Americans speak up on JOBS.


  • “I am out of work and want nothing more then to have the opportunity for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. But in this economy it doesn’t feel like that’s possible. All politicians do these days is pass laws to help illegals and hold U.S. born citizens back. It’s time for a change and put Americans back to work.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “I have not been personally affected, but think it is horrible what these companies are doing and what Congress is a party too. Instead of bringing in foreigners, why not retrain Americans, if that’s what is needed. I know, that is not the issue. It’s all about lower pay. It is disgusting what these companies are doing and I will not support them. I will never go to Disney World again. And I think what they have done is horrible. I really don’t believe Walt Disney would have been a party to this.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I have been working at a company that employees 100s of illegals for the past two and a half years. I have been harassed, disrespected, insulted, and discriminated against the entire time by illegals and foreign workers. My supervisor did not speak English and they have been having employees meetings in Spanish and not translating into English.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “It is not essential for the United States to have such large levels of immigration when there is an enormous population of underemployed and under-educated persons that need to be educated and employed. In addition, significant stress is being imposed on the environment in many parts of the country due to rapidly rising populations (e.g. California, Nevada, Colorado et al) which cannot sustain it: witness droughts etc.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “Enough is enough, legal American citizens should be filling the available jobs in America. These companies that hire illegal workers should be prosecuted. If these people really wanted to become American citizens, they would want to do things right.” – American affected by immigration from Oklahoma.
  • “I had a good business hanging ferring strips for the drywall. I was underbid by cheap illegal labor, that if you yelled la immigration all but the legal one would run from the job site. I lost my business because they would have 5-6 illegals working for half the money, how could I compete?” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “President Obama shortly after being elected touted one job lost is one too many… I’m a masonry contractor with only American workers. One of my sons has left the business for lack of work. I also have other family and friends and know other trade owners and workers that have been negatively affected by illegal workers. A lot of these legal Americans would gladly work for less if they were paid under the table or could claim more exemptions without repercussions.The employers of illegals also pocket savings on unemployment taxes and insurance because illegals are unlikely to claim either. Then there’s safety, I’ve been hurt seriously once in 40 years on the job and it was caused directly because a laborer could not understand English. I’ve also spoken with a officer for OSHA and they confirmed this is an ongoing problem… I’ve worked most of my life building homes, schools hospitals, stores and more and now my American dream is being stolen away.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “I live in an area that is flooded with illegals, they line the streets so idiots can pay them cash for day work. They comment to young girls going by and several times a week there is a passed out drunk one in the school playground . I work in the culinary field and the jobs are stolen by them. I do work for a company with a union now but while trying to find a job in my field I was turned down over and over again because the jobs I was trained to do in college were taken up by illegals. I was told straight out I wouldn’t be hired because they could hire 2 of them for less then I would have to be paid. It used to be that teenagers got jobs washing dishes and mowing lawns, I have friends who started businesses that way, now the illegals take the jobs. They don’t pay taxes and have a kid or 2 or 6 and get WIC, food stamps, section 8, education and medical and then are driving a freakin Cadillac! I work my ass off have to pay for everything and drive a 15 year old car! They get plates from states like Maryland and North Carolina because it’s easier and then drive around with no insurance putting everyone in danger. I am sick to my stomach with what I see everyday. They have to be deported and if you are illegal and have a kid the kid should not be a legal citizen gravy train for the parents. It has to stop it’s draining on so many resources for our future and our children’s future.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Before retiring I worked in the construction field here in Florida. The illegals have virtually taken over the majority of trade jobs. From roofing to landscaping (top to bottom) including carpentry, masonry, concrete, tile work, and equipment operators.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “As a painting contractor, my work is directly effected by mass immigration both legal and illegal.” – American affected by immigration from Tennessee.
  • “I have family members and friends that can no longer work in construction and other jobs that historically paid well because it is cheaper to use illegal immigrants for labor. I am also concealed with sanctuary cities. They pose a risk to our country’s safety.” – American affected by immigration from Nevada.
