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  • “Just a few days ago I was involved in a traffic accident with an illegal immigrant who did not speak any English and had no driver’s license. After the county police made an accident report, the illegal was turned loose back on our streets. Next time it might not be a fender bender, but a fatality. It seems that illegal aliens have more rights than U.S. born citizens. Enough is ENOUGH!!” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “I have many Hispanic friends and neighbors, but I believe our country can no longer afford to support illegal immigrants as we’ve always done. In Texas they are pretty much above the traffic laws now and many drive with no license or insurance (I’ve been hit by 3 in the last 10 years).” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I had a family member raped and beaten within an inch of her life by one of these harmless undocumented immigrants. This must stop. Deport every single one of them NOW!” – American affected by immigration from Mississippi.
  • “When I worked for HR in a meat packing plant there were people we KNEW were using false identification. But ICE said to hire them anyway so they would know where to pick them up if they ever bothered to. Also, it is illegal to refuse to hire somebody just because his name doesn’t match his demographic. That’s discrimination. Finally, the Dept of Justice declared that the deportation of an illegal alien would have to be delayed if that same person filed an EEOC complaint against an employer. So the employers HAVE to hire these people or they’ll get sued. And once employed, they have to be given everything they want or they’ll file an EEOC complaint. Which they will do anyway, on some grounds, because the DOJ has provided the incentive.” – American affected by immigration from South Dakota.
  • “My brother was murdered by an illegal immigrant in Omaha Nebraska 7 years ago. The murderer then fled to Mexico within five hours of committing the crime. There is a warrant for their arrest but no arrest has been made. I hold the government just as guilty as the murderer for not enforcing our immigration laws.” – American affected by immigration from Nebraska.
  • “The horrible crimes I see in other countries by the illegal Syrian immigrants flowing into our country scares me to death. I have a granddaughter who I am so worried about…what kind of a world will she be living in? Will she be able to walk down the street without the fear of being gang raped? I fear for us all. Obama is allowed to do whatever he wants…..I feel we are doomed if this doesn’t stop. So many of our vets are homeless, committing suicide, and die trying to see a doctor in the VA….They are being pushed aside for the illegals who hate us and wish to kill us. I pray every day that someone could put a stop to this before it’s too late.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I was 18, in 1982. We were on the 405 outside LA. An Illegal his car abandoned in the middle of the fwy. Got out and ran away. We hit it at 55-65-there were no lights on fwy, and the car was off. I suffered broken face, surgery, years of work and my boyfriend will never walk w/o a limp. Why don’t we call Mexico in-humane, making their citizens run like animals away from their homes.” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “35 yr Resident Las Vegas, GANG VIOLENCE out of control, no coincidence our minority population now 51%! Build the wall as soon as possible! Obama’s Justice department has ENDANGERED us all.” – American affected by immigration from Nevada.
  • “1. Illegal Hispanics busted making meth across the street from my house. 2. Drunk illegal Hispanic crashed into two vehicles sitting in my driveway. The list goes on.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “People in my city have been killed by illegals and by illegals drunk driving…then they are not caught.” – American affected by immigration from Nebraska.
