Maternity Hotels Reignite Debate Over Birthright Citizenship

Gutierrez Says Obama Missing in Action on Amnesty

“Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who campaigned for the president in swing states with large populations of Latino voters, said Obama is missing in action from the discussions that are taking place on Capitol Hill,” The Hill reports.

“‘Who’s missing from these conversations is the president of the United States,’ Gutierrez told The Hill. ‘When senators from both parties and members of the House are talking, when you have the Senate majority leader and Speaker Boehner both saying that this is an important priority. Who’s the one missing? The president.'”

Amnesty Push Expected in January

“The word out of Washington is that the Obama administration is gearing up for a January push to get a comprehensive immigration reform bill through Congress. As soon as the fiscal cliff crisis is resolved, Democrats will be mounting a campaign on social networks to gather support for reform,” says Dan Moffett with

“President Obama has said that the failure to fix the nation’s immigration system was the biggest disappointment during his first term. He wants to capitalize on his momentum from the election to get a bill passed during the first half of next year.”

Time to Follow the Jordan Commission on Immigration

“In 1995, a bipartisan commission on immigration appointed by President Clinton and headed by the late Barbara Jordan issued comprehensive recommendations that would be a solid foundation for current reform efforts. Jordan summed up how an immigration system should work: ‘Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave,'” says Steven Camarota of CIS.

“With 30 million legal immigrants living in the country, and with an illegal immigrant population that has soared to 10-12 million, the Jordan Commission’s recommendations remain a template for responsible reform.”

Democrats Divided on Secure Communities

“Now the division within the party [over Secure Communities]has spread to California, where the top two statewide officials – both Democrats – are at odds over the program. State Attorney General Kamala Harris recently told local and state law enforcement agencies that they are free not to comply with Secure Communities,” says Ruber Navarrette Jr.

“On the other side of this issue is California Gov. Jerry Brown, who in early fall outraged immigration rights activists by vetoing a piece of legislation called the TRUST Act. Authored by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, the bill would have barred local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents unless the detainees in question were charged with serious or violent felonies.”

Maternity Hotels Reignite Debate Over Birthright Citizenship

“The discovery of at least two alleged “maternity hotels” in Chino Hills is motivating the area’s assemblyman to craft a bill creating new penalties for those who he believes are exploiting a loophole in immigration laws.
The state Legislature does not have power over immigration, but Assemblyman Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills, wants to find a way within the state’s powers to attack the issue,” the Daily Bulletin writes.

“Hagman wants to create new punishments for anyone who breaks state or local law while running maternity hotels, which are semi-underground facilities for women who travel to the United States specifically to obtain American citizenship for their newborns.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Both small and large businesses are entirely to blame for the illegal alien invasion, because their strong campaign money lobbyists were able to press politicians to ignore the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). No business audit oversight to determine if illegal aliens were working around the country, inducing even more foreigners to arrive here daily in the thousands. People should wonder why the U.S. government has not only promoted it, but have remained unconcerned with insecure fence or its hundreds of miles of open easy access areas. Since the inception of these troubles, the Congress has failed to live up to their oath in protecting the American people. Things just got worse after the Reagan administration established an amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens squatting here, because of the whole procedure was a giant flop, costing the U.S. taxpayer hundreds of billions since then and the repercussions felt to this day. Time has proven that Washington legislators had no intentions of enforcing the laws; otherwise illegal entry onto United States soil would be a felony. Instead this growing problem has become almost unsolvable, as the tens of millions already here have achieved a silent goal of suffocating our country in much illiteracy and the ugliness of poverty. I watch the streets where I live and try to absorb the rising amounts of Americans jobless and without hope. Yet at the same time this administration has pandered to the illegal aliens who are here, with food stamps, welfare and other assistance programs.


    The U.S. TEA PARTY that have filtered into the Republican cliché believe that there was many shady activities governing this prior election, and states with little or no tough restrictions on voting protocols was in collusion with the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party and intentionally overlooking none citizens voting in countless numbers. However, something must be done about the illegal immigration crossing our borders or overstaying visas as visitors. When 45 percent of entries who are deliberately here for good, these unsavory people must be tracked down and repatriated to their own country. Other countries have completed this process, including Mexico and yet the political tenants in Washington have ignored this action. THESE PEOPLE ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH? THE COST IS FAR BEYOND THE IMAGINATION TO SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY WHEN OUR OWN LEGAL CITIZENS AND PERMANENT RESIDENCE WALK THE STREETS AIMLESSLY AND JOBLESS.

    The American people have been led to believe by the Liberal media and our own elected officials, that the TEA PARTY has faded away, which is far from the truth and that is actually growing substantially in numbers. They are strong supporters of limited government and the liberties and freedoms of this nation. The Tea Party is also strong supporters of the “Rule of Law” which has been undermined by the Democrats and some Republicans. To restrain the illegal alien invasion is to force passage of “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL” Make it law now, that essentially implements a mandatory federal E-Verify for every business and corporations. It is already voluntary but must exist as a national policy to reject illegal workers and place Americans from the jobless ranks? This will not only bring some sanity to the employment market, but discourage the illegal alien invaders from coming to this country. We need to resurrect a similar system as the “Bracero” project, to allow foreigners to come here for Agwork as in the 1940s, but in a regulated fashion and must return to their country of origin once their contract expires.

