The Tortured Reasoning Behind “Conservative” Amnesty Arguments

The lesson from today’s stories today is clear . . . if you are an illegal alien but you are a vocal advocate of Obama’s amnesty policy, you get to stay in the U.S. If you march in the street for amnesty, you get to stay in the U.S.

Illegal Alien Writer Arrested for Driving Without a License, Won’t Be Deported

“Reporter Jose Vargas was arrested Friday morning and charged with driving without a valid driver’s license, a misdemeanor,” reports. “His arrest here on a traffic violation is newsworthy because the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, which operates the county jail, participates in Secure Communities, a Bush administration initiative to secure local law enforcement cooperation in reporting undocumented immigrants to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.”

However, “Immigration authorities said Monday they won’t take action against a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was arrested in Minnesota for driving without a valid license,” the Washington Post reports.

The Tortured Reasoning Behind “Conservative” Amnesty Arguments

“[D]oesn’t America have at least some responsibility for the presence of these workers? Absolutely our nation has some measure of responsibility for these workers coming, and then staying here. Without question, the issue of personal responsibility is and must always be a two way street. Some might argue about who was more responsible? The undocumented immigrants for coming illegally, or the U.S. for allowing then to come, stay, and work?” asks Robert Gittleson in an op-ed.

“They should, according to the law, be deported . . . However, weighing the fact that our nation was to some degree personally responsible for their illegal presence, a new law, or reform, can measure this mitigating factor in their illegal presence, and find a different path. A conservative path. What I am suggesting is that these people, having admitted to the guilt of being here illegally, should be punished, but to some lesser degree of punishment than deportation, which is life altering for them and their families.”

Illegal Alien Actor Arrested, Faces Deportation

“In an ironic twist of fate, an actor on his way to the Hamptons International Film Festival to see a film about his immigration journey was picked up by federal immigration officials. Customs and Border Protection agents took Praq Rado, a 31-year-old Albanian-born actor who has lived in America for 11 years without documentation, into custody on Thursday while he was on board an Amtrak train in Buffalo, the agency confirmed on Sunday afternoon,” reports.

“Lead Boarder Patrol Agent Michael Scioli said that Rado — whose given name is Preke Radoina — first illegally entered the country in Detroit in 2001. By 2007, immigration officials issued an order to remove him, he said. According to Percy, Rado was never deported.”

Illegal Aliens March in Maryland, No Arrests

“Teenagers pounded drumsticks on plastic buckets, women waved banners and a crowd shouted, ‘Undocumented and unafraid! Undocumented and unafraid!’ before marching from Langley Park toward the University of Maryland on Saturday in support of lower tuition for illegal immigrants at state universities,” the Washington Post writes. “University of Maryland University College President Javier Miyares told the crowd that he strongly supports them, along with the state university system.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The United States Chamber of Commerce (not to be confused with the Department of Commerce) is all in favor of bringing in illegals to do cheap labor of all kinds. It poses as a “conservative” organization. The USCC deserves much more publicity and recognition for what it is. The current situation is not all “Obama’s fault.”

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      Maybe the current state of affairs is not all Obama’s fault but he is definitely making matters worse. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with conservatism, they are nothing more than corporatists in conservative clothing. One of the driving forces of illegal immigration from Mexico, the single biggest violator of our immigration laws, is NAFTA. Remember H. Ross Perot, the odd little man who ran for president against Bush the Elder and Slick Willy Clinton? He stated, back then, that NAFTA would create a great sucking sound of jobs leaving the U.S. He was absolutely correct and the trade agreement didn’t work out any better for working Mexicans. Just like here, the only ones who benefitted from this agreement were the wealthiest five percent BUT, I believe that was the plan all along. Many thousands of small farmers, in Mexico, were squeezed out of business by the massive importation of food products from the U.S. and most of the jobs that went there eventually ended up in China. We all should have listened to the strange little man 20 years ago and stopped the run away “free” trade train. Americans should demand a return to tariffs instead of taxing our own citizens into poverty. Now, there is a conservative plan.

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    There are millions of illegals that have used another persons idenity even their childrens and siblings. This is why not half as many as people are applying for” deferred action” they are lawbreakers in many senses and now this government is feeling sorry for them. What about the innocent people who had their ID’S stolen and have thousands of dollars to pay because their mother or father ect…ran up a huge credit bill?