  • “I work in a factory that employs mostly Hispanics. Many of them have creatively sourced identities that won’t pass scrutiny for the health insurance. But they easily get hired. When they run into legal difficulty, they vanish and re-appear with some small tweak to their name. They are immediately hired back because they require no induction training and the company knows they don’t have to pay health benefits etc. It’s really difficult for an average legal American to get hired there because we cost more in benefits and utilize our Union more to protect us. I’d like to know why the Government doesn’t require better scrutiny of documentation on immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants who did it legally. Every illegal immigrant is a slap in the face of legal immigrants.” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “I have watched over the past 50 years illegals take jobs that were entry level and previously taken by US teens. But the employers were all about saving payroll no matter who they hired. Now it is common to see an illegal adult doing a job that had historically been done by a high school or college student. From thinning crops in the summer to hotel/motel housekeeping… We don’t have an immigration problem, we have a law enforcement problem and it stems from the highest levels of government all the way down to the community level. The honor and soul of the United States of America is at risk and our politicians and government have no will to do the right thing. No other country on this planet allows illegal aliens to remain without penalty.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I owned a business for over 20 yrs. in N.J. There are so many illegal aliens here, that I could not afford to pay my workers what I wanted to. Finally I gave up. It’s not that Americans do not want to work, they just wanted to be paid fairly. I refused to hire illegals but all the other companies used them. It is very hard to compete against this. One day I was at one of the supply houses and I asked one of them why do you come here, he said I work here for 10 years and I retire! What do you have to look forward to? I replied, I will probably have to work till I die. He said that is why, we are here then we go back to Mexico. That really ticked me off. It is supposed to be illegal to hire them, but the Government has gone to the extent to build areas to pick up these people. The government has gone against the hard working tax payers to protect these people, also when they get hurt these companies would drop them off down the street from the hospitals, so they do not have to pay the hospital bill.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “After serving in the U.S, military in the early 80’s I came back home and started a small painting company. I soon learned that in the construction business there is a lot of illegal immigrants working and what they are doing is driving down wages because they are willing to work for less money. After countless phone calls to worthless politicians who only have their subordinates tell you that they are working on it when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. Yeah, sure your working on it. After watching the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce vehemently defend the current immigration policies of the United States I realized that the illegal immigration problem was NOT a problem at all for the establishment. American corporations, politicians and lobbyist have thrown the American worker under the proverbial bus in exchange for more profits for corporations and more money for the lying politicians political coffers. I want my country back.” – American affected by immigration from Montana.
  • “I had to lower my wages in 1/2 due to illegals taking low pay cleaning homes. I now have to work double to earn a living and its crippling me!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Illegal Immigration has hurt my construction business in many ways. Companies have learned how to hire illegal immigrants and a low wage without putting them on payroll. What they do is pay 1 or 2 guys with a green card and distribute all the money through those guys. Here in California everyone that should care in the government turns the blind eye and people like me that do things the right way suffer because we can not keep up with the low wages these other companies pay. I don’t believe in this and it needs to change. Once the illegals are handed per the law I think this economy will boom once again and TAXES will be lower as a result. We can not sustain all of the free AID we give illegals that our everyday citizens get denied for.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “Not only are these people taking jobs away from the American people (because they’ll work for cheaper wages) we’re encouraging employers to pay the lower wages. Our government ends up taking care of these people and their families because they cant support them on $12/day.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Before becoming disabled, I owned my own lawn service. It was hard to make it, due to Mexicans starting their own businesses and cutting your throat on the prices! Now there’s more Mexican lawn service business owners!! How many jobs has that taken away, just in that field of work, not counting others?” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I owned my own plastering and painting business however due to ILLEGALS under bidding my contracts, I could not compete! I couldn’t do it and pay workers! So in August of 2009 after 27 years of servicing the Tri County area around Detroit I closed down; sold off tools and equipment to pay the bills. Now I work part time 18-29 hours a week for a drywall company who pays only $00.04 a foot for finished Drywall, hang, tape, mud, sand, spot out!” – American affected by immigration from Michigan.