    There should be limited restrictions on the highest echelon of professionals, who arrive in America as STEM workers, but only the highest category who are in possession of scientific skills, tech credentials, engineering and mathematicians’ top experience. Finally, Washington politicians must pass the “THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT” This without a shadow of doubt is the most costly payout by the hurting taxpayers. This must be forced through the Congress for a vote. THIS IS HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OUT OF YOUR POCKET EVERY YEAR. You might ask “What the Birthright Citizenship Bill” is that has not been explored for its great need? It represents the smuggling of an unborn baby/babies into this country, so that taxpayers becomes the fairy godmother to the unknown numbers of children born to illegal alien mothers who take advantage of our generous welfare system, schooling and medical care. Once in America the parents have a solid foothold to stay here and then leech money out of all of us. Care to calculate how much money goes to pandering illegal aliens and you are way off as the Alpha Centauri constellation, a star of the southern sky. It’s a proverbial Catch 22, because it was meant to give citizenship to slaves, not just anybody who manages to slip by Border guards or bluff an immigration agent at an airline terminal. The people must speak up and demand a simple amendment to the 14th amendment, and thereby halting this travesty of our laws.


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    Our government believes that with allowing third world people in and making them citizens, they will have enough dependent on them to continue to keep them in office in order to belly up to the public trough forever. There is method in their madness…and it is total madness.

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    The usual liars quoted in the article. Karthick Ramakrishnan, a “political scientist” at UC Riverside claims we need mass immigration to shore up Social Security and Medicare. Ignoring the fact that the majority of the immigrants we are admitting are low education and low skilled and will likely end up being a long time drain on the system, including eligibility for programs like Medicaid. And why is a political scientist being quoted on an economic issue.

    Also, in the case the Supreme Court ruled on in 1898, the reason they declared that Wong Kim Ark was a citizen is because they specifically noted his parents were long time residents of California, had entered with the permission of the state authorities, and were business owners. In other words, legal residents long established in the community. Not someone who got off a plane two days ago. Anchor baby is truly the accurate term here, no matter who wants to be offended.

    In 2004, the citizens of Ireland voted by a margin of nearly 80% to end birthright citizenship, because of exactly the same problems we are having here. Now the parents must at least be legal permanent residents. So it’s hardly the extremist position some like to portray it as.

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      We Paid More Into Social Security Than We’ll Ever Draw Out

      Baby Boomers included.

      So why the hades is that an excuse to bring more vermin overpopulation into America? LOL

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    Reading the linked supporting articles, I was surprised to read that the pro-anchor baby camp thinks that we need the hordes to keep coming so that we can fund programs like Medicare and Social Security. I guess these people have conveniently ignored all of the evidence showing how they are actually bankrupting the system, and having children over here to drain our services, not pay into them. Then, they try to suggest that Canada’s social support system is going broke because their immigration laws are stricter than ours? my God, have they ever been to Canada? these folks are just unbelievable….

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      Just look at schooling costs alone. Some low income guy with five kids in school and all of them getting free school meals? What that’s costing the local taxpayers at eight to ten thousand a year per kid? And Medicaid and food stamps on top of that. I’ve been in line behind them at the supermarket while the cashier fills out all the forms.

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    This has been going on. before I was born. and I had america born parent’s. It needs to stop. we are losing all our jobs to, meny of them. (And they say we are lazy.) but when they replace our carpenter’s with Mexican’s, because they can pay them less money for a job. And ( Amercan born carpenter’s) can do a much better job, And the work is done better, By an American Born carpenters.

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    The Open Border Dimwits Have It All Backwards

    They say we need an Ammendment to the Constitition [with 2/3s Senate and Congress Approval] to stop Anchor Babies in America.

    These dim wits never read and understood the CURRENT 14th Ammendment from 1860 which PROHIBITS ANCHOR BABIES already. Maybe Open Border dimwits can’t read?

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    If we enforced the law and eliminated the birthright citizenship, there wouldn’t be a problem. The only thing that is broken is the failure to enforce the law.

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    These maternity homes are just another example of how cheaply so many hold our precious birthright – citizenship. When our leaders don’t enforce our laws, then the traitors follow suit.

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    This “anchor baby” BULL must stop!!! Every single illegal alien MUST be charged, fined and deported. Can’t pay the fine, jail time, with absolutely no right to abject to anything. It’s time they are made to understand that if they can’t do it legally, they don’t do it AT ALL!!!!! SEND THEM ALL BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!!! Tired of this!!

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      You’re right; ALL illegal immigrants should be deported to their 3rd world countries without trial or court appearances….

      Making ALL services for ILLEGAL immigrants impossible to get, these problems, will get the message of they are not wanted in the United States, and go back home!