    Under this administration they have allowed prisoners who are not legal citizens out of prison onto U.S soil, by not deporting criminals you are not vowing not to protect U.S citizens from harm you know like our Constitution and Amendments.

    Now my idea will work, Pass the Federal Immigration Laws in all states of 2008. The reasoning for this is if that one state has Imiigration Laws and their neighboring state does not, then why have the laws in the first place. No more sanctuaries for illegals, No immigration for ten years, make english mandatory in all the states because citizens are being forced to live in a foreign world in the workplace and schools. If you make it mandatory your child must know the english language before enrolling your child it would save the states millions and we would be able to provide higher education classes like computer science , robotics ect..

    The “Hispandering that has been occuring in our country has caused agony for american citizens. Law abiding citizens have lost their homes, their jobs and their places in our colleges. All we see is poor and uneducated coming here not folks who can give back to our communities. Our HUD housing is inundated with more poor and uneducated and we continue to build more housing which was meant for citizens to move into to get “a leg up” to better themselves then move out not live there indefinetly. Please bring back “Welfare Reform” and start drug testing people who receive government entitlements.

    The child tax credits have a price tag of 7.9 Billion just for illegals children in the U.S and Mexico? The remittances are 69 Billion sent back to Mexico and that my friends is taking revenue from the states not giving back.

    What I am saying is Enough Is Enough. Open Border so called nonprofits like La Raza are outlining our Immigration Laws, they are not a solution to this invasion they are the problem. Billions of taxpayers money have been doled out to NCLR, Maldef, Lulac ect… and now our culture are way of life is hindered because U.S citizens do not read, write and speak the South American language Spanish is totally unfair business practice Well I am here to tell you a high percentage of hispanics cannot even read, write or speak the spanish language properly themselves. Pass English Only legislation.

    We want something done with our border with Mexico. We want Mexico to start taking responsibility for their citizens crimes on U.S soil. Alot of people are saying that Mexico is not our ally, when you watch border patrol it proves what I am saying. The Mexican government is doing nothing to stop the border crossings and when criminals run and get back into the river we can’t arrest them? Why is there no border patrol officers on the Mexico side. We need to work together to stop border crossers. Why isn’t Mexico helping? We know the answer to that question because they want their poor and uneducated to come here so the Mexican government does not have to provide for them. We have a Mexican Chamber of Congress in the USA, then lets start talking about these issues and demand Mexico start doing something about their citizens breaking our laws, lets make them accountable and start showing they are an ally and start taking responsibility.

    These are some terrific ideas. Congress has got to stop ignoring the HUGE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Do their jobs and protect innocent american citizens from this invasion.

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    Its a New Paradigm

    With this illegal overpopulation of our country comes some “odd” consequences, that hurt the open border elite as much as the Middle Class too:

    We’ve turned our home equity into a golden cow to worship; yet the overpopulation strips wages, raises unemployment and makes homes collapse in price; no matter how much Quantitative Easing deficit billions get poured into the Wall Street banksters coffers….if you went against the grain and bought American stocks though with QE welfare propping it up, your 12 month interest return to date was 30.34%. Trouble is, how would we have known for sure and how many did put it all in stocks? I predicted this new QE overpopulation paradigm a year ago [with honest reservations, I’ll admit]….and put most of my retirement money where my mouth was, break out the champaign [I got lucky].

    When Ford first took off financially, they did one simple thing: DRASTICALLY RAISED WAGES. Their sales took off exponentially after they did that, without an union too.

    Nope, over “poop”‘ulation is obviously crimping sales of our American companies; maybe they’ll wake up and smell the coffee and join the FAIRUS.ORG fight for their own survival, before its too late for them too.

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    As you can see by this set of news – the repuglicans have no intention of changing the status quo regarding illegal immigration or mass legal immigration.

    They are all out to destroy what little is left of the middle class in the US.

    The dems are just as bad so voting for either and expecting a change is not very smart.

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    Hiow long will this country last if we must continually be invaded and our laws mocked? Our leaders care nothing about ridding the country of those who laugh at our laws and feel entitled to the benefits of citizens. Their only interest is in capturing votes and providing cheap labor to big business who, in turn, supplies the money and vctes. It’s a vicious circle and will continue as long as it is profiable to the politicians and greedy businesses.