  • “End the importation of cheap hi-tech labor.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “H1B abuse rampant in IT. Not used as intended. Used to import cheap labor and destabilize wages.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I didn’t ask my parents to spend a million dollars so I could get an MBA just so a Hispanic janitor can steal my job.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “”I have worked my whole life, done the right thing, went to college and stayed out of trouble. Now I see the elected officials of my County, Montgomery County Maryland cater to illegal aliens because it justifies their desire to grow government. Recently our County Executive got on the air and told us it is our duty to pay more taxes to support the children of illegal aliens. Enough is enough.” – American affected by immigration from Maryland.
  • “I was forced to leave my home state in the early 90’s due to lack of jobs. The lack of jobs in the collision industry in So. Cal. were due to the business owners hiring illegals at half the pay scale. This has been an issue in the collision industry, and many others in the southern states that border Mexico. I loved CA. but I could no longer afford to live there. I never wanted to move from my home state but had no choice. Now I live in another state which I absolutely hate. So no it is not a victim less crime, and they are not just taking jobs nobody wants. Illegals plague many industries not just agricultural picking jobs.” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “It started with NAFTA. I watched HUNDREDS of co-workers lose their jobs to Mexico, then I have been the victim of identity theft to illegal immigrants (I verified their identity) at least 7 times in the last 10 years.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “As a chef in the service industry of a major metropolitan area, I find myself in a constant losing battle for work with illegal immigrants — my education and expertise should guarantee me a livable wage, but the influx of cheap, illegal labor has devalued my position to the point where, if I’m lucky enough to be hired at all, I will be given a pittance, a laughable wage given my experience and credentials. It’s not only harmful to me, but an entire field of workers who need to stand up and say enough is enough.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “Too many men and women don’t have employment. Employers are too happy to hire an illegal and pay them less than what an American would demand for the job.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “My 22 year old son works at a welding plant where there are many Latino men. For months these men refused to partner with my son, as a welding partner is necessary for the job. These men do not like my son and my son works as hard, if not harder than some of the Latino men. If my son has too many rejects, or bad welds, he is either sent home for three days, or can be fired. If any of these Latino men are fired, then they come back the next day with a new name and social security number and get rehired (what is the employer expected to do about this fact, they can not prove their identity). The Latino men only want to work until noon, which they normally make their production in about 5 hours, then they leave the work day. My son would prefer to work all day and make the extra money but he can not due to not having his partner. Also, on a weekly basis, my son nets around 300 dollars less than the Latino men due to all the taxes that he must pay. My son also is charged a weekly fee, known as Kendra, that is suppose to be a company program that teaches the Latinos English. However, most of them know very little English.” – American affected by immigration from Kentucky.
  • “I’m so tired hearing how illegal immigrants only take jobs that Americans don’t want. Whoever said this is the reason for the economic downturn. When I started working l had a job with Mc donalds, and did landscaping also, then learned a honest trade doing drywall work until the illegals took over and forced the American workers out of the trade that caused many families to have economic difficulties. If a president wants to save American families and economy start by deportation of illegals and that would create close to 20 million job openings for Americans.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Our neighbor (who jumped the border at age of 15) now has four kids and collects over $1000 a month in welfare. He works in construction as do I. The difference between his employment and mine is they have to give me benefits. Guess who has been laid off and who is still working? That’s right. The illegal who is also collecting welfare. If you can’t see the problems that illegal immigration brings then you are the problem as well.” – American affected by immigration from Mississippi.
  • “I am retired after 47 years of working hard to pay for my home and set aside for my retirement. It seems as though ever few months another special election is being held primarily by the educators who need more money for more schools and ESL facilities. Of course they hit home owners for the taxes to pay for this and every other welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and every other freebie they can think of for the ever growing population foundationaly driven by illegal immigrants. We NEED TAX RELIEF mostly by returning illegals and their entire families to their homeland where they can pursue immigration through legal immigration processes.” – American affected by immigration from Washington.
