North Carolina General Assembly Passes Strong Immigration Bill

E-VerifyTuesday night, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the “Protect North Carolina Workers Act,” also known as House Bill 318. The bill strengthens the North Carolina’s immigration policies by toughening the state’s E-Verify law, prohibiting “sanctuary” policies that impede the enforcement of immigration law, and cracking down on identity fraud.

Specifically, the law broadens the reach of the state’s E-Verify law to also require contractors hired by the state to verify that their employees are authorized to work in the United States using the free, web-based program.

H.B. 318 also takes a stand against policies instituted by localities that prohibit their law enforcement from contacting or cooperating with federal immigration authorities and against policies that prohibit law enforcement from inquiring into the immigration status of individuals in custody.  These policies, which proponents argue are intended to foster “trust” with law enforcement in immigrant communities, are designed to protect criminal aliens from detection and removal from the United States by restricting compliance with detainer requests, often called ICE holds. (Pew Charitable Trusts, Oct. 31, 2014; ICE Detainer Form)

Lastly, the bill restricts government officials from accepting foreign consular cards, including the matricula consular card issued by the Mexican government, as proof of identity or residence. Foreign consular cards are unreliable as they are easily forged or fraudulently obtained and are only useful to illegal aliens. All aliens legally residing in the United States have valid government issued documents and, therefore, have no need to depend on foreign consular cards for identification purposes. The matricula consular card is a particularly unsecure form of identification because the Mexican government does not authenticate the documents used to obtain the card against any database of records.

The passage of H.B. 318 marks a big victory for true immigration reformers. Supporters of the bill acknowledged that the bill would go a long way to protect public safety, reduce identity fraud, and discourage illegal immigration to the state by making it harder to find jobs. The bill “protects jobs, it protects taxpayer resources,” said Representative Chris Whitmire. (Washington Times, Sept. 30, 2015)

H.B. 318 is currently on Governor Pat McCrory’s desk, awaiting his signature to become law. H.B. 318 may also become law if McCrory takes no action within 10 days of receiving the bill.

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    Super Illinois will be the last of the 50 states to see the light. At least it appears that you are trying to look out for American citizens first which is the right thing to do there is no prejudice and or discrimination in that these ppl are a bunch of fraudulent criminals using the dumb *** country to the hilt. For this country to help other pp foreigners to steal and kill Americans for their love of money and power is sickening i would like to put all of the billionaire and millionaires together and put them in a grass sack and let them figure out how to free themselves there is another component to this wish that is not publishable .LOL

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      California will not do it until our governor is forced to do it because he is a dumb *** democrate libtard!

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    Go North Carolina! I sure hope your Governor signs this bill before it is too late for your state. California has already reached the point of no return, because the demographics have shifted to the point where open borders Democrats are in the permanent majority. So we now have the open borders free for all that will eventually end in the bankruptcy of the state. Other states had also better start waking up, before they reach the point of no return and become the next California.

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    This: “All aliens legally residing in the United States have valid government issued documents and, therefore, have no need to depend on foreign consular cards for identification purposes.”

    Children cannot even register for school in Mexico without proof of citizenship in that country or proof that they are in the country legally. It’s their parent’s duty to prove it, not the other way around. As usual, Mexico has one standard for themselves, but insist we must have another.

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        Then Mexico needs to shut up when they lecture us about how we have an obligation to educate and give benefits to their citizens here illegally.

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          Leland & moben I will give you a lifetime American 101 lesson……..You want to be what you cannot be: An American then think like you do……you want to become one…because it is obvious you guys are not…….then practice our way of life…….Mexico can say whatever they want…….Freedom of Speech…… an American

          That does not mean we have to do what they want…….guys you need to be reborn and relearn our Constitution and our way of life…………you both are so animator culturally that so not even grasp what a fact is what I mean…..