Presidential Candidate Spills Democratic Party’s Secrets

Presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee is giving the Democratic Party a headache and it’s not because he has consistently been the lowest-polling contender on the right.

While speaking at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting last week, the former Rhode Island governor and U.S. senator shared a little too much about why he believes Democrats support amnesty.

“We’re right on immigration, the fastest growing voting bloc in the country,” Chafee said. “Of course we want that people to be treated with respect, and to vote Democratic.”

Chafee’s statement contradicts what his party has largely claimed, that reforms to immigration policies are based on compassion and not tied to luring in government-dependent, Democratic-aligned individuals by the millions.

Watch the video for yourself and share your opinion in the comments section below.


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    Where have you all been for the last 50 years. virtually all politicians do and say what ever they have to to win votes, both parties do the same. how is this new to anyone. they don’t really care whats best for the country and certainly not the people of the country. they will do what ever it takes to gain votes, get rich, and stay in power. they create laws and rules that do all three and anything or anyone that threatens what they have, they will trash or attack. yes they are basically all criminals. you all think you live in a free country, you only have what freedom they allow.and that wont threaten what they have. they sold the manufacturing to the poor country’s for more profit. and with it possibly your economic future. imagine what would happen if china and the others decided to up their prices, you couldn’t say no because you virtually have no factories left. they could all hold you to ransom.think about that and more next time you go to vote

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    A True Conservative on

    Our elected leaders have failed the conservative republicans that put them in office in order to reign in this out of control treasonist criminal we have in the white house. They lied to us in order to get our votes and they haven’t done one thing they promised they would. They have allowed Obama to do everthing he can to destroy this country. We the people need to unite and throw all these criminal politicians out of office. If not by the ballot then by the bullet–the next American Revolution.

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    Yes, the Democrats want the votes of former immigrants who are now eligible to vote. But so do the Republicans. The GOP has been trying to tone down its rhetoric to gain more of the Hispanic vote. It only makes sense that both parties would like more votes from the immigrant communities; the problems come when the parties pander to those communities and fail to enforce our immigration laws.

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    the democrats are too corrupt, in order to win elections / reelections they are engaging on dirty pursuit to defend illegal aliens with schemes. by doing so, the hispanics, the pro illegal aliens, bleeding heart liberals / illegal alien advocators are the democrats sure diehard voters. the democrats are too devious planning ahead of their time, by then the 30-50M illegal aliens will be the future voters of the democrats, making the party unbeatable in all angles, no matter what. the matter expected of america’s future under the democrats is too bleak / alarming, that americans of the next, next generations will instead be the refugees.

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      Democrats don’t care if we all end up having to learn Spanish to get along. The probably feel that so long as they can stay in power, we, the rightful citizens of this country can learn Spanish just as the Hispanics and all others from outside countries had to learn English. They don’t care that these illigal immigrants will gain the upper hand and resent the rest of us, and that we will be the ones disdained with prejudice. Yet, we are the ones who built this country. We believed in personal achievement to get ahead, in capitalism as the means to improve our lot in life because it provides freedom to be creative, to try, to earn our way to betterment, to build. We are the people with the best Constitution in the world, yet those jumping our borders don’t know or respect any of this. They don’t care that they aren’t even screened for disease. They don’t care that criminals and killers with a political agenda to ruin it all sneak into this country. They don’t respect our history–we have a good history and a bad one–but the good one includes charity, faith, the best medicine in the world, world renowned scientific discovery, a successful story of a relatively rich middle class, and the pursuit and maintaining of decency and justice in government. The haters of our way of life have hit at our very moral foundtion and seek to take our government from us as well. The radical Liberals of this land who even had a say in public have poisoned our minds through education, religion, and propaganda. “Political Correctness” is a weasel phrase this liars have used as a byword to beat people into submission, and don’t you forget it. Hit them back with propaganda, as well. Go back to church that teaches the Bible to get your heart back, and talk to people openly in public and fight the propaganda war on a personal level!

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    Scum parasites, whatever it takes to keep these power hungry lowlifes on top, that’s the Democratic party!

