NPR: Mexican Government Paying Illegal Aliens to Sign Up for DACA

Mexican_SenateThe Mexican government, which seems to care very little about poor Mexicans living in Mexico, tends to take extraordinary interest in them once they leave Mexico and settle illegally in the United States. Over the years, the Mexican government, through its 50 consulates across the U.S., has been a fierce advocate on behalf of illegal aliens in the U.S. seeking access to taxpayer funded benefits and services.

So, when the Mexican government discovered that some 45 percent of Mexican nationals who are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (President Obama’s unauthorized amnesty for illegal aliens who claim to have entered the U.S. as minors), have not taken advantage of the program, they decided it was time to take action. The biggest impediment for those who have not sought temporary legal status under DACA appears to be the $465 in fees associated with the issuance of a work permit and collecting fingerprints.

In an effort to boost participation in DACA, the Mexican government is offering to pick up all, or part of the application costs, including legal fees for lawyers who help the illegal aliens prepare their applications. The consular assistance is based on financial need. The Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles has allocated $250,000 to assist DACA applicants go through the process. To date, that consulate has helped 260 Mexican illegal obtain DACA.

When asked why the government of Mexico is spending money to help keep Mexican citizens in the United States, a spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington replied (without any apparent irony), “Our main objective is the well-being of our nationals wherever they are.”

Except if they happen to live in Mexico, a skeptic might add.

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    Mexico is doing this because they don’t want these people back. After the Mexican presidents remarks I heard an interesting discussion about racism in Mexiclo. The Spanish, light skinned , descendants are desired, dark skinned, Aztec descendants, not so much.. I recognized when I heard that, their recent leaders are light skinned. And so are the elected Hispanics in this country. Vote America to stop this invasion.

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      Cheaper for Mexico to subsidize these illegals than to take them back. They don’t want them either.

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    There’s hardly a country left in this world that isn’t taking advantage of us, disrespecting us and laughing in the faces of our corrupt leaders. This administration has brought us down, almost to its own level. But we will rise again take back our country – wait for it.

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    Breaking News:

    Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan dies at Dallas hospital

    We’ll know later this week if this caused Ebola to spread into Dallas [this week is the end of the 21 day incubation period after he arrived and was let free, even after the fever started and the hospital discharged him anyway]….there was school age children exposed too…

    One open border politician stated, “we have to endanger America with terrorists [and Ebola] or we crimp our economy [code for don’t get slave wages]”

    If we all die off over Ebola, crimping our economy with lack of slave labor is a moot point then. I hear its spreading into Europe too…

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    A friend of mine a number of years ago said that Mexico is our greatest enemy. In the long run, he may be right.

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    I guess the Mexican government didn’t get to read this report. Or most likely they did, since it’s one of series that goes back decades. It’s a Sept.4 report by Amnesty International titled Out Of Control-Torture and Other Ill Treatment in Mexico.