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FAIR Action AlertSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to allow a vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to become the next Attorney General as early as this week despite her support for amnesty. The highest duty of the nation’s Attorney General, the top law enforcement position, is to uphold the law as written, not to politicize and undermine it at the whim of the President. Disappointingly, when it comes to immigration, Loretta Lynch openly admitted that she will follow orders from President Obama rather than the Constitution and the rule of law.

There is No Time to Spare. Call Your Senators NOW!!

The responses Ms. Lynch gave at her confirmation hearing are alarming and disqualify her from becoming the next Attorney General. First, Ms. Lynch took the radical position that illegal aliens have the “right” to work “regardless of how they came here,” a position that is contrary to current law! Additionally, she said President Obama’s executive amnesty is “legal and constitutional.” Finally, Ms. Lynch refused to identify any limitation of prosecutorial discretion, suggesting that she will be a willing participant in President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty scheme.

A vote for Loretta Lynch, after she openly embraced unconstitutional amnesty, makes any Senator voting in the affirmative complicit in the President’s lawlessness.

The vote is expected to be very close.

Call Your Senators Now!

Tell Them:

  • You oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty
  • You consider a vote for Loretta Lynch to be a vote for amnesty and undermining the Constitution and rule of law
  • You expect your Senators to vote NO on Loretta Lynch

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    The original theory of “prosecutorial discretion” was that it would apply to selective individual cases. That’s fair enough. But surely the original framers of the constitution would be outraged by the slippery slope it has become. The idea that the chief executive, who should be seeing that the laws passed by Congress are “faithfully executed”, can just unilaterally declare he will not enforce the laws against entire classes of people is another step to being a banana republic.

    For instance, we have laws against using false or stolen SS numbers, against obtaining licenses you legally should not have, and receiving benefits you are not entitled to receive. And yet these things are not only forgiven, but a lot of people insist that we reward these people with legal residence here. This is not a country of laws, at least not for those here illegally. You and me, yes. Them, no.