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      Many Democrats are not for the “lackadaisical” poor handling of “Immigration” in this country. More are becoming “independents” and quite a few are Democrats because of “war and environmental” policies on the right.
      Many Democrats may stay home instead of voting this year -The progressives of the Democratic Party are much the same as the Republican Tea party group – they are far left just as the “teas” tend to be far right.The Republicans better watch out – Who besides Trump and Cruz (maybe) is going against the “open border” policy?
      Down here in Texas, the big delegation of Republican Texas legislators flood the party with requests for more “visas” for the big money corporations.
      Karl Rove may be in Virginia but he is still throwing big Texas money all over the country to defeat Democrats but to elect “open border,” Republicans.
      History shows the commotion over the 503-4 C’s started with Karl Rove filing for this status. The confused IRS, knowing he was a “political organization” did not know what to do with the filing for “welfare” status It was a 1950s’ law that was written for “public welfare” organizations which states majority of organization must be for “public welfare.’
      There was a 2 page article in the Sunday paper of DMN of the history, the Texas money paying for ads all over the country to defeat Democrats, that the millionaire donors did not know and the confusion of the IRS!

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        cynthia curran on

        I I hate to tell you this but Trump has use the H2a in his hotels about 2,000 people have been brought in on work visas including management jobs. Trump could though be made to keep his promises if he won. He would still do some guest worker stuff.

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          Cynthia Trump is a dumb politician…………he is good for what he does… politics, no soft skills…it is either his way or no way……and the man is not intellectual………

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            after this prez messing america, anybody can be prez. intellectuals do not mean any wiser, or born to be natural leaders. wisdoms/ leaderships are GOD given gift of talents. case in point, a person without GOD given gift of singing talent, yet insisting, craving to be a singer will never ever be able to sing, except in the bathroom setting. the true saying is, if you don’t get it, you’ll never ever get it, no matter how much you try, all ends up like a disaster. WHY?, because WISDOM is GOD given gift, that can never ever be learned from any books, instead its the natural inner strength of gifted individuals to challenge problems, pick quality solutions.

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    When I hear these power hungry politicians and greedy businessman that are destroying their own country by lobbying for mass illegal and legal immigration, in their desire for more votes and/or money, the following saying comes to mind:

    “We are sewn with the seeds of our destruction.”

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      You’re correct. The US and the Europeans need to stop letting illegal migrants control the situation. The UN and the European Union need to tell Assad that camps will be set up in Syria whether he likes it or not, and give people the chance to go to the camps or stay at their home. And if they go on hunger strikes let them. This is never going to stop otherwise. The western countries need to stop being guilt tripped into national suicide. Australia is sending boat people back.

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        Syria and Iraq is certainly a different situation than the groups of people pouring into the U.S., from South and Central America.
        The are failed “States” with thousands of years of history bombed and destroy, much of their population has disappeared into the “pits of war and destruction.” The suffering for many has to be unimaginable.
        In the lower Americas, the governments fail to do much of anything, and with the open door policy of the Corporations and businesses in the U.S., and the government throwing tons of money their way to do absolutely nothing – either for their people, crime or the masses heading North – it’s a two way open “border.”
        So who can we elect that will stop this after 30 years? Trump may be the only one who will even take a stand for “reasonable” immigration. Every immigration bill that has been purposed since “Reagan” has been a “pro-amnesty” open border policy.
        This country is certainly not going to survive with a huge population of “fatherless” children and mothers who are coming from the south and who are programmed here to “lucrative benefits” with “refugee” passes.

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          But a lot of the people who come from Mexico and Latin America claim refugee status because of violence in those countries. And like the countries in the Middle East, it’s mostly self inflicted. I was totally against going into Iraq. Not because I thought Saddam was a good guy, but because I knew we would get caught between two groups, the Sunnis and Shia, who have been fighting each other forever. They had the chance to get it together because we were there for years and they blew it. The regular Iraqi army far outnumbers the fanatics and yet the fanatics are willing to fight.

          I agree on the fact that the progressives in the Democratic party have become the equivalent of the far right of the GOP. I was always a moderate Democrat, pro worker rights, pro civil rights, pro environment, but now all I see is a party that has dedicated itself to pandering to illegals and criminals. Are there bad cop shootings? Of course, but look at M. Brown in Ferguson. The White House sent representatives to his funeral knowing full well he robbed a store and manhandled a clerk. He’s not a hero.