  • “My sister has two children that she conceived with an illegal Mexican. He treats her terribly; yet, she stays. That is her fault; however, it is our fault that he is here because we do not arrest these people for fraud when they purchase bogus social security numbers and drivers’ licenses.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I am an ID fraud victim due to having my home broken into and my driver’s license and social security card having been stolen. Nothing else was taken and this was in 1998. I am currently living and working in 5 liberal states and though I am a white woman, in all of these states I am a Hispanic with little English knowledge. I have gone through the hoops that the powers that be in these states deem one needs to go through to deal with the ID fraud, but nothing has worked. They tell me my situation is too complicated. Social Security in DC won’t help even though they know who is using my name and SS#. The people I talk to state they don’t believe the problem is as prevalent as they hear. Every 2 seconds an American citizen loses their ID information and that isn’t prevalent enough for them? I also had a police officer friend murdered in 1998 by an illegal from Columbia who bought the gun from another illegal from Mexico who was the head of an organized crime syndicate in Oregon. Both are currently in prison for more murders, drug and gun running, human trafficking, theft rings etc and every couple of years they get tax payed attorneys to try to get them released. We pay for these people over and over again and their nations will not pay for their incarceration and bribe the US to not kill them or they won’t cooperate with returning criminals to our nation. If they want to hang onto our criminals, why do they constantly exit their own? Are our criminals golden or what! I am sick to death of the federal government failing to do its first duty, which is to protect the US from foreign invasion and if this isn’t foreign invasion than what is? I tried to befriend a female when I lived in Oregon who was in the nation illegally. I found out after a few years that she had 25 social security numbers and 25 driver’s licenses for that state under different names. The addresses were for other illegal aliens who also had this many fake ID’s. They would get food stamps of around $200 each month for each fake name so multiply $200 by 26 by 52 weeks in a year and by the number of years since 1998 for each person then multiply that number for each of the 26 who were involved in this one situation alone and see what you come up with. The amount is frightening. I think those who steal the ID information of others and pretend that is who they are, need to register as ID offenders just like sexual perverts need to register. It needs to be seen as a power and control issue just as sexual offenders seem to need to be involved in. It isn’t about sex with them it is about power and control and the same is true for those who are illegally in this nation. It is beyond time to ship them all home. Give them 90 days to take their ill gotten gains with them or else it is prison time and their goodies will be sold to cover costs. Good riddance illegals–don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. I am sick to death of paying and paying and paying for these international criminals who commit crime upon crime and never have to pay a price. DC, state, county and local politicians kiss their illegal behinds rather than do the jobs they were elected to do and that is the height of corruption.” – American affected by immigration from Montana.
  • “I have personally had my Social Security number stolen, and then had my identity USED by illegal aliens (all Hispanic surnames) to get jobs, credit, and to obtain ID’s. CA state use to let people who are 100% disabled, pay their property taxes 1) upon sale, or 2) upon death. CA politicians stopped that plan, forcing me to use my prescription money to pay my property taxes immediately so that the money could be used for illegal aliens to receive: 1) schooling for their illegal alien children. 2) free healthcare for their entire family 3) free housing 4) free food stamps 5) free services. I’ve been hit twice by illegal aliens who fled because 1) they did not have valid licenses and 2) they don’t pay for or carry insurance.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “My husband was rear ended while stopped for a red light. He was left for dead by 2 hit and run illegal aliens.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “Approx 15 or so years ago my husband and mother and father in law where hit by 2 illegal aliens in a road rage accident. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time between the other two cars. They gave fake ID’s and knives were found on the road an in their vehicle. Their residence address turned out to be an open field. Court day they never showed up. They totaled our car and sent all three passengers to the ER. My mother in law has since deceased but my father in law still suffers from arthritis in the injury areas from the accident.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “I had an illegal clean my house and steal my jewelry. One of the farm workers was a gang leader and I presume he was selling drugs too. Lots of anger. Some are really good people but they have been here for years.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “Since my daughter started kindergarten here in Texas she has contracted Hand Foot Mouth Disease and Whooping Cough. Her pediatrician told me on both occasions that we are getting strains of diseases he has never seen before that are coming over the border. He told me if I received all the alerts and warnings he has been getting I would be very worried. I have noticed lately that every time I bring one of my children in for stomach flu or just a standard illness, he insists on running tests to monitors their recovery closely. He was never like this before and I believe there is so much we, the public, don’t know and the media has no interest in finding out.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I was driving down the street and was T-boned by a Mexican woman. Her 5 passengers immediately fled the scene. After checking to make sure she was ok I learned she didn’t speak English. She waited until the police showed up where the bilingual officer told me she had no ID and no insurance. They took her to the station to find out she was an illegal from Mexico. I found out that I was stuck holding the bag on my car repairs…my $800 deductible…” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “Living in a high illegal immigration/illegal drug transport high welfare border state is devistating to U.S. citizens Illegals getting drivers licenses causes us to need passport to travel within our own country. Our property is being destroyed, crops stolen, houses robbed. Our American Dream is stolen every day in every way due to the above stated facts. Illegals take money and food from our wallets and forbid #WeThePeople, from being able to achieve what we have worked for and spent thousands getting educated for, from achieving Our American Dream. It is truly an insurmountable burden. ENOUGH! Build that wall.” – American affected by immigration from New Mexico.
