California GOP Largely Abandons Immigration Position

Last Sunday, delegates of the California Republican Party voted to substantially abandon the party’s position on immigration. (LA Times, Sept. 21, 2015; Breitbart, Sept. 21, 2015) The changes to the platform were made at the party’s semi-annual convention in Anaheim, California.

2000px-Flag-map_of_California.svgNotably, the term “illegal alien” was eliminated entirely from the vocabulary of the platform. Delegates to the California GOP convention also removed language stating that allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States “undermines respect for the law” and added a disclaimer asserting California Republicans “hold diverse views on the subject.” Delegates also removed language supporting cross-deputizing state and county law enforcement to help federal officials enforce immigration law against criminal aliens from the platform. (Breitbart, Sept. 21, 2015) Language supporting guest worker programs for illegal aliens, however, was included with the omission of the requirement that workers have identification with biometric data.

Changes to the party platform were reportedly made to attract more Hispanic members to the California GOP.  (OC Register, Sept. 21, 2015) Many Republicans at the convention blamed tough immigration rhetoric as the cause of failures in statewide elections, despite polling suggesting Republican constituents support tougher enforcement of immigration law. Delegates also failed to acknowledge that most Hispanic citizens vote Democrat for the party’s position on economic matters, and generally not for the party’s position on immigration. Some delegates also commented that these changes were influenced in part as a reaction to presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks on immigration. “[Trump] does not speak for me or Republicans or my party,” said Marcelino Valdez, the Central Valley regional vice chairman who authored the updated immigration plank.

Not all delegates at the convention support the changes to the platform.  “I preferred the concrete and specific language in the former California GOP platform,” commented Robin Hvidston, an associate delegate who voted against the platform changes.

While the California GOP’s revisions show a substantial change of the party’s traditional position of protecting California workers and taxpayers, the party’s platform still denounces amnesty. The new platform also continues to support strengthening border control, imposing higher penalties for visa-overstays, and restricting federal funding from jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials, often called “sanctuary cities.” (OC Register, Sept. 21, 2015)

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    The nation is so fed up with weak politicians who are no longer representing the American people but instead advocate PC to every illegal alien coming to our country the wrong way. What’s the incentive for anyone to come to our homeland in the legal manner? We look like Mexico. I’m fed up with paying for criminals food stamps, welfare, and health care, while my benefits shrink and my pay in is much greater, just to support non contributors to our system.. We know this is part of Obama’s devisive plan , to create a socialist country, but this isn’t the voice of the people. Now we have to look forward to admitting Muslims who live under Sharia law. Do You Think THEY Will Assimilate Into OUR country.I hardly think so.look what these radicals are trying to do in England and France. They’re hardly appreciative of sanctuary but want the host culture to assimilate to theirs on foreign soil. They’re barbarians as have been proven time and time again with every country they flee to . Australia and Norway are just 2 countries refusing to accept them. More of our citizens are arming ourselves against the onslaught. California is going to be a recipient of numbers in Los Angeles and San Diego. Wrong move. Trump, for all of his direct communication, is the only one who has the guts to take on these real issues affecting our nation’s security, before all the complacent Republicans and bleeding heart Democrats give our country away to those who want to use the American people for their own purposes. How stupid can our lawmakers be. Quit pretending it’s not real.

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    Figures that this change in language was proposed by someone who is doubtless a U.S.-born child of Mexican illegal immigrants.

    I will never contribute to the California Republican Party again. In fact, I can no longer trust the national Republican party. I am only going to contribute to candidates who are strongly against illegal immigration.

    Can any of you look into being a delegate to these conventions?. The more of us, the better.

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      There are no politicans that are for deporting illegals or building a wall! why do you think Trump is killing everybody else? because he is willing to do what the citizens want not what the donors or special interest groups want! VOTE TRUMP 2016!

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    Since the 1986 immigration amnesty it has now developed that 2/3rds of California voters and its legislature are now in favor of La Raza Reconquistas. It is infuriating to be out populated Illegally in your own State. It’s a warning to the rest of the USA that no matter what you think of Donald Trump he is the ONLY one addressing this! The implications of immigration anarchy here means that Mexico will achieve hegemony over the Southwest and Balkanize it against the rest of the USA very soon unless the rest of the USA realizes this!

    ps. Why would anyone fight and die for a country that puts no value on citizenship?

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    How convenient that the republicans back down on illegal immigration after the Pope made his little speech. Sounds well planned to me. I am a democrat but most of us are against illegal immigration as well. This is not a party issue. These illegals have ruined our way of life here in Texas. As far as I am concerned, if the pope wants them, let Rome have them. It would be far cheaper for us to ship them over there. Let the illegals live in the Vatican & in the White House since they want them so much. Let them suffer the loud music that can be heard for blocks, the trash all over their yards, dogs & chickens running all over the neighborhood like we have to.
    I have worked in the medical profession for over 20 years. Have you noticed the huge expansion of our hospitals? They are building as fast as they can. The hospitals & doctor get reimbursed by the state for each illegal they treat. Eighty percent of our patients are now illegals. These facilities are reimbursed by the state for treating the illegals. I am talking about the largest state hospital facility it Dallas as well as most other hospitals as well. If the illegals left our country the hospitals would be in big trouble financially. One of my bosses told me that if this happens most of our employees would be out of a job and the hospital beds would be empty. The same rationale goes for all the apartments they are building. The greed of these institutions and big business in general has destroyed this country. I still think we should send all the illegals home! and get our country back. I really hope Donald Trump stands his ground. He will win the vote of most democrats as well. I have a feeling that the powers that be will try to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign in any way they can. Big business controls this country not the people and they will not stand for losing all the cash that these illegals bring in never mind them destroying our way of life. These powers that be do not live in our neighborhoods. We are just like worker ants to them. Our opinions do not matter, money does.

