Jonathan Tobin – Why Even Elie Wiesel Can Be Wrong About the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

It’s the final month of the presidential campaign, and you can tell the competition for positions in government by various pundits and analysts is heating up. Today Rosario Marin lays out the “real” Romney agenda on immigration, which sounds similar to the “real” Bush agenda i.e. low on specifics.

Rep. Gallegly Says ICE Refusal to Arrest Vargas Shows Bias

“The chairman of a House subcommittee on immigration slammed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s handling of the arrest of journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas, saying Tuesday that the agency has set a dangerous precedent for dealing with undocumented immigrants,” Politico reports.

“Jose Antonio Vargas is a classic example of how flawed the system is,” Rep. Elton Gallegly, a California Republican who chairs the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement, told POLITICO. “He is just one of hundreds of thousands that are ignored, and what that does is, it sends a signal that we’re not serious about certain laws.”

Jonathan Tobin – Why Even Elie Wiesel Can Be Wrong About the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

“[Elie] Wiesel is a person who stands above politics, and his moral authority to discuss just about any issue is not likely to be challenged. But whatever one might think about immigration or the plight of those who come here illegally, the attempt to eliminate the term, much less compare illegal immigrants to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, is absurd. Illegal immigrants are called illegal not because Americans view them with malice but because they are in this country illegally,” says Jonathan S. Tobin at the Commentary Magazine site.

“While anyone who grew up admiring Wiesel as a moral voice must approach any criticism of him with reluctance, if Hinojosa’s recollection is correct, he has, unfortunately, done something that he has often criticized: made an inappropriate use of a Holocaust analogy.”

Rosario Marin: The Real Romney Position on Immigration

Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin has an op-ed in The Hill where he responds to criticism of Romney’s immigration positions.

“Governor Romney isn’t interested in temporary, stop-gap measures and he’s not interested in playing political games with families’ futures. That’s been the hallmark of President Obama’s approach to immigration for the past four years,” Marin says.

“Instead, as president, Mitt Romney will pursue bold reforms to our immigration system based on an approach of modernizing and simplifying our legal immigration system, putting in place far, enforceable and common-sense border security measures, and pursuing a permanent solution for children who were brought into the country illegally, through no fault of their own.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I can’t help but remember a comment I heard some time ago about calling an illegal alien an “undocumented worker” is to call a drug dealer and “unlicensed pharmacist.”

    Breaking the law is breaking the law. If you want to be on the list to be an American Citizen (naturalized that is) take a number and wait your turn. Its the law. We have perfectly good laws regarding immigration on the books right now., The problem is that Obama and Napolitano are forcing those that inforce these Federal laws to ignore them and let those who are breaking the laws of our land walk away after being caught. Obama doesn’t care about this country, he has a hidden agenda and soemday we will know what that is or was and all of you who are under his spell will regret it. Wake up Obamites and get it together before it is too late. Remember that B.O. doesn’t give a damn about transperancy or FOIA so don’t bother asking for information.

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    This biggest illegal in this country is Barak Hussein Obama. So called president, who we believe used vast numbers of Illegal votes to obtain this position. Now he is working hard to get more Illegal votes because he has allieniated many of his original base. Half the young people who pushed for him in 2008 are no longer able to get work in 2012.
    As long as these non profits working with the big Imposter keep getting their idea adopted. America will never recover. Let us bring the LAW back to USA and enforce it regardless of race creed or color. That included indonesian psuedo presidents

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      I highly recommend that you re-check your sources before adding a post. Thank you for giving proof that the majority of Americans are uninformed and misguided.

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        Karine it is you who are uninformed, and certainly misguided. I’m quite sure you are either what was called an “Obama Girl”, a liberal who think they know it all. Whatever the case your lack of understanding of what has happened in this Country since the “Chosen one, and the full of crap Grandpa” who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit either of them in the rear got unfortunately elected by misinformed people such as yourself. We all know now that if you voted in 2008 it was to prove you’re not a racist, now my friend vote Romney/Ryan 2012 to prove you’re not stupid.

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    I use the term illegal alien. The people coming here are not assimilating into society. YOu have Open-Border so called nonprofits shoving their agenda down american citizens throats.

    Did you know La Raza (NCLR) is outlining our Immigration Laws? A friggen Nonprofit.

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      Yeah! And the non profit is mainly because all the money it gets is used by the organizers for their own benefits.

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      Please tell me why an anti-American group that means “the race” should receive about $7 million bucks from the US Congress, or the government or whom ever doles out the cash.

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    The Only Good Lawlessness Does in America

    Is line organised crime groups/companies/politicians pockets with “ill-gotten” gain. And this is only “good” from their perspective too.