  • “Legal immigration is keeping wages low; they are taking jobs away from citizens. They are criminals, do we now get to pick and choose which laws we abide by and which we don’t?” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “My son is an engineering major in college and I am very concerned about the possibility that he will be undermine by foreigners under the H1B visa program. I have been paying taxes to the federal government for 27 years and I don’t like the idea of my son taking a back seat to foreigners. I would also like to discuss the notion that immigrants do jobs that Americans just won’t do. Suppose for a moment that’s true. Suppose that my son will not pick strawberries in Oxnard, whereas a 24 year old man from Mexico would. The problem is, the 24 year old man from Mexico cannot support his three children and pregnant wife on the money he is making picking strawberries. His family receives free medical care, schooling, likely goes on welfare, all at the expense of the American taxpayer, when he pays virtually no taxes. I have been angry about this for a very long time.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “My husband has been a union carpenter for over 20 yrs. He used to work 24/7. Now for the past 6-7 yrs he has a hard time finding work. All the jobsites are filled with Lations, that relish the fact they are illegal and working good jobs that should go to America’s citizens. The Unions should not let them become members. It is affecting lives of hard working citizens. It’s out of control.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “Illegal immigration will not end until the corporations/business are held accountable for bringing them here to work in the factories, hotels, farms, fields, processing plants, etc. go to a Marriott or Hyatt and get friendly with the workers. It is a real eye opener. Illegal immigration will never end, it is profitable for the owners in more ways than just cheap labor. These hardworking people should come out of the shadows and tell their stories about just exactly how they came to be here and how difficult their journey was.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “After working many years in the industrial automation field, I know of many professionals denied positions they are highly qualified to fill. Apparently lower paid illegal and legal immigrants are valued more than American citizens by our major corporations. It’s a very sad commentary.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “I have a good friend who had to take another job because as a carpet layer he could not compete with the crews made up of illegal aliens. If we as a country would only crack down hard on the employers for employing illegal aliens then there would be no jobs for them and they would go home.” – American affected by immigration from Colorado.
  • “I built a few houses, but I couldn’t compete with builders using illegals and paying them cash, under the table. My people were all local and had to charge more in order to pay their taxes, social security, workman’s comp insurance and so on. I finally gave up. I always loved building. I started making cabinets right out of high school. I wanted to build houses all my life. These builders who use illegals should be prosecuted. They are cheating other subcontractors, other builders, the tax system, workman’s comp, social security, and the people who buy their houses. Not to mention the illegals who are paid a pitiful wage while the builder makes a huge profit. It’s way out of hand.” – American affected by immigration from Arkansas.
  • “Illegal immigrants are hurting my auto detailing business, and all other service related businesses here in California by working as cheap labor. I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars over the years to an illegal labor force, and it MUST STOP!!” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “One of my family members works in the home construction industry. He has spoken numerous times of contractors using illegal immigrants to outbid for work. Recently one group of illegals were caught stealing a/c units and stripping copper wiring from new homes under construction.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I and over 200 of my fellow coworkers lost our jobs because it was cheaper to use illegal aliens from a temp agency in Little Rock, AR in 2012. When the governor of Arkansas was called we were ignored because the location was a part of the governor’s pet project and when the EEOC was called, I know 6 times, there was never a returned phone call. We built windmill blades and when the federal money ran out so did our jobs.” – American affected by immigration from Arkansas.
  • “No imagination until all Americans are back to work. We have no need for foriegn workers as long as Americans are unemployed.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “My nephew is unable to get a job in our town because he’s not bilingual and when the welfare checks come we watch illegal aliens fill up their baskets with top quality meat that I only buy on occasion… The fact is that it’s not free… a hard working American is paying for it. I also believe that if we are paying their bills, we have the right to say how they spend it. It is our business. I have had enough.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “92 million Americans are out of work. Get them to work first. We have a debt of 20 trillion dollars. Eliminate that debt. Don’t allow people to come here, break our laws, and give them free benefits. Send all of them back. Only allow the talented that can create more jobs for Americans to come in on work visas.” – American affected by immigration from Massachusetts.