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            cynthia curran on

            Well, with Mexico I kind of sick of it. I know the rural states are pretty poor in Mexico but Mexico went from 100 aerospace companies to 300. They have both Boeing and the French Airbus and they even have a few Mexican aerospace firms. They just need a movement to rise wages in Mexico, a stronger labor movement. If that happen, American and European companies would be less likely to relocate there and those working could purchases more things and developed a better service industry in Mexico. Illegal immirgrants need to go and become a maid for a Mexican engineers not go to the US as much.

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            All voters need to stop voting the party line. The Democrats in power today are not worth spit with their endless pandering to illegal alien bullies. The Republicans were given control of the house based on their positions to do something about immigration, of course once elected this became a victim of amnesia. Term limits is the answer to a lot of this. If we need to amend the constitution then let’s force our politicians to start the process. It is a sad day when Senator Flake states that “politics is a noble profession”. The founders wanted patriots to step forward and lead not some group of mealy-mouthed slime that Senator Flake is an example of.

            Why is it that we make trade deals that can’t have stipulations in them that if they are not met then abort the deal. Remember Clinton and NAFTA, Oh, if we give our jobs to Mexico and Central America their wages will increase and then they will buy American products. The problem is that the process of raising the wages in the lands down under never happened. Of course the reduced labor costs increased the profits of the treasonous corporations who exploited the workers. How hard would it be to include these controls in any treaty we agree to. Then do the unthinkable and do a check on wages and standards of those living in these trade partner countries and if they are not up to snuff nix the deal?

            Why is it that immigration has no controls that limit the importation of workers into the country when there is a high level of unemployment or a recession? These are commonsense controls that would provide a little help for the American workers. It is apparent that the corporations are writing the laws and both parties are guilty assisting the corporations and not the American citizens.

            Every year we vote on the budget. An equally important topic is immigration. Every year the entire immigration system should be reviewed and voted on for the coming year.

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          If we change our rules about the handouts given to those in “need” and used a program that leads to independent living instead of creating a dependent population for us the government to support the
          rest of their lives, our problems could and would be solved. Right now word is out there, ” go to the
          U.S and they will take care of you”. Pretty hard to pass up such a deal!

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    Money and Greed

    Trump honesty and the environment says the Democratic management. Then there’s the other Trump irritant that I believe robs both Democratic and Republican votes. They even call Trump too liberal to be a Republican, i.e., he wants the rich to pay more taxes.

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      We pray Trump, “the Donald” will be our next President. He has definite ideas which most middle class taxpaying citizens like….As the facts show, the rich are getting richer and the Middle class is paying more than their fair share of their earnings while at least 47 million Americans (per available data) is drawing welfare devouring our tax dollars.

      Additionally, in the opinion of many of those same taxpayers which have voiced opinions, the rich should pay more in taxes…They have been the CEO’s, Board Members and stock owners, etc, that have moved factories, plants and “good paying jobs” out of the Country for reduced taxes, cheaper labor and other cheaper costs causing high unemployment and underpaid workers in the USA…..If businesses want to sell their products here in the US, they need to move their factories back to the US. If they want to establish their financial business transactions via off shore accounts, the US needs to tax the hell out of them. Lastly, greed…Example: You’ve amassed millions of dollars in your accounts, you already own every thing one could ever dream of, your family members are already set for life with the best education, homes, vehicles and lavish bank accounts, BUT the additional millions (or billions) of dollars you will make every year is STILL NOT ENOUGH….This could be where Donald Trump could make a difference to America…He knows all the tricks, but he also knows how to make money and he will put that knowledge to use for American citizens…(if he can get a Congress and Senate to do the right things for the citizens which they haven’t done so far per the liberal socialist Democrat agenda)….

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        gunruner Trump belongs to the Dark Ages….the guy is dumb like a rock………he has no experience and whatsoever on international nor national matters……even Obama got into the presidency with light years or experience than monkey Trump….

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        Trump your next immigrant President…….mom and great parents out of the boat………………I thought you were against immigration…..else your Flinstone Trump candidate would have never eixsted