Amnesty in the NDAA is Not Open, Honest, or Fair

American FlagOn Monday, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said about changes to immigration law, “I do believe the vast majority of our members do want to deal with this, they want to deal with it openly, honestly and fairly.” That’s hardly how you could describe what is really going on.

Openness, honesty, and fairness are the last three words that should be used to describe Representative Jeff Denham’s (R-Calif.) effort to put amnesty in the NDAA.

1. Open?
Representative Denham is secretly meeting with House Democrats and lobbying colleagues, with Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) blessing, in an effort to sneak amnesty into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Such backroom negotiations are a continuation of the practices of House GOP leaders, and resemble Senate tactics, of meetings behind the scenes with special interests

2. Honest?
Congressman Denham has been spreading a lot of misinformation about what his proposal would actually do.  Representative Denham claims that his ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377) amendment to the NDAA “would apply solely to kids who were brought here through no fault of their own…” However, the ENLIST Act could be used to grant citizenship on the first day of basic training to a 35 year-old who purposely overstayed his visa in order to stay illegally in the United States.  That’s not the only mischaracterization by Denham.  Read more at FAIR’s Sorting Through the Laundry List of ENLIST Act Claims.

3. Fair?
By seeking to put his ENLIST Act amendment to the NDAA, Representative Denham is holding a defense bill hostage for amnesty.  He is hijacking a must-pass military funding bill by tacking on amnesty that he couldn’t pass through normal channels. The other Members of Congress should have the opportunity to consider immigration policy in all its complexities and with adequate time, without rushing policy decisions under the pressures of evaluating an important piece of legislation critical to national security.

If they truly want something open, honest, and fair, Members of Congress should recognize that’s not in the military amnesty playbook of Representative Denham.

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    The problem with arresting and holding illegal aliens for deportation is that their home countries don’t want them back so they become “stateless” filling up US jail cells at a cost to American county property owners of about $30,000 per year each.

    The only way to empty the country of illegals is to make e-verify mandatory to turn off the job magnet. As illegal aliens refuse to leave, and their own home countries refuse to take them back, the only other alternative is to kill them all. And don’t let the children escape as they grow up to become ugly adults.

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      Their home countries should not be allowed to refuse them. We should just dump them on the doorstep.

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    When will Boehner and the rest of his ilk realize that the majority of Americans want immigration enforcement. No path to citizenship, no amnesty, no letting them join the military. Enforcement period. At the border, at the worksite, at schools (asking about children and parents immigration status), at every place they go for assistance.

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      what you say and mean there is a fine line………….many illegals that have contributed more than you and as much as I do…..

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    How many terrorists are lining up to join the service under Enlist so they can get training in weapons and operations? Do we want to put foreigners in a position where they can turn that training against us or send that info back to a terrorist country? Then there are those who disrespect our laws by entering the country illegally. How loyal to the U.S. does anyone think they’ll be? Quite a few young people in low income neighborhoods join the military for livelihood and for training, as do some who can’t afford college. Will they be pushed aside for the foreigners? There are way too many anti American, pro illegal politicians in Washington, D.C.

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    Eagles Glen of Eagles on

    We need to identify each tort comitted especially the constructive fraud to call it immigration reform when in fact is attempting to make fruit from tainted fruit (tainted fruit bears no fruit).

    In the big picture this issue is a collision of ships (nations) with all damages cause by that foreign nation are the cost of that nation.

    How did big gov get away with charging American citizens for what is not America’s fault?
    For a century gov has been making this “mistake”.
    Damages are compensatible (payable) to American citizens.

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    Leland is Right

    California is out of water to produce food, and that’s today, as the state’s population grows [from insourcing the world’s overpopulations]…..the water for food need goes up in America and guess what….we have no water to feed them.

    To prove our allegations that amnesty/overpopulation is totally/scientifically unfeasible [and all population increase in America should cease immediately] check out a major “big business” magazine, Fortune, May 19, 2014, page 94, “What is Water Worth?”, Brian Dumaine.

    The article references the Koch Brothers’ solution of turning sea water into farm water as too expensive and unfeasible….farm water is almost impossible to transport and who wants would make food prices totally unaffordable if we tried doing this; for the whole planet [including America].

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    A couple of years ago, the mayor of Lewiston Maine was testifying before Congress about what an economic boon that the flood of Somali refugees into the city was. The usual buzz words, busy stores, vibrant downtown, yada yada. Except, those people were drawn there by the generous welfare benefits that a very large percentage of them received when they arrived.

    This year the governor of Maine is proposing that those benefits be restricted because the state and cities are paying out way too much. And that has brought the usual charge of discrimination from groups like the Somali Women of Maine. Just another example of where our “refugee settlement programs” are burdening us with welfare recipients for generations to come.

    Not to mention the gang activity. The elder of the Boston bombers, himself a welfare user and supposed refugee, had a pistol that was tentatively linked to a member of a gang in Portland Maine called True Somali Blood.

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      Robert Casimiro on

      Leland is right about the Somalis in Lewiston (I live in Bridgton, Maine) except the current Mayor is objecting to the financial burden put on the City by the Somalis. Governor LePage’s proposal would align the General Assistance rules with federal rules that require legal immigrants to be here five years before they can get assistance.
      Bob Casimiro
      Bridgton, Maine
      Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy

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        Add now the muslims being brough here in Maine besides the Somalis who apparently will never assimilate and as per a friend of mine from Maine……….now you see criminal activity……..

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        Glad there’s a new mayor. It’s insanity to claim that massive welfare use is a plus.

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          Read the article and as per my Maine’s friend. it is accurate……..Somalis are turning Maine into Somalia…..and the Mayor is trying to stop it by cutting the free lunch and sending a message to look for another country……..As per my friend when you go to their neighborhoods and stores they kick you out……and they assault elderly Americans…………………….NOW that is a criminal act and a culture will never assimilate but conquer this land…………………………….

          I think guys and Dan if you do get this straight…..I would concentrate my efforts on this….an immediate threat as opposed to the Mexicans that do work…………….

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            But to be FAIR….these youngsters that go to War. it is only just they get their papers else you guys send your own and then feel what it takes to protect this land……………and what little it is what they r getting back to risks their lives………….only a place to live….with opportunities that cost EFFORTS……….