  • “Being in the trucking industry for 33 years and traveling all 48 continental states, I’ve seen the swell of Hispanics increase tenfold. Regardless of industry, they are there working and more times than not, unable to communicate with English speaking drivers… It is actually scary driving alongside them due to the fact they cannot read English road signs and wind up wandering into areas trucks have no business being. The American way of life is at stake.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Illegal immigration is a terrible threat to U.S. society… I worked hard my whole life to raise my children and teach them right from wrong and not be government freeloaders… Now their future is threatened by government handouts to people who don’t work, just want the U.S. citizens to conform to their culture, and turn our neighborhoods into slums as they sit around waiting for the welfare checks to come. I have seen this first hand in my neighborhood in Allentown, PA. Both my grandparents were from Austria but when they came to the U.S. they came through Ellis Island with sponsors waiting for them. They got jobs and became citizens.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “I’m in construction and I have watched it go from Americans employed to illegals employed. The project I’m on now has most of the Latinos speaking Spanish and very little English. Most of the trades in residential housing have been taken over by illegals and in some of the fast food restaurants it is the same way. With the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before a person born in this country will not be able to find an entry-level job. I have been watching this for 30 years and in my opinion the employer needs to be fined heavily for employing these people. They know these people have no right to work here and I have been told this by some of the foreman for these companies. A fine of $50,000 per illegal person would be a good deterrent and on construction projects. It would be shared by the contractor they are working for and the general contractor of the project.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “They have taken our jobs, lowered the pay, and now you have to speak Spanish to land most jobs.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I am SICK of seeing more and more foreigners of ALL kinds in American jobs while our way of life (and our kids’) continues to decline.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “I have lived in AZ since 1971. I work in the medical field and my husband is in construction along with my retired father. I have seen the changes here like people telling us to learn Spanish on job sites.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “I work construction. Immigration has destroyed the trades. Almost every entry-level trade is flooded with immigrants, most of them speaking little or no English. If you’re English only speaking it’s very difficult to communicate. You become the minority. You become the one that is not made welcome in the crew. It’s no longer a comfortable place to work. Construction jobs used to be great wage jobs. Now that’s no longer the case. Don’t get me wrong the immigrants do the work, but it’s the work home born Americans want to do. I heard Ann Coulter on a radio show say that only about 3-4 % of the illegal aliens are working agricultural jobs. I believe it. When my kids were growing up they couldn’t find a part time job. All the jobs were filled by aliens.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  •  “Americans used to work in meat packing, slaughterhouses, construction, manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, retail, landscaping — areas now totally dominated by illegal aliens.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  •  “3 years ago, I waited an entire year to get employment — eventually at a mfg. co. that was mostly manned by immigrants. 2 or 3 were only US residents at that time. I live in an area of the country that is within 40 miles of the wealthiest localities in the US — Somerset Cty. NJ. Until I was unemployed and actually broke, the county Dept. of Labor refused to even consider me for job training or counseling. The job openings they had which were publicly available were miserable and from very few co’s. My local temp agencies were actually quite unfriendly in finding me any position. One of them, Delta opened an office in my town, apparently only to serve Latinos. They gave me a hard time on my ID, when in fact I was in full compliance with the required documentation listed on a one page sheet provided by the US Dept of Labor.I had the impression that even part-time work in warehousing was absolutely closed to me. Sickening, isn’t it?” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I live in Arizona and have been looking for work. I read ads for better paying jobs and they are only hiring bilingual people. I go into any store and most or all of the employees are foreign. I am a white American citizen and I am the minority now. We have lost our country and jobs to foreign people. The Obama administration has turned our country into a pool of illegal immigrants that is destroying our economy and safety.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “There are too many Americans who are out of work who want to work; we need jobs to make our families strong. We should be getting the jobs and not illegal aliens, who shouldn’t be here in the first place. American workers make America strong through pride in their jobs. Plus, we need to make our borders secure, our laws need to be enforced, our sovereignty, security, and liberty are at stake.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Shut down companies that hire illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I am a 46yr old white male who was laid off in July 2015. I can not find full time employment in Las Vegas. I believe the reason being is because I don’t qualify under affirmative action. I worked for 26yrs straight from 1988-2014- I am still looking for work and have been since JULY 2015..” – American affected by immigration from Nevada.
