Americans speak up on the COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.


  • “We can no longer afford the costs of supporting illegal aliens in this country. We can no longer afford any more H-1B visa immigrants. We can no longer afford any more of the existing refugee’s in this country. We need a moratorium for 10 years at least until we can assimilate the too many immigrants we already have in this country.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Illegal aliens walk in front of you on purpose. Obama has empowered them to feel fully entitled. They say WE have to let them get everything free. I do not want my tax dollars going to free hand outs to someone that broke the law, the first act of being here.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I’m tired of being made to feel like a racist for standing up for myself in not wanting to pay for those who come into this country illegally when my ancestors came here legally, worked hard, and didn’t get any handouts. The population is growing enough as it is. Do everyone a favor and come here legally, work hard, and assimilate.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “Since when is breaking the law good for America? I am tired of paying for people who are not supposed to even be in the country. I live in California and see taxpayer money for legal citizens’ issues being ushered to support illegals. Legal citizens deserve to have more money for schools, infrastructure, etc. They do not pay taxes like the media pushes unless it is sales tax. They are taking up room in our schools and forcing their culture on America. No one should be punished for taking pride in America. They send most of their money back to their country. It is a hoax that they put money back into the economy. Finally, if water is so precious in California, why have the illegals that use that resource for washing, drinking, showering, and using the restroom? In the meantime, we are all getting punished and paying higher costs.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “They get EVERYTHING handed over to them FOR FREE that TRUE Americans, vets, and the homeless DO NOT qualify for! FREE medical, housing, food, cash, education, and MUCH more! EX: Our worthless Governor is taking away my Medicaid on July 1st, 2016. I’m battling a multitude of life-threatening illnesses and I will NO LONGER be able to see a doctor or get my meds when Medicaid is done. He has literally signed my death warrant! HOWEVER, I’m certain (just as in the past) the government will find plenty of loopholes to make sure the illegals get to keep all their benefits THAT THEY’VE NEVER PAID INTO!” – American affected by immigration from Arizona. 
  • “80% of the women in my mobile home park drive to pick up their kids from school. Most of them have nice new SUVs but none of them have driver’s licenses. I tried to sell my mobile home to a Hispanic that lives next to me. He has no driver’s license. No papers. I’m on SS and pay taxes.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia. 
  • “We should not have to support people who come illegally to our country costing taxpayers billions of dollars per year.” – American affected by immigration from Florida. 
  • “Illegals deserve nothing from American taxpayers. We work hard, can’t afford to send our own kids to college, and don’t qualify for any benefits because we make too much according to the standards. We pay for our medical insurance and end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills because the insurance doesn’t cover it all while they get medicaid which pays for everything!!! I don’t go around buying brand name clothes, purses, or go to salons to do my hair or nails. And they prance around with all that and abuse our taxes. Our veterans are dying or homeless, and our seniors live off measly social security checks. They deserve better, yet illegals are treated better than them!!  They call SS and Medicare entitlements, but we pay into that. Why is our money always on the brink of running out and welfare NEVER does?! They demand our benefits which THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO!!! Seriously, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! NO BENEFITS FOR ILLEGALS PERIOD!!!” – American affected by immigration from Texas. 
  • “I am a 25-year-old hard working American. I have a wife and have just graduated from a technical college. I had to pay for my education, and I was not impressed with the way the school handled my program. Any concerns I brought to the Dean or the president just seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, they go out of their way to bring in all these immigrants because they love to be a diverse school. So my paycheck pays for my schooling and my taxes pay for the immigrant’s schooling. The school bends over backwards for them, but not for me, an American!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am tired of seeing my hard earned money go to taxes that support people that come here or are brought here illegally. It seems that their needs are put before mine and that is just not right! We must stop the influx of illegals coming into our country!” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “It’s past time for a moratorium on immigration. Illegals are taking away jobs, overcrowding our neighborhoods and schools, bringing diseases, using our ER rooms as doctor’s offices. They are getting free education, food stamps, medical care, and welfare. Even legal immigrants take advantage of these benefits. And guess who pays for it all?? The American taxpayer. We do not need more people here. Secure our borders, deport illegals and stop immigration until we get our country back!” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “I’m tired of being taxed to the breaking point to pay for these free loading criminals!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Sick & tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS getting free everything while working Americans have to foot the bills!! Soon, when they finish their FREE educations, they’ll be taking our children’s and grandchildren’s jobs!” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “Illegal aliens have a DEVASTATING EFFECT ON THE USA! Out of control birth rates, over crowded schools and housing. They steal benefits from actual citizens by not paying any taxes! The U.S. should not have to support Mexico and South American people when the U.S. can’t afford to care for its own people.” – American affected by immigration from Mississippi.
