Stick A Fork in the Amnesty Turkey

It’s Finished…until Next Year

After weeks of dead and undead puns, the prospects for amnesty legislation in the House came to a screeching halt last week when Speaker John Boehner finally committed to not using House legislation to conference with the Senate amnesty bill.

There’s now virtually no chance the House will consider immigration legislation in 2013. With less than 11 days left on the legislative calendar, there’s no time and little desire to take up the issue.

Americans have themselves to thank for killing the Senate bill. They recognized that this over 1,000 page behemoth had the same “we need to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it” problem as the now floundering healthcare law. In fact, GOP Leader Eric Cantor compared the Senate bill to Obamacare on the House floor Friday, saying, “We don’t want to commit that same mistake. We want to be smarter about it…the Senate bill was passed with not a lot of focus on the details.”

Americans also were unconvinced that a bill rewarding legal status and work permits to 11 million illegal aliens at a time of mass unemployment and historically low labor participation would in any way benefit American workers.

However, House Republicans are not ready to explicitly abandon amnesty. Meaning that for those who support true immigration reform that serves Americans, the fight is only half won.

A handful of immigration bills have been voted out of committee and could see floor action in 2014. Some House legislation – Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s agricultural guestworker bill, Cantor’s yet-to-be introduced “KIDS Act,” and Rep. Darrell Issa’s forthcoming mass legalization bill – include amnesty for illegal aliens.

Now, Americans must remain vigilant that the same flawed amnesty and expansion of legal immigration present in the Senate bill is not merely passed piecemeal in the House.


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    John Stevenson on

    fI Speaker Boehner won’t conference this Senate Bill this year, it only makes sense that he won’t want to next year as well. Hopefully it’s dead forever.
    Any House Rep. who introduces an amnesty bill next year will be grave danger at re-election time!

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    Amnesty should never be considered, while citizens here in America are still suffering from the economic disaster we all inherited., recovery is still a long way off, and we just can’t afford to add more hungry mouths to our budget. Its bad enough putting up with the illegals still here and hiding behind Obama and his administration. I fined it very hard to survive with the government still in my back pocket. I hate the thought, that my way of life depends on Amnesty, as we are led to believe.

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    The illegal immigration issue puts Republicans in a very weird position. Protecting wages and the American worker are not exactly GOP signature issues.
    But if they wake up, and enunciate their opposition to the senate bill in exactly these terms, it could lead to a rebirth of the Republican party. The illegal immigration issue begs for political leadership. It is an issue that, unlike Health Care, the Republicans can win on. They can win on, and if played smartly they can win elections on.
    But can they ignore their big business constituency long enough to do so?

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    This is all about votes and most likely, even more than the illegal population compromises…get….in…line….

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    Please what is wrong with our politicians, they are out of control, and most of them need to be gotten reid of they don’t do what we tell them any more. That is a out of control Government,socialist or communist or what ever you want to call them. We don’t want illigals in this country they don’t belong,they are nothing more than crinminals,and the kind of scum that will destroyed or great Nation, that’s why Obama wants them here for vote’s and the kind of animals he wants here to do what ever he tells them,to kill good citizens. We need to get reid of them and we need to get reid of him (Obama).

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    If the GOP does anything to move the Obama-Rubio Amnesty or anything from Cantor or Issa or anyone else then the GOP is dead. I will stop voting or vote third party.

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    you said speak you mind, and tell the truth and you do not post my letter. Maybe I should sign it with a Spanish

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    Definitley…the turkey you guys would starve unless an illegals work thier butts off so trhat you can have an affordable one REMEMBER NO immigration reform A DULL future for all of you……

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      Acutally, having the illegals here drives wages down for American workers and also produces mass umemployment for legal citizens (because illegals can be hired off the books). That turkey would actually cost less without illegals here. first off as the job market widens salery goes up making more desposible income for legal residents. Many of the illegals live in poverty and leech from American taxpayer resources because they are shipping a bunch of money out of our country to whereever they came from where they will retire like kings while American workers and taxpayers get the shaft. Cracking down on those who hire illegals is the resolution. Once the illegals find they can’t get work here they will go back whereever they came from saving the American taxpayer trillions. This is why you have 10 families of illegals living in one small house because they are planning for their retirement while they destroy ours.

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        Rob that BS!!!…….while in the summers working full time to make money, I made as much as the illegals
        back then in NY……………………800 dollars a week back in 1998……so there Mexicans, Irish Americans,,,,,,,we all got along and worked hard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        Nowadays the jobs were outsourced and the housing bubble……that ruined the situation for everybody so the illegals might go cheaper but it is an extremely low percentage which have no major impact on our economy………

        The illegals already had their jobs before the economy crashed and also some had to go back to their countries because of it………………………………

        so therefore your claims hold water…………it is such pile of lies………….by the way the Republicans are the ones that do not want to do immigration reform because their business thrive on these illegals and throughout history always want cheap labor…………..BUT at this point this has become a Civil Rights issue and it will have to be dealt soon unless you want your grandchildren to be descendants of the very smae illegals you despise you will get to love.

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          Mr. Jones

          You are so old fashion.

          Wake up and smell the coffee, both political parties are blocking E-verify in the work place; or it would have been “slamdunk” implemented with existing laws on the books a decade ago.

          I do hope you get your identity stolen from you by the excess IA overpoulation [perhaps it already is?]. It would teach you the importance of “rule of law”, I assume you’ve forgotten that.

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            SWE……………you even have no idea of the depth and meaning of what I wrote…………I wonder how you graduated school………………

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      John Stevenson on

      We’ve been affording Turkey dinner so far without immigration reform, So there’s no need to grant amnesty now.
      Besides, turkeys don’t require illegal aliens to be raised.

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      Mr. Jones
      Illegal aliens are not the only people that works at Chicken farms or Turkey farms. You sound like one of the open borders followers. There are many people that would take these jobs if the pay was something a person could live on which in most cases its not. And by the way what open borders organization do you happen to work for?????

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        barb3000 it is clear you are not aware of the situation fully………………this has become a Civil Rights issue…where these illegals, the good ones, have been abused and slaved for their cheap labor…………all they do is work……?…………My organization id the USA to move forward to beat the competition and I work all the time……what do you do besides the bottle?

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    “The Senate bill was passed with not a lot of focus on the details.” – Eric Cantor. You think? Because if you did focus on the details you would find that all the enforcement is merely promises to do something, maybe, years down the road.

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      At least the obamacare debocle has awakened some up to the similiar tragedy this Senate amnesty bill would have on the American people. I actually believe that obamacare joined with the Senate amnesty bill would completly destroy the employment and economy (for citizens at least if not everyone).

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    I’m Wondering If Its Budgetary Sequestration Type Contraints

    They’d like to initiate endless amnesty arguments with costly legal battles on the tax payer dime…..but with overpopulation, decreasing jobs and diminishing tax base wages in America….there’s no money for this amnesty fraud and abuse.

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      SWE here is a real scenario for you….let’s say you lose your job within the next year………and cannot get a job fpr a year and a half………………………would you work in a restaurant kitchen?…NO.. ultimately n a farm? probably not why?…..because you are lazy and would prefer wait and collect unemployment,,,,,,…………now I do know so…I see your type….all lips, but no essence,…………so remember the illegals when you lose your job and then the filed is leveeld and you have a chance to prove who is more developed…..