  • “I recently had to make a difficult decision to retire early from operating a landscaping business for nearly 3 decades. Where I live is a sanctuary city, and the flood of undocumented illegals has 1.) taken clients from me, gardeners who charge less by not paying for insurance or taxes, and 2.) made it nearly impossible to park in neighborhoods mid-day on weekdays, on streets filled with the cars and trucks of thousands of crews working on thousands of house renovation and construction projects. The overwhelming majority of the crews working at these projects appear to be undocumented illegals.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am sick of the H-1B visa guys taking all the STEM jobs. I didn’t go to college in the STEM field to never be hired because they are using cheap labor from Asia instead. Also, many of the lower level jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants from Central Asia. Our government is doing nothing about the employers hiring them nor about the illegals themselves crossing the border.” – American affected by immigration from Illinois.
  • “Stop the H-1B visas for any company displacing American workers for foreigners (i.e., Disney), mandate E-verify or something that works, and heavily penalize employers who refuse to use E-verify.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I cannot find work. There are not enough jobs for AMERICANS like me and the few jobs there are, illegal immigrants take. AMERICANS like me have first RIGHT to American jobs, NOT illegal immigrants. STOP all of this please so that I can get and keep good employment.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Pasadena looks horrible now. You can see and feel how the immigration issue has changed the city and has caused it to go down. When you go to the stores you can see that the people utilizing the stores are diverse. However, the people serving you are mostly Latinos/Hispanics. This is discrimination against whites, blacks and other cultures that need employment. Yet, the corporations continue to hire one demographic and forget about Title VII and the 1964 Civil Right Act – we must voice our complaints and stop the injustice of American workers. I am writing complaint letters to the corporations and making them see that it is wrong to treat citizens like we don’t belong.” – American affected by immigration from California. 
  • “I lost my job because I could not speak Somalian. Africans are taking full-time work. I had to settle for part-time and I’m black.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I have been unemployed on and off for periods of 16 months or more since 2010. I am unemployed now, yet again due to illegal immigrants stealing American jobs. They call it diversity. I call it discrimination — national origin discrimination which is happening to me every day I’m looking for a job in this country. Way to many H-1B visas and student visas taking over this country. What is wrong with educating our own for free since illegal immigrants get their education for free in this country? Where is my free education?” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Only a wicked nation employees other people’s children before it’s own.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I have been doing construction for around 15 years. I make less now than I did when I started. People don’t want to pay for labor any more. Walmart starts out at $9.50 part-time. If you look through the job posts, a lot of construction company are posting adds  looking to hire. Must have own truck, tools, and minimum 5 years experience. Starting pay is $9 to $12 an hour (cash). ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? No one can make money to live at that rate. Who do you think is taking these jobs???” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I’m tired of illegal immigrants taking our jobs. We need border security for our national security.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Americans should be first! Other non-English speaking need to learn English. Jobs for Americans first!!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I live in South Carolina and I am a self employed brick mason. My business has been unable to hire workers because our trade has been over taken by illegal immigrants. I refuse to work illegal immigrants for they are destroying our country and our masonry trade. If the Feds would put harsh fines and penalties on employers working illegals, the employers would stop working illegals. Without jobs for illegals, they would stop coming to America and they would leave if we don’t have jobs for them. Something needs to be done!!!” – American affected by immigration in South Carolina.