  • “I have been following immigration problems for years. I have seen them worsen. Illegal aliens are sucking the life out of us taxpayers. The benefits systems are costing us a fortune, schools are overcrowded, jobs are scarce. They get paid under the table and send their money home. These people do not want to become American citizens and assimilate, they expect us to cater to them. And now they are DEMANDING their rights! Giving them driver’s licenses and free college is wrong. They should be deported. Come here the legal way. Have a way to earn your keep, no benefits, speak English. I have no problem with legal immigration, EXCEPT that now, we need a moratorium for a few years. And no more visas. Let’s take care of our vets, seniors, homeless and our own poor. Enough. And no more anchor babies. They come here just to have a child that can make it easier to be here. Wrong! In addition and of great importance,we need to secure our borders & points of entry in this time of terrorism. No immigration, visas, or refugees. Let’s get America back to what she was!” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “We cannot afford to allow illegals to stay in America if they are not willing to work and pay taxes. We have a legal process for people to request to come here… And it needs to be enforced. There are too many people taking and not enough giving to make our systems work. We have become the welfare country for the world.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Kick all law breakers out and keep what was made to pay back the taxpayers that they stole from.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “How ridiculous is it that our benefits are going to illegals? WHY? Is there something wrong with our state governments? Our elected officials and our agencies need a wake up call. I’m a senior and all of this makes me sick. I’m for Mr. Trump making this right. He has my vote.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am the daughter of German and Polish immigrants who first became Canadian citizens legally. Then they proudly applied legally and studied to achieve American citizenship by naturalization. My husband and I live in western Greenville County, SC. We formed a grassroots group called #BEREASCOUR, aka Berea, SC Opposes Unvetted Refugees. We adamantly reject the movement to pay for illegal UN/USA Government-transplanted enemy migrants!!” – American affected by immigration from South Carolina.
  • “It is time for Americans to take back America. With the way things are now, it seems an American has less of a chance in their own country than immigrants do. Why should we as Americans go hungry, our children or any American lose a spot in school, be jobless, or end up homeless because of immigrants taking America’s benefits? WE ARE AMERICANS AND THIS IS AMERICA, THEY BELONG TO US. If immigrants want to come to America, that is great, but have them do it the right way. Fill out the proper paperwork and become a citizen then reap the benefits. America cannot support everyone, and they cannot continual to allow their own to do without. Please make Americans strong again; help make America strong, so we can both stand tall and proud again.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “There are too many people in this country now. We are cutting down our forests and using our natural resources at an alarming rate. This country will look like the Middle East before it’s over.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Please stop ALL immigration immediately until such time as American workers, students, and families can retain appropriate levels of income, job security, and class mobility. American citizens should be your first and only priority.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I’m tired of the U.S. giving them everything! Then when REAL Americans need help, they can’t get it because the government is giving it all to them and they are too broke to help an American who has worked since 15 years of age!! I was in an abusive relationship with my child and wanted to leave to go to school, but my state was too broke to help me get away!! They get EVERY benefit possible and drive nicer cars than we do!!!! – American affected by immigration.
