politicians should take a look in the mirror and truly reflect on their unjustifiable decision making.

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