  • “We had an illegal Hispanic male who had 3 priors for 3 DUI’s involving injuries. Deported but kept coming back. His 4th DUI he ran into a family of 4. The parents were both teachers .The husband was killed & the wife left with brain damage to raise the 2 children who were also injured. We need immigration reform AND A WALL!” – American affected by immigration from North Carolina.
  • “My son was almost beat to death by 3 illegals while at a store run by Arabs, nobody tried to help him; he lives in fear today. It’s time to send them back, all my kids are tired and so am I, tired of talking to the wind. I was threatened by a Hispanic kid for supporting Trump for president, I reported it and have yet to see action.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “My husband and I had to file bankruptcy after 4 major accidents caused by illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “My story happened in 1966. I was a freshman in high school. My parents picked me up from school early so that we could go to Santa Rosa,Texas because my dad’s brother had died in a car wreck. A drunk illegal alien ran a stop sign and ran into the side of the car where my uncle had been sitting. As far as I know he was sent back to Mexico and has probably made it back and enjoys the benefits that we pay dearly for!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “An illegal alien driving without a license killed my Father running a red light at Sunset and Bundy in Brentwood CA in 1983.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “My husband was on a jury 2 months ago where an illegal immigrant committed burglary and was arrested but did not get deported. A few months later this same illegal alien was driving drunk and killed a husband and wife that were driving in front of him, there were 2 little girls in the back… This illegal immigrant destroyed many lives, he should have never been here.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “My husband and I had to file bankruptcy after 4 major accidents caused by illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “Deport all illegal criminal aliens! NO sanctuary cities! Illegals committing other crimes in the United States should be prosecuted and incarcerated, then billed to that illegal’s country!” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I have worked with illegals in Oregon for 17 years. A Mexican woman, who was a coworker, was severely beaten to force her to become involved in child exploitation. I reported this — her beaten appearance, the exploitation of the girl, saw the men in the parking lot, heard the talk and I knew what was happening — reported it to the Authorities of Tualatin on Feb 1st or 2nd of 2007 and the police talked to the girl. When I reported this, I gained other witness’ permission to offer their names as witnesses to the woman’s beaten appearance. The police only asked the girl if anyone was making her do anything she didn’t want to do. She said “no” and this concluded the investigation. This weak response by the police left this woman vulnerable to a predator. The girl was 7-8 years old. Their investigation was a farce. A joke.” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “I know a woman who paid for a fraudulent marriage for the sole purpose of eligibility for U.S. citizenship. I have reported this to the proper authorities. I have facts that would make it easy to prove this. No one ever contacted me. They asked her a few questions about the situation, she denied anything illegal, and now she has been granted citizenship and will be sworn in on November 7. This is an utter miscarriage of justice. Please help!” – American affected by immigration from Florida. 
  • “I am convinced that sanctuary cities are being abused for the benefit of politicians and illegal immigrants. I believe they are detrimental to the ‘common welfare’ of our country and its’ legal citizens; therefore, it is unconstitutional. Sanctuary cities are becoming seed beds for crime. They must be stopped.” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “The large number of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. is overwhelming on taxpayers and the environment. Each of these individuals have intentional committed a crime (with the exception of children brought here by a parent(s)). Nevertheless, the children are also in the country illegally. It would be best to repatriate these families back to their respected home country, including children born to illegal aliens while in the country illegally.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I moved to North Minnesota last fall from New Orleans. My friends thought I was crazy, yet I had lived up north before, so the extreme cold didn’t scare me. Why did I move? That’s the big question. Strategic relocation is the answer. I’ve seen New Orleans transform since Katrina into Viva Mexico Louisiano. The illegal immigrants are by and large very hard workers, who will work for peanuts; so it’s tempting to see them being here as plus., They certainly helped re-build new orleans. Now, a decade or so later, their families are, and the bad element is there. New Orleans murder rate is steadily climbing . The murder rate per capita is among the highest in the nation already. I wanted to live with Americans… I did not wait until I was attacked by a criminal, I just wanted clean air with nice english speaking people. My adult children have since followed me up here. – America affected by immigration from Minnesota.