  • “Unfair that people who have never worked a day in the U.S. can come from other countries and get Medicare. I’ve worked since I was 15 and have been told I have to be 66 to get my Social Security.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “The American middle class working taxpayers cannot have anything because they are living paycheck to paycheck, paying student loans, ObamaCare, doctor and dental bills, lunch bills for their kids at school. There are no free or reduced lunches for our kids and no Pell grant money to go to college on for our kids. We pay our way, but go to the social services and see who is getting food cards and taxpayer money! Also, elected officials must stop disability fraud… people ‘living’ off the government has got to STOP. No more stealing the working people’s retirement money to fund Social Security Disability!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am an American of Puerto Rican parents. I am extremely concerned about what is happening to the USA. We are working more and getting less. My taxes benefit illegals and not the veterans who sacrificed everything for our liberties. The school systems no longer recites the pledge of allegiance, our constitutional rights are being stripped one by one, we have to accommodate and assimilate to all who enter this country. This is the USA. We speak English. Assimilate to us not the other way around. God bless America, land that I love.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We should take care of our own first. I’ve worked hard to ensure my future. We should give but not at the expense of taking care of our own first!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I fully understand how elated some of these poor immigrants must feel when faced with the opportunity to make a better life in America. I do empathize with it. Is is evident however, this place is bursting at the seams with illegals. They are everywhere! 11 million. The number which is quoted as representation of the number of illegals here in America, is highly deflated. That number is more like 21 million. They are everywhere. I repeat, everywhere! Just as I STRONGLY believe that the power to destroy ISIS lies in the hands of the good and righteous Muslims who must go out and police these people who have hijacked their religion, I also believe that all the people who have become American citizens through the legal path to citizenship should be held accountable for financially funding, aiding, and abetting their countrymen’s entry into the US. ILLEGALLY! Illegal means illegal. No matter how impoverished the land they come from. If they came through, under, over, or across the border, they breaking the law. I also STRONGLY believe that our government should be put on notice for their involvement in the highly disrespectful attitude towards their own citizens. Our government treats us as second class citizens. The cheap labor force that has infiltrated this country has also created a new covert cultural confusion. I mean these people come over here MAD at American people. They don’t like us, mostly out of fears, cliches, misconceptions, propagandas, and ideologies. Although this letter is not written in dollars and cents, I assure you that the disparity in cultural disdain, looms over America, choking the dollars and cents out of us, the native citizens. We would like to sustain our lives in the way we are accustomed to. It is not our fault where someone else is born.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “The United States is being invaded by people who have no respect for the values of our nation or decent respect that any upright human being should have anywhere in the world. People of this nature should be fully bared from this country. This includes immigrants posing as refugees with loyalties to terrorist organizations; drug smugglers from Latin American countries; and all those who seek to weaken and deteriorate the United States of America. We as Americans should not allocate taxpayer funds to provide a safe haven for these enemies of our nation. Millions of Americans are living in poverty. We should save our national wealth to provide for the poor and destitute of OUR nation, rather then reallocating funds to assist and harbor those who seek to destroy us. America has the opportunity to lead the world to a prosperous new future where all of mankind can reach a new level of evolution of our society, however we must first begin with ourselves as a nation to nurture and protect the citizenry of the United States in order to progress to a greater world vision that extends to our friends around the world. It remains extremely difficult for natural born citizens to live a normal life such as finding fulfilling work, obtaining higher education (or paying it off), having both affordable and efficient healthcare, and being able to speak the truth about illegal immigration and it’s devastating implication without being labeled as ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’, ‘close-minded’, ‘self hating Hispanic’, et cetera. It’s time for the average American citizen to make their voices heard and for our community and national leaders to take action to eliminate the threat to our nation from terrorists, drug smugglers, gang members, and all other peoples attempting to enter the United States who intend to destroy it.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I don’t think it’s fair to the American people for illegals to come here and get welfare, free healthcare, and take jobs. I have worked for everything I have. I know people that live here that are citizens who make minimum wage and they can’t get any help. But if you are illegal you get everything plus you can work. They don’t want to be citizens, they have come to take what they can. How many drunk driving cases have they been in and then they just flee back to their country? I just don’t think these things are right. Also, all the drugs they bring in. Our country is being destroyed by drugs. I just don’t know how this is helping our country.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I say no to immigration. We have homeless, starving Americans right here in our backyards and children who the only meal they get is a school lunch. We have spent trillions in other countries, let’s spend the money our government wants to spend on immigrants/terrorists right here in our homeland. Americans’ safety and welfare should always be first. Take care of our veterans who have put their lives on the line for each and everyone of us. Take care of America first and foremost.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I have not been personally touched by immigration issues but if the numbers I am hearing are accurate, 11 million illegal immigrants are certainly a national security threat and I would imagine a drain on our economy, which is already threatened by an out of control debt.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “How about mentioning the senior citizens that can’t get a measly 3% increase in SS because we are giving money intended for those who help build America to immigrants and welfare recipients that have no intention of getting a job?” – American affected by immigration.
