Obama’s Immigration Storm Damage Done. Restoration Work Must Start

After a natural disaster hits, the best way to view the devastation is usually from the air. Likewise, it’s helpful now and then to evaluate the broad impact that the Obama Administration has caused to our immigration system by their relentless agenda to gut enforcement and dismantle the rule of law.

The deterioration is rapid and the volume staggering, not only at the federal level but at the state and local level, brought about by politicians mirroring the Obama administration’s top-down example.  The summary below is just a small sample of the massive transformations underway…changes that FAIR and others warned about when the President took office but which at that time seemed so draconian, they defied belief.

Deportations are plummeting to their lowest level since the Ford Administration.  Those who advocate for amnesty have choreographed an absurd myth that President Obama is responsible for inhumane, excessive levels of deportations. Facts say otherwise.  In 2007, the final year of the Bush Administration, deportations were 1,171,058.  Last year there were 358,604 deportations.


Obama has abused executive power using prosecutorial discretion, deferred action, parole-in-place, internal memos and other administrative mechanisms to create a hands-off policy for broad categories of illegal aliens to such an extent that one single shocking truth is apparent; unless an illegal alien has been convicted of a violent felony or represents a national security threat, the odds of being deported are virtually zero. Fueled by the mainstream media, a new narrative is taking hold; simply violating immigration laws is now entirely inconsequential.

And although the Obama administration claims that criminal aliens are a priority for removal, even they are being released at the rate of 100 per day! 36,000 criminal immigrants were released in 2013, including individuals convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, and drunk driving.  This release accounted for nearly 88,000 convictions, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions, 9,187 dangerous drug convictions, and 16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions.

Both Democrats and Republicans (the latter financed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) continue to push federal legislation that would grant illegals citizenship if they enlist in the military (ENLIST ACT), citizenship for illegal aliens who attend school (DREAM ACT), massive increases in foreign guest workers, and amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens.  Despite having little public support for any of these initiatives, lawmakers are not taking no for an answer.

States wanting to participate meaningfully in enforcement have been all but shut down by DOJ intimidation tactics and federal programs such as 287(g) and Secure Communities are being weakened or gutted entirely.

Sanctuary policies across the U.S. have surged since Obama took office. Resolutions, ordinances, executive actions and other initiatives now exist in 103 cities, towns and counties across 33 states and the District of Columbia.

State and local legislation – most of designed to expand benefits and shield illegal aliens from federal authorities – has skyrocketed.  In 2013, lawmakers in 45 states and the District of Columbia enacted 184 laws and 253 resolutions related to immigration, for a total of 437. This is a 64 percent increase from the 267 laws and resolutions enacted in 2012.

Illegal aliens are now allowed to practice law in Florida and California.

Anti-detainer laws are solidly in place in Connecticut and California that prohibit state law enforcement from cooperating with ICE officials…and the ACLU is filing a lawsuit in California that would prevent police from holding even criminal aliens.  In response, the California Sheriff’s Association has advised all their members to comply with the ACLU’s intent.

In-state tuition for illegal aliens is available now in 15 states.

Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens are now available in 12 states.

Finally, California is considering legislation that allows illegal aliens to apply for professional licenses in a variety of professions including psychologists, pharmacists, real estate and security guards.  It has already passed the state senate…..32 to 0.

The list could go on and on of course, but unlike Obama’s pen with never-ending ink to sign executive orders, ours is running low.

The perspective is discouraging, but like first-responders we have a job to do. Unlike natural disasters, this one is man-made and not inevitable.  Our pledge at FAIR is to fix it by continuing to insist that the framework of laws constituting our nation’s immigration apparatus be reconstructed.  And we will persist in bringing about sensible reforms that have our broad national interests at heart, not least of which is the preservation of jobs for American workers.

Without the support of the American public, we would find ourselves in a worse position.  With your continued support, we will improve our position and we won’t quit until we do.


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    Unless e-verify is made mandatory and the job magnet turned off, all attempts at immigration reform is just pissing in the wind. Only about 10% of business participate for obvious reasons. No job, No money, No reason to stay.

    There is a mass migration of Third World peasants taking place. Obama’s cheap election year Dreamer stunt now has tens of thousands of minor children sneaking into Texas. His public announcement of non-enforcement has them packing their bags in Columbia. People in Third World countries think a President is the same as their own dictators and he is offering a Welcom Mat which floods the labor market and drives down wages for domestic workers.

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      Nancy Cuddeback on

      And let’s not forget about the bogus tax returns they’re filing in order to take advantage of the Child Tax Credit. Average American taxpayers are getting totally ripped off.

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    kick out all illegals and impeach obummer for breaking our laws or deport him back to kenya he has messed up this country. thanks obummer.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    The way this country has been run by the past three administrations is more like a crime syndicate than a government for the people. They do as they please and pretend the tax payers don’t even exist unless they want something, what a country this has become.

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    California is blocking ALL forms of border protection of their California citizens from criminal illegal aliens, and yet they are considering allowing legislation for illegal immigrants to become security guards? What are they trying to accomplish? Is this so that the Foxes can guard the Hen House?

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    David Hummel on

    ….so no harm from the illegals,,.— ********! What a brain dead comment.

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    The media is the main reason that these misconceptions linger. There are absolutely no “record” deportations. Even the president himself called the numbers “a little deceptive” in 2011. But our media seems unable to recall that statement, but they repeat the assertions of his supporters that he’s deporting record numbers, so they can make him look like a tough guy. Chuck Schumer repeats this lie. How about all those promises in 1986 from Chuck and Ted Kennedy? No way will we have another amnesty they said. Dishonest liars, willing to sell out for a buck or a vote.

    Another misconception is that “illegals don’t get welfare”. The fact is they get it for their US born children and the checks go directly to the parents. It’s part of what is sinking California as businesses and middle class taxpayers flee the state, and leave behind a huge underclass that is nothing but a drain on the economy. And this is what “advocates” want to do to the rest of the country. But then, the voters of California punish every candidate who suggests the law be enforced, so they’ve dug their own hole, and they keep digging. Congratulations, you got what you wanted.

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      Before anyone points it out, I know Kennedy is not here. But he pushed another amnesty for many years before his death.

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      The American101 on

      Leland that is probably partially true…….US born welfare but what you forget to say is that most all Welfare go to US citizens..and almost all of them are of parents born here….so no harm from the illegals,,.

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        It’s not “partially true”, it’s true, period. One quarter of welfare payments in Los Angeles County go to families headed by an illegal. That’s way more than their share of that population.

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        Yes American101

        Their legal American parents paid taxes and the welfare had support for disabled family members….where does the family tax support come from to all the immigrant welfare? Mother Goose family members?

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      Nancy Cuddeback on

      Right on!! I grew up in Long Beach. It used to be a nice little city, but I went back 10yrs ago when my mother died to help my sister clean out her house. And now it looks like a Third World country, dirty and run down. And almost no one speaks English. The smartest thing I did was to leave California.