Democratic Nation Committee Offers “Animal House” Defense for Border “Challenge”

For the second time this month, the President of Mexico squarely laid the blame for the migration crisis at the feet of the Biden administration. On Monday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador held a press conference, reiterating his earlier assertion that the actions and statements of the Biden administration are responsible for a crisis that is as harmful to Mexico as it is to the United States.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) continue to insist that there is no crisis at the border – although Vice President Kamala Harris moved the needle from “challenge” to “huge problem.” On Sunday, she told CBS News, “Well, okay, look, it’s a huge problem. I’m not gonna pretend it’s not, it’s a huge problem.” Of course, the “huge problem,” the vice president insisted, was created by the Trump administration and has nothing to do with the countless executive orders and policy decisions of this administration, and its cancellation of bilateral and multilateral agreements with Mexico and Central American governments.

But according to the DNC the final word on determining whether a crisis exists rests with the Washington Post (notwithstanding what President Lopez Obrador, local officials in border states, or our own Border Patrol have to say). In a blast email, the DNC “War Room” called assertions of a border crisis “a lie,” citing as their source a single Washington Post article regurgitating the White House’s own talking points.

Channeling John Blutarsky, John Belushi’s memorable character in the 1978 classic, National Lampoon’s Animal House, the DNC’s assertion is that ‘it’s not a crisis until we say it is, and it is dutifully reported in the Washington Post.’

To paraphrase Mr. Blutarsky: “What? Crisis? Did you say ‘crisis’? Nothing is a crisis until we and the Washington Post decide it is! Was it a crisis when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Heck no…”

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