  • “No illegal immigration or amnesty whatsoever. Giving groups of people whom never paid taxes voting rights is an outrage. Different time and place. The bucket is full. Need to worry and take care of my family first, then friends. Period. No argument to talk about. American pride, loyalty, and justice.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “They want us to pave the way for them, support them, and pay for their education. This is our country, not the foreigners’ country.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Today’s illegals have no rights, their children are not citizens, and yet they all illegitimately steadily cost Americans a fortune: hospitals, violent crime, welfare, taking jobs from unemployed Americans, failure to integrate, failure to learn English, sending dollars out of this country, lowering America’s level of culture and morality, lowering America’s quality of life, contribute to dumbing America down, massive illiteracy and depriving the treasury of taxes. They have no right to be in America.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Illegal Immigration costs the U.S $100 billion a year which comes from taking away from citizens and giving welfare and free education to people in the U.S illegally. U.S taxpayers should not be forced to pay for foreigners while they take jobs and lower wages. The U.S Citizen Worker should be first not the immigrant.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I have been working for 46yrs paying taxes, I plan on retiring soon hope there will be money for my SS.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “It is not fair that my taxes are supporting ilegals that have access to free food, medical care, and their children go to school, no questions asked, and receive free lunch and this is just a small portion of the injustice I perceive.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We can’t even get a raise in Social Security, all the while the people in government are trying to bring immigrants here. Who is going to feed them or house them?? They don’t even take care of their own!!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Illegal immigration needs to stop and it would if we would quit giving them all this free stuff which isn’t free, we Americans are paying for it and we cannot afford to do this any longer.” – American affected by immigration from West Virginia.
  • “I am a 47 yr old woman. I struggle for the little that I have. I’ve watched immigrants receive handouts which I needed but was denied because I made $123 over the max limit. I’ve worked my whole life, paid taxes, and get denied while immigrants get handed these freebies which I paid for. I am on disability due to severe RA and have been denied assistance. Prior to becoming disabled, I also was denied a job advancement because I only spoke English and the person hired spoke Spanish.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “I’ve been pushed into the Shadows because I am on SSA, they gave my COLA’s to them and that bothers me a LOT!! Not so much for myself as for the other citizens in this same predicament who may still be remaining silent at their own peril!!” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “NO government money for illegal aliens!!! No welfare! No schools! No housing! No medical! They are illegal !! They are draining us of money we no longer have. They are taking jobs from our poor and young… Any local or state government that gives them sanctuary should not receive federal funding of any kind until they start obeying our laws. SEAL THE BORDER.” – American affected by immigration from Michigan.
  • “I live on social security and often have to stand in line for charity food. The illegals flock to places that don’t require IDs to get food… It is obvious they come here for the freebies all while their kids wear diamond earrings , dress nice, and the adults drives new SUVs. Most have several children and I have been told that they live in homes with groups of other illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “I don’t figure that the American taxpayer should held hostage to cost of illegals in this
    country. Citizens should come first on all programs.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “98% of the illegals coming accross our borders are poor/uneducated. The US can’t afford to support these people. We have cut Medicare benefits for our retired citizens to give free Medicaid to these illegals… Our country is facing bankruptcy and our citizens are without work. Right now, immigration should be set at zero and all illegals should be deported to free up jobs for our own citizens. Forced Globalization of our country will result in poorer quality of life for our own, hardworking citizens. America First!” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “Our community lost our emergency room because illegal aliens bankrupted it. I had one car totaled and my new tuck hit by 2 illegals. I’m sick of supporting these criminals with EBT and paying for their kids to eat free meals.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “America cannot afford to keep supporting these people who give nothing back to our country. Illegals are destroying America, our faith and our constitution. You give an inch they take 10 feet. I have friends who are in need of gov services but don’t qualify yet an illegal person can get housing, food, medical, phones and transportation. That’s not what America was founded on. We must care for our own, our Vets and needy first. It’s great to help out but we are being taken advantage of way too much and for far too long now. We can’t allow them here illegally and then allow them to destroy our country. It has to stop. It’s OUR America. What ever we have to do no matter who it offends we have to stop this. WE have to take back AMERICA and keep her under control. We must stop the entitlements for a lot of others also to make this work. GOD BLESS AMERICA.” – American affected by immigration from Alabama.
