The 12 Days of Amnesty…the 7th Day

On the 7th Day of Amnesty, the federal government revealed to me…

7,500 miles of U.S. border not under operational control.

12 Days of Amnesty-Day 7

Recent reports from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the federal government’s watchdog, found that an alarming 7,500 miles of U.S. border are NOT effectively controlled and protected.

In 2013, the GAO reported that only 44% of the country’s southern border is under “operational control” – meaning there is continuous detection and probable apprehension capability along less than half of the U.S.’s 2,000 mile border with Mexico.

Even more shocking than our inability to secure and control our borders is the administration’s lack of concern over this mismanagement. It has abandoned the operational control metric for gauging border security without formulating a new metric.

In fact, despite the Obama administration’s rhetoric that “the border is more secure than ever,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has no official measure in place for determining whether the border is secure. However, they continue to use the assertion to push their amnesty agenda.

Unfortunately, House and Senate immigration plans do nothing to effectively improve border security. The Senate “comprehensive” bill makes no guarantees the border will be secured even after a massive amnesty and Rep. Mike McCaul’s (R-Texas) H.R. 1417 merely requires DHS submit a plan to secure the border without any accountability.

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    Like everything else this administration says on the subject, it’s simply a lie that the border is more secure than ever. And any future enforcement that is nothing more than a plan to “submit a plan” will never happen. In other words, the check’s in the mail, but don’t count on it. [Which also brings up the question, if it’s secure, why do you need to submit any plans?}

    The Secure Fence Act of 2006, passed two weeks before the midterm elections, was another big Congressional show. And that actually required the building of 700 miles of a double layer fence along the Mexican border. But, as usual, it was defunded the following year and little of it was actually built. Is it any wonder people get cynical. No matter what you do or how you vote, we get shafted in the end.

    Like Florida Gov. Rick Scott and all the Republican leadership promised that a vote for them in 2010 meant passage of mandatory e-verify. They won, controlled the state government by large margins, and then gave in to business pressures not to pass it.

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    eugenia mary kent on

    I do not support any legislation that gives any American rights to illegals. Deport them and now. Then take the money that they have been draining from the US and focus on the military and the veterans….Not free rides for illegals or their offspring….Americans first and now….

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    The idiots in Washington just doesn’t get it. Are they that stupid?
    Secure all borders.
    National e-verify
    no auto citizenship
    It is as simple as that.