  • “My 13 year old daughter… was killed… by an illegal alien when crossing the road. He (the driver) had 4yr old warrants for driving without a license and speeding. The local police called it an accident and only gave the man a ticket for driving without a license and never charged him with her death and never reported him to ICE. He only spent 36 minutes in jail according to the county release records. He and his wife and 3 friends in the truck he was driving were all illegal. Again none of them were arrested and reported to ICE for deportation. In December 2014 a Grand Jury for the county… said there was no proof of negligence on his part in his ability to operate the truck even though he did not have a license. Initially the police said the driver did not own the truck he was driving, yet 2 months later the investigating officer said they basically know he owned the truck but could not put the title in his name because he did not have a license. The original owner had sold the truck to the driver over a year ago. Yet kept insurance on the vehicle because the driver himself could not have insurance due to his lack of a driver license. Just weeks after my daughter’s funeral the driver had the truck back in his possession and was driving it again.The only justice I have been able to find was by contacting my Congressional House Rep… He opened a Congressional Inquiry into the accident and contacted ICE. As a result the driver was arrested in January and is in jail waiting for immigration proceedings to decide IF he will be deported. There is still a chance he may be released and permitted to stay in the US illegally if the court system sides with him. My daughter had just started her freshman year in high school… To this day he has never been charged with my daughter’s death.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I do not support a path to citizenship. The crime in Florida is out of control and it is illegal after illegal who are arrested and released. This has to stop! I hear now they are using alcoholism as a reason to stay in this country. I say no way!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “My parents moved my sister and I to Escondido, California in 1972. They wanted to get us away from the hippie drug culture. Now, doctor’s offices and stores have to have locks on the bathroom doors because people use drugs in there. There used to be a handful of Mexican people here. Now we are overloaded with not only Central Americans who are worse, but Syrian refugees. Migrants ask me for change and to use my phone. Their kids scream and tear up merchandise in stores. Wherever I go, clerks are yelling at the kids to stop it. We are in chaos.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I am tired of all the illegals sneaking over. I am in Texas and it is sad. They get benefits, drive without insurance, hit me and run, and why is everything in Spanish? This is America and they think they have rights more than people who were born here. Take care of Americans and send them back.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.

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    I was a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) without any criminal records for 10 years. However, I was pressured into pleading guilty for a complicated offense which is not ordinarily an aggravated felony and I was sentenced to 20 months. When I was released on time-served, ICE arrested me and told me that aggravated felonies don’t have to be aggravated or felonies to meet Congress’ definition. And that aggravated felonies for immigration purposes include crimes such as prostitution, theft, and tax evasion. Therefore, I have to face deportation and become permanently inadmissible.

    In 1997 the congress redefined aggravated felonies and widened the scope to include as many offences as possible and reduced the sentence category from 5 years to 1 year. Therefore any offence with a sentence of more than 12 months automatically means banishment for life after the time is served.

    The law even debars immigration judges from considering LPR on case by case basis before deportation. After reviewing my case the immigration judge granted me withholding of deportation but could not use his judiciary discretion to reinstate my status but was forced by the law to revoke my Green Card. I am not a criminal and will never be a criminal.

    As a Permanent Resident without prior criminal history and having served the sentence, with no intentions for recidivism, I think the additional total banishment for life is over the top and should be reformed.

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      let’s see… driver’s license……can’t speak English…..mmmmmh……seriously what kind of engineering do you do?……please wake up…let’s make sure the jobs stay here………because at this rate and your sleepiness we will definitely lose the jobs to foreigners…….