  • “I always had a job since I was 16 and 42 years later, I struggle to make ends meet. I pay way too many taxes and health costs are thru the roof. The struggle wouldn’t be so hard if my government didn’t punish me so that they can give deadbeats and illegal aliens a free ride. I feel less pride for being an American when at the market, I get in line with the food I can afford for this week, right behind a Mexican couple with a EBT card and 2 carts full of foods I consider a luxury. I’m sick of a government that has immigration laws, but chooses not to enforce them, and a congress that gets fat on my tax dollars and thinks it’s OK not to enforce those laws. I pray it’s not too late to make America great again.” – American affected by immigration from Alabama.
  • “I am sick of American tax payers picking up the tab for anyone that wants to come to America criminals too. While the older people can hardly keep insurance paid they get every thing free plus work for cash. I see it happen on my street and the Americans taking Medicaid buying pain pills and selling them and the police have bigger fish to fry so it happens every day on my street.” – American affected by immigration from South Carolina.
  • “I see illegal immigrants consume social resources but never give enough back because they either lack the skills to do so or the desire.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Illegal immigration costs taxpayers over $100 billion a year. 70% of all new immigrants receiver some form of welfare. We are growing the US with mostly poor & uneducated people from 3rd world nations. That recipe will drag America down.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “I am against Illegal Aliens being allowed to come and stay in our country. They are given rights and benifits, like housing, jobs,food stamps even let them vote.They take so much away from US citizens, and the tax payers are paying for a lot of this.I believe by letting all these people in, they are killing this country.” – American affected by immigration from South Carolina.
  • “38% of my county’s incoming kindergarten class are in need of SOL education. My county taxes have just gone up $600+ to pay for this surge. My pocketbook may be able to survive the increase, but I have plenty of neighbors who are retired and are on a fixed income. They have spent their entire lives working hard and paying their share of taxes. Some are considering moving from their lifelong homes because they just can’t keep up with the now massive annual increases in taxes. They deserve to retire in comfort and dignity in the community they have spent their lives supporting. Makes me sick to think that good people are leaving my community in order to make way for illegals who were not invited.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “How can any nation expect to balance a budget while allowing millions of dollars to flow to Mexico every year! They come and take jobs for way less than minimum wage in order to send money back!” – American affected by immigration from Kentucky.
  • “I struggled to raise 2 children as a single mother. No welfare benefits, medical or food stamps because I made too much money working 2 minimum wage jobs. I paid tax in and basically was giving money to illegal immigrants who signed their American born children up for the same benefits I wasn’t allowed to have as an American citizen. How is this fair? Yes, children must be taken care of but let the govt from the illegal immigrants’ country pay for it. You can drain a lake dry over time and believe me the welfare program is taking money from all other programs to stay afloat. In other words when I’m old I won’t get social security benefits either because they will have all been given to the 3 million illegal immigrants. Just another way to bankrupt a country because they’ve already bankrupted their own.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “Beyond the obvious misuse of our tax dollars, there is also the burden on the American people having to deal with assimilation of these masses of people from third world cultures, while the politicians go to country clubs and live in gated communities never having to deal with them except when they use their cheap labor.” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “We are $20 trillion in debt with no end in government spending. California pays over $13 billion a year on illegal immigration. I’m sick of it. Take care of our own people before taking care of illegals.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “After completing my taxes I can’t help but think about how I could have used that money to help Americans in need. It’s tough to think that some of that money will be given to people who don’t have legal status to be here. Immigration is moral and important to our country but there must be laws and they must be enforced.” – American affected by immigration from Kentucky.