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    Patricia McGehee on

    How about kicking CA OUT OF THE US? Give it to Mexico and all illegals in the other States have to go to CA. Every CA resident loses their citizenship.

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      Bill Carrothers on

      Please, Ms. McGehee! Show us poor dumb Californians a little mercy! The State was an absolutely wonderful place about fifty years ago, before the amnesty/immigrant invasions. However, the good news is that we now have the ability to assist our “guests” to return to their “barrios lindos, lejos, y queridos” ( trans: beloved home towns back home) without us having to pay for the trip. It is all done with two simple steps: (1) making E-Verify mandatory, and (2) making sure that absolutely NO ONE who cannot trace their ancestry back to a bona-fide citizen of this country prior to the passage of the infamous Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 is allowed to rent, or purchase, a home anywhere in this country. For details, check out two laws that have been affirmed by the Supreme Court: City of Fremont, Nebraska vs. Martinez,, and the current version of Arizona’s wonderful SB 1070, which has withstood the attacks of the ACLU, Maldef, and the current AG. NO JOBS + NO PLACE TO LIVE +NO IMMIGRATION = restoration of the wonderful place that this country used to be, before that crazy Ted Kennedy assured us that turning our country into a salad bowl of “diversity” would not affect our country. How wrong he turned out to be!

      The best news is this: nothing prevents our guests from making their homelands into wonderful places of peace, culture, opportunity, and happiness. All they have to do is reduce their populations to a sustainable number, and they will not ever need to come here. !Adelante con La Vuelta! !Si, Podemos!

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        You forgot to mention the Jerry Browns and Hollywood celebrities of your state that is now trying to get Obamacare at taxpayers expense. The only one I know of that rails against them is Clint Eastwood, and bless his heart, he is too old to do much to help.

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    To the CA GOP: “Churchill: “Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?” Socialite: “My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course… ”
    Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for five pounds?”
    Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!” Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price”

    So dear Republicans, we know what you are, now we want to know the price you settled for.

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    Thanks to the 1986 amnesty California already belongs to Mexico…the few remaining non-Mexican office holders will be removed over time for failing to support Spanish as the primary language, for failing to completely open the Mexican border and for failing to be sufficiently alligned culturally with the majority of the people…who have dual-Mexican-USA citizenships.

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    Trump said illegals are illeagaly crossing the border in droves and among them are felons and crimminals!!!!!
    Are you saying that’s NOT true?? It IS true so why don’t you do something about it!!! Are the people at Immigration reform Americans?????
    You are letting down California citizens! !!!!

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    This is typical of what the RNC has been recommending for years for the national GOP. They are willing to throw traditional GOP supporters off the bus in order to cater to a minority group that will never vote for them anyway. This is suicide for the GOP.

    Perhaps the silver lining is that when the GOP grassroots finally realize that there is no future for them if they stay with this corrupt and useless “opposition party”, we will see the emergence of a nationalist party that will fight for our nation and its people.

    Personally, I don’t give a rip what happens to the GOP, I only care about the survival of the nation.

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    In addition to a wall along the Mexican border, a fence needs to ring California to corral the trash and keep it from infecting the rest of the country.

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    Wagons east as the west coast is being consumed by the flood of illegals.The Midwest will eventually be the sanctuary for the remaining citizens. The enemy is at the gate and we’d best be preparing to defend or all will be lost and the country will disappear.

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      What nation. A country with out borders is not a nation at all. A country that does not have laws is not a nation at all.

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    When you are invaded and you do nothing about it why would it not follow the invaders would be catered to?

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    “An appeaser is a person that feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”
    Winston Churchill

    I me thinks that old Winston knew what happened with appeasement.
    Take a look around your state people…you’re making more mess for a messed up state.
    No one is speaking of truths or logic.

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    Housing prices in California have risen so much that the average person is priced out in many places. San Francisco is unaffordable except for those in the highest income levels. Many people in Southern California have to drive 2 hours to a job because there is no affordable housing close to their job. Los Angeles freeways are gridlock from 6 am to 9 pm. According to the federal government’s “true poverty” measure, which compares cost of living to wages, California has the most people in poverty.

    Many smaller towns are out of water, literally. It has to be trucked in. The Sierra snowpack was melted by April. Farmers are drilling ever deeper for ground water, but that resource is being quickly depleted. It’s an almost doomsday scenario, and yet the voters of that state still keep supporting the mass immigration, legal and illegal, that is continuing to grow the population. Stuck on stupid.

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      I’m Staying in Seattle for My Retirement

      The property taxes are off the Richter Scale, 1 bdrms are renting for like $2000+/mo,, requiring 4 $10/hr P/T workers/tenants per apartment. Did anyone say bunk beds? Lots of 4-5 car house driveways with gypsy families living together until the kids(?) are 50?

      Let’s put it this way, if you have a relative that “legally” deserves disability supports CA and WA are your states. If you’re retired or working; you may want to “get the hades out” and move to the much cheaper Midwest homes.