Chicago Corruption Reaches New Lows

No one would ever accuse Chicago politics of being a ‘clean game,’ after all, this is the same state where four of the last nine governors have gone from the Governor’s Mansion to the State of Illinois ‘Big House.’

But what the Cook County (Illinois) Board did in September goes well beyond what is expected as reasonable governance by our elected officials. Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia pushed a new policy aimed at ignoring federal detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and allowed suspected illegal immigrants who’d been jailed in misdemeanor or felony cases to make bond. Unsurprisingly, the new policy passed by a 10-5 vote.

The new policy, which is clearly pandering to open border special interest groups for their support and votes, has had a devastating impact on one Illinois family in particular. Back in early June an illegal alien by the name of Saul Chavez was charged with aggravated driving under the influence after hitting and then dragging an elderly man by the name of William McCann. The elderly man died due to his injuries.

Mr. Chavez, who recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.29 percent, should have been held and processed by ICE immediately, especially after already having been convicted of driving under the influence in 2009. But the new policy passed by the Board allowed him to be released on a bond before ICE had been warned. After missing a court date a warrant was issued for his arrest, but by then, it was too late. Mr. Chavez was gone, most likely back to Mexico.

There are many questions that remain unanswered: Why did the Cook County Board feel it necessary to pass such a policy in such a hurry, without so much as a debate? Did the Cook County Sheriff exercise all of his authority to deny bond to a suspect who was not positively identified? Was ICE notified by Cook County that the subject was posting bond?  If so, the county could have slowed down the process so ICE had time to pick him up, or the county Sheriff was well within his rights to assist ICE by transporting the suspect to their holding facility. Once there, ICE has the option to hold him on the local charges.

Unfortunately, because in Cook County protecting the rights of illegal aliens comes ahead of the rights of everyone else, Mr. McCann’s family will not receive any justice for his murder.

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    Why would he go back to Mexico? He probably went anywhere he wanted, just out of Cook County. He’s safe here in our country. He doesn’t know what would happen in Mexico. There are more stringent laws and punishments there.

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    OBummer’s policy is to just release,at least until election time then he could care less,feelings that are consistent with the way he is leading the country, the only thing on his mind is his agenda and the destruction of this country,I sure hope his kids dont mind growing up in Kenya!!

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    The dung heap that is IL politicians & government representatives, should anyone be surprised about this northern armpit!

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      I am a dyed in the wool NYC born liberal democrat who believes that our immigration issues are way, way out of hand, now having said that please don’t blame northerners, liberal or democrats for a policy that has been supported vigorously by both dems and republicans.

      The Republicans like to keep the undocumented illegal workers here and working because they are beholding to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, industrial farms and so on.

      The Democrats are beholding to the unions that now have a huge demographic of illegal workers.

      I am truly sick of hearing that if your a liberal democrat you must support amnesty and the dream act that is truly total BS.

      We need to simply remove the carrot and that’s jobs. We can do that by passing mandatory E-Verify in each and every state for any company who employes more then 10 workers. We need to enforce with big fines those business that choose to knowingly employ illegals. No jobs means no place to live and no food they will all soon return home at there own expense or the catholic church can pay.

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      As I have said previously we are going to have to take the law into our own hands the democrats are doing everything that they can to turn our laws upside down.

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    This is beyond bad–shows everything that;’s wrong with current politics of Immigration. WE should all do our best to get some wider exposure of this outrage, includijng circulating to our contacts, contacting relevant elected Representatives, even writing letters to Editors of appopriate newspapers, magazines, online sitees, etc., etc.

    Only by calling widespread attention to these arrogantt abuses of power by the politically motivated will be able to gather the necessary support to turn around the insidious forces working to insure “Open Borders”–to say nothing of protecting those who have already come here illegally and all their negative consequences for our American society and its wellbeing.

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    James R. Phillips on

    If you live in down-state Illinois you know just how crooked the governing bodies of Chicago and Springfield really are.Except for time in Navy I have lived here my whole life and Chicago is and always has been one of the most corrupt cities in the US. We have a governor who raised our taxes and ,along with Chicago ,keeps illegals on the dole paid for by the taxpayers.Anything that comes out of Chi doesn’t surprise us one bit.We do have one of the best pension systems for governors though.1 to 2 terms in office then off to the state pen.

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    the problem hear is the man who was run over should have sued the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago or just waited till he was released and ran him over