  • “Stop spending money on the criminals and send the illegal immigrants back to their own countries!!!” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “Maybe it’s time to change our politicians, or maybe take it from their salaries and benefits. Then maybe they will be more careful about spending our money that we where so heavily taxed on. Lets wake up America, we fought so hard to keep this country safe…” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “I was injured on the job and was unable to return to work. After paying into the system for more than 25 years, I was denied SSI benefits for over 3 years. When I went into the SS office, I had to wait for more than 3 hours to speak to someone. While I was waiting, I noticed there were several illegal immigrants waiting with brand new babies and a hospital care bag. I asked one of the security guards about it, and he explained that they go to the hospital have their baby on tax payer dollars then walk over to this office to get benefits, and now are safe from being deported. Sad.” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “I am sick and tired of groups like Lutheran Social Services who keep on dumping all these foreign refugees into our community–into our country. These people get food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, housing, free education, etc., things Americans can get turned down for. ONLY Americans should be able to get entitlements–NOT non-Americans. There needs to be a clearly defined line between the two. Also, letting employers only pay foreigners minimum wage and the govt picks up the rest–discourages businesses from hiring Americans. Why do taxpayers have to pay for foreigners to learn English? Put an end once and for all to running up trillions of dollars in costs to service any and all non-Americans!” – American affected by immigration from North Dakotah.
  • “As a American receiving my social security that I earned I believe the money we are spending on illegals should be going to Americans’ social security.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “It’s time to stop funding maintenance for illegals. That will do a lot to stop the flow into US. Get rid of anchor baby mentality. Deport criminal aliens. The refusal of their home country is a problem with them and their assorted countries of origin. Not ours, end of story!!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Illegal immigration imposes enormous costs — monetary as well as crime-related — on American society. Illegal immigration needs to stop now!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I don’t find it fair for natural born American citizens to have to pay taxes etc.. Yet immigrants get free everything. We have poor families in our own backyard and to shun them is wrong.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “I attended college as a 28 year old adult (10 years late) because I had to work and support myself since I was 15. I received straight A’s (Dean’s list) but I had to quit after one year because I could not afford the tuition, much less feed and house myself. The majority of the students in my classes were going to college and having EVERYTHING covered FREE. Their tuition, clothing, housing, etc. WHY? Because immigrants and minorities get preferential treatment and handed an education that I worked my ass off for years to pay for. All in all, I paid for THEIR FREE tuition, but could not afford my own. I was born and raised in this country and contributed much to this country, only to be kicked aside by foreigners who flooded MY country.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “In Texas a huge percentage of pre-natal health care funded by Texas taxpayers goes to illegals. The overall taxes that go to illegals (including criminal costs) is astounding. Feds is worse.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “We can’t take care of the people we have now. There are no jobs and our people are doing without. It is time for us to come first. When there are no families or vets or people with problem living on our streets then we can think about more people being added to our country.” – American affected by immigration from Washington.
  • “I worked all my life and paid taxes. Now I’m on Social Security. I hate that our tax dollars are paying to support illegally immigrated people, and government says they have to steal SS funds to pay debts! It’s outrageous. It needs to stop!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I lived in Texas until a few years ago. We saw our hospital systems overwhelmed with treating illegal aliens. They just could not support the free care, most of which was through the ER, which was used like a primary care office. We also saw nearly ALL of the residential construction jobs transition to illegals, as well as lawn services and house cleaning companies. Usually there was only one person on a crew who spoke some English. Huge impact on our local and state economy, not to mention no federal income taxes collected.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I don’t understand why we or I must provide social services, education, health care just because their governments don’t care or provide for them.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I perform auto loans and I see a lot of illegal aliens to come here from Puerto Rico and Cuba and they are getting Social Security benefits for their children this is insane and they get approved for auto loans.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “In corporate apts located near best schools there are 80% foreigners (India/China). This leads to larger classes, less resources for kids & the community because they are not budgeted for, & they have not paid INTO system.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “My 85-year old mother has paid into SS since 1946. Her mandatory investment decreases every year.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “Why are you rewarding illegals with financial aid? It is not fair to our kids that want to go to college but canot afford it. When they go to college they take out loans that amount to so much it takes years to repay. It is time you help the young adults here and are here legally.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “Im sick of being taxed to death so there is money for illegals. Also, its shameful we take better care of illegals than our veterans.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “As a senior citizen my cost of living has gone up dramatically in the past four years and it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. I am so tired of hearing how my tax money is going to feed and house people who have entered this country illegally and how they are entitled to more and more benefits while my quality of life is being lowered day by day with no hope of an end.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Illegal immigration is costing this country megamillions and is totally wrong. It needs to STOP!!!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “American workers are losing their jobs to illegals courtesy of the left. Wages are stagnant. Healthcare for these illegals is funded by working Americans. They are bankrupting our country. For left it is all about instant gratification and power. These policies for immigration will tear us under. #wakeupamerica” – American affected by immigration from North Carolina.
