Obama Responds To Border Crisis by Ordering Even More Incentives for Illegal Entry

FAIR issued the following press statement regarding the renewing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in the midst of a crisis of illegal alien minors crossing the U.S. southwest border.

Obama Responds To Border Crisis by Ordering Even More Incentives for Illegal Entry

While an unprecedented number of illegal alien minors surge across the border –  incentivized by lax enforcement and promises of amnesty –   the Obama administration has just announced it is expanding a program that defers the deportation of illegal aliens. In June of 2012, the Obama administration bypassed Congress with an executive action that put into place Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  The program, otherwise known as the DREAM Act, grants a reprieve from deportation and work authorization to broad categories of “young” illegal aliens.  Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that a two-year renewal process has begun and encourages those not already enrolled to do so.

Dan Stein, president of FAIR called yesterday’s action “reckless and irresponsible.” Stein observed that, “even while we’re watching the chaotic result of this administration’s non-enforcement policies at the border, the president is implementing even more incentives guaranteed to create more chaos.”

According to White House sources, the number of unaccompanied illegal alien minors entering the United States could be more than 60,000 this year, a 90% increase over 2013, and up to 130,000 by 2015.  A recent memo from the Border Patrol estimates the numbers could be even higher. The surge is overwhelming local border officials and forcing them to transport the aliens further north for processing and release.

Since its implementation in 2012, more than 560,000 illegal aliens have applied for relief from deportation under the DACA program.  While the program limits eligibility to those who have resided in the United States since June 2007, the message being sent to Mexico and throughout Central America is that illegal entry is rewarded, further amnesty legislation is pending and in its absence, the president will enact it by executive action.

“President Obama has responded to the border crisis by issuing a memorandum ordering a ‘unified and coordinated federal’ response,” Stein continued. “It’s laughable because the problem has been created by Obama’s six-year ‘unified and coordinated federal’ campaign to dismantle enforcement. Now he’s pretending to repair the very thing he deliberately broke by expanding benefits.”

“If President Obama believes the flood of illegal alien minors at the border is a humanitarian crisis then he needs to send a strong message throughout Mexico and Central America that the United States will enforce its laws and he needs to discourage parents from sending their children on a dangerous journey north,” Stein said. Renewing a program (DACA) that indefinitely delays enforcement of our immigration laws just perpetuates the problem.”

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    Jim in Virginia on

    We are at a tipping point. This invasion is a threat to our country, if it isn’t stopped now, we will lose the country. We can’t allow lawbreakers to continue to invade our country. They have to be turned around and sent back to the place they came from. No matter if they are children or not, we have to enforce our immigration laws. I don’t care what it cost, put them on a plane and send them right back. We’re losing this country folks. Look at the decay in norther cities, cities that a few years ago were nice communities. It is time for action now!

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    Don’t forget all the cases that have come forward in the courts about Obama allowing DHS to bring the illegal child to the illegal parent in the USA so why should they pay a coyote past the border when they can turn themselves into the BP ; get amnesty and then have the BP / ICE take them to their illegal relative?

    Totally riduclous is what our immigration system has become.

  4. avatar

    And yet a US Marine sits in the jail of the country we are being force to take their people. Jail them all like they jail our citizens

  5. avatar

    Shouldn’t that sign be in Spanish unless it’s on the Canadian border!

  6. avatar
    laurie hughes on

    Is this sign a joke? We need to deport all the illegals right now. Americans need jobs and veterans! No more welfare and free health care and housing and schools for illegals. I live in Texas they are taking over.

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      Noone is illegal i dont know whats the problem with people coming over to make money and support their families, people risk their lives for their kids and spouses, just because we were all born in America doesnt mean we should criticize people, maybe instead of criticizing we should shut our mouthes and put ourselves in their shoes, the world is a free place for everyone, God doesn’t reject noone, then who are we to do that? God loves all of us equally and knows our struggle and feels our pain. He doesn’t like people to suffer and be mistreated, why should we do that to other people just because they are from a different country?

    • avatar

      It use to be a nice state to live in. Leave it to politicians to turn it into a cesspool. When did it turn from wide open spaces and the starry skies above to a “child trafficking” hub. Poor kids are the pawns! We are as “lawless” as those
      countries that let them travel to the border if we don’t make some drastic, quick policies to stop it.
      It is difficult to distinguish which is more lawless-the “child trafficking or ‘today’s politics.