McKeon Recognizes Military Amnesty Could Make it into Defense Bill

Although the House Armed Services Committee did not insert military amnesty into the defense bill, such poor immigration policy may still slip its way into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this month. Just ask the chair of the House Armed Services Committee.

Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) said Tuesday that House leadership could “let somebody offer an amendment” to the NDAA that would insert amnesty. Two weeks ago, McKeon had also hinted to Laura Ingraham that “somebody may try to attach” amnesty to the NDAA.

Then during Wednesday’s markup, Armed Services Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) proposed adding an amendment that would grant amnesty to illegal aliens just for enlisting in the military, but promptly withdrew his proposal.

At issue is McKeon’s fellow California Republican Congressman Jeff Denham’s ENLIST Act, H.R. 2377, which would grant certain illegal aliens amnesty if they joined the U.S. military.

The American Legion and 16 distinguished retired military leaders have opposed inserting an amnesty into the NDAA, and there are many reasons to oppose the ENLIST Act. If the House Armed Services Committee Chair admits that military amnesty could still make its way into the defense bill, there’s still reason to be concerned when the NDAA hits the House floor later this month.

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    Douglas Hayes on

    USAF, Stand by the laws that we have now !!! This is not what I fought for. We need a fence along the border with a kill zone. Bring back some off our boys from the war and man it. I am sure the crossing would stop !!!

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    Why when there is 93 million American without job are our politicians trying so hard to add 12 million illegal aliens to the problem ???

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    Most of the Time

    They hide this type of illegal NWO pork from bills….now they proceed, it appears, with a hope we won’t notice the anarchy.

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      It’s my understanding that only U.S. citizens can join OUR military….for obvious reasons. So how do they plan on pulling this off….by sneaking it in the back door in the middle of the night…as usual?

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        These are scary times in our history,we know what we will lose , those idiots in DC really think that these Hispanics will vote for them into infinity…when they get their Hispanics in ofc watch for further changes, look at menendez in NJ he ONLY works for Hispanics whether they are legal or illegal, same for gutierrez and Rubio used to say he was against amnesty, then he got on board with the gange of 8 and came up w/immigration reform bill, well, that backfired on him and now he is saying that he is not for amnesty and trying to run for the presidency….