  • “There was a time immigration was not a highly controversial subject, but now with disease, public assistance, our children and elderly doing without its unacceptable. Our national deficit is a an all time high, people who paid social security and Medicaid and Medicare taxes don’t receive what they’re entitled to and have to pay for Medicare and Medicaid again. Obamcare is only for illegals. Financially, health, crime and securiy are all legitimate reason to stop illegal immigrants from crossing borders.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “Look we have to start putting Americans 1st. We can’t help others if we keep going in the direction we’re going. You wanna send someone to college, you need to be doing for the hard working tax paying Americans. Why is his so hard for people to understand? It’s common sense. And we better get back to what this country was built upon, In God We Trust!!!” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “My wife is an immigrant, LEGAL IMMIGRANT. We fork out $1000’s to keep her visas up to date, risk deportation if she fails to. Yet illegals continue to role in the money?? INSANE….” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I spent 2 mo. trying to find a home where I lived for many yrs. that I could qualify for on s.s. all the lower priced homes were taken by illegal immigrants. They are not just taking our jobs but our lower priced housing. 12 million have to be living somewhere. It’s no wonder so many retired and vets are homeless.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I am sick of supporting these takers. How about our Americans first? I am 78 and still working to support these takers.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “We welcome you if you come here legally , get a job, and support yourself. But don’t expect us to take care of you. Most of us have a hard time supporting ourselves.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “Tired of illegals soaking up all of the healthcare, raising MY hard earned dollars to pay for their care.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “I’m tired of seeing illegal immigrants getting free health care and welfare on my dollar, when I can’t even afford good insurance. I work 50 hrs a week and have to budget for everything while other less deserving get it for free. It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense, once and for good!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Cut off benefits to illegals. They won’t come illegally if there are no freebies. Come legally or don’t come at all.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I am tired of struggling and having to have me and my wife work more than full time jobs just to barely make with our 2 kids. And then I see the illegal immigrants getting free housing, food stamps, and health care when I pay for all these things on my own and they are reaping the benefits from our hard work. I am completely frustrated!” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “It is ruining the quality of life for Americans. There is such a conflict and so many things that they dislike and it seems that we have to accommodate them. Cost to maintain them is exorbitant and unfair.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “I am so sick of watching the illegals go into supermarkets getting $3-400 food orders and then leaving in their new suv that my taxes paid for.” – American affected by immigration from Maryland.
  • “Aliens are pillaging America and then running back to Mexico leaving their expenses and devastation here for us to absorb. We can now no longer take care of our own, let alone the rest of the world… Does our voice really count??” – American affected by immigration from Kentucky.

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    First of all, nothing causes me more gnashing of teeth than an illegal screaming about their rights! I could just puke when I hear that. Their attitude has made me immune to their desire. I live in America. I want to live in America. Not Mexico or Somalia or any other crappie country like that. I hear the silly Jeb! supporters that believe in breaking the law for love. Sorry, not buying. Jeb is jaded. Marco stamped and paid for and Americans need to go to Mexico and take a look around. How about we have a boarder war with Mexico? We could clean things up a bit, then hand it over to all the smart, talented illegals that we educated here. If they are as special as I hear, they should do fine living in their country.
    It is beyond pathetic that any group of people would allow themselves to be used in the way that these people have. I have no patience left for law breaking of any kind, for any reason. Let’s vote on it.

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    You Need to Be a Millionaire

    To retire on a $5000/mo annuity for like 20 years at 0-2% paltry interest, without a pension or Social Security. Yet IAs get SSI, Earned Income and Medicaid?

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      Come on Man…!! the illegals have nothing to do with this……..example Chicago …….they just raised taxes to pay the pensions,,,,,,…….paytolls, Lottery nothing………where does the money go?… see…most illegals majority 90%+ work if they can;t they go back to their countries….

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      SW I am sorry but what you juts said is SO IGNORANT……IAS getting SS?………really?…………you qualify to be a Senator if this Congress…..