  • “The corporate world is based on squeezing as much labor as possible at the smallest possible cost. If you have all these immigrants willing to work for peanuts, why would the corps pay more to legit job candidates?” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I work for Broadspire, our parent company is Crawford & Company based in Atlanta, GA., a Third Party Administrator. Our clients hire us to manage their disability and worker comp claims. Crawford outsourcing our jobs to Manilla as fast as they can. Hundreds and hundreds of Nurse case mangers, Claims examiners & administrative jobs have been eliminated. With those jobs also goes your medical records, employment history, ssi number, address & phone numbers…everything to Manilla. So much for privacy protection. I am being laid off in April after 18 years but first must train my replacement or no severance pay. I will probably lose my home. No one cares. Horrible, Horrible. Everyone crying.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I don’t understand how illegals can have a business. I had to work for illegals for a while. I had my own company but they competed so much, reduced the actual cost of labor, and the total amount it would cost to be able to do a job legally. To be able to pay taxes, workman comp., supplies. Everything. I had a specialty license, which is necessary. Good credit. I don’t like to feel like this but when I see people look the other way it bothers me. I didn’t do this. I’m an American, I don’t want to get paid cash, I want a real pay check. My ex-wife is an immigrant from Turkey, she has her own business, and she only hires illegal immigrants. I do work for her, she pays her illegals first then she pays me eventually. Immigrants hire immigrants and pay them well. They don’t care about the legal Americans, the people from America. They weren’t invited, they didn’t ask to come over. They just came here.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I trained my replacement at GE Capital back in 2000 and then from Blue Cross back in 2002. Both times I was replaced by a H-1B worker. Blue Cross even went as far as to brag having a department made entirely of H-1B workers. I complained to the DOJ but to no avail. I am surprised 16 years later Americans are possibly finally beginning to discuss the issue. Basically, we have given away our children’s birth-right to the benefit of corporations and have changed forever the socio-scape of our country.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “My job wasn’t taken by an immigrant, it was sent to Mexico and China as well as non-union shops in the southern USA. Looked for jobs as an electrician in Florida, but they only pay barely above $10 an hour because of all the illegal aliens working on construction crews. As a nation we need to rid our country of those living here illegally. They are a burden on our health and welfare systems, police departments, etc. No amnesty!!! Deportation!!! A child born to illegal aliens is NOT a US citizen.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We issue too many H-1B visas and worker visas to foreigners to come in and take our jobs. We give them benefits and help way more than we give to our own citizens. This needs to stop!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I work at a place that was hard work and very good pay. I worked with 13 illegals from Mexico.  Those jobs would have been better with American workers.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Not so much an immigration testimony as it is an outsourcing to foreigners testimony. IBM is terminating me and sending my job to India even though I have done and outstanding job. This has to stop. If we continue to lose quality jobs to illegals and foreigners who are not even as good as we are, America is doomed to poverty.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I have $160,000 in student loans with 2 Masters degrees and have a hard enough time trying to find work. The last thing I need is more competition.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “My family can’t make ends meet because my husband can’t find a job in construction and is over 35. The immigration problem is the cause. Also, my son and I are disabled and can’t get enough help to live on the programs available. Too many immigrants on welfare is the cause of that. Help Americans.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Here in east Texas our carpenters, brick layers, cabinet and tile workers are Mexicans. They speak almost no English yet they are good craftsmen. They are hired as a form of cheap labor. The way this works is he gives a false address and social security number. His employer works him as contract labor and gives him a 1099 at the end of the year. And he never fills out an income tax. Win for employer and employee both as no one pays taxes.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I lost my job to a foreign worker in the USA on an H-1B visa who is less qualified and I was asked to train before I was laid off. I have not been able to find a job and have been out if work for 14 months now and still looking.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Illegal immigrants dominate several trades in commercial construction. Concrete, framing, drywall, taping, stucco, and roofing worker of American birth are being forced out of the industry by companies who employ illegal aliens. These illegals are good people and hard workers, but the American Dream belongs to Americans, not to those who ignore our immigration laws.” – American affected by immigration from Washington.
  • “Even speaking of H1B1 visa expansion I was laid off from a lucrative engineering position with a company who then brought a person in from another country to work in my stead! Foreigners held slots in my field in high number and still have their positions? Put American citizens employed in the U.S. 1st and have foreigners at the back of the line when deciding who fills positions in a recession. Expanding foreign guest worker programs long term and for anything other than temp worker shortages causes US citizens skills/talents to atrophy and waste investments in an education that should have been recession proof!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “”I’m out of the shadows. Illegal aliens need to reunite with their country of origin. They are taking American jobs and causing wages to stagnate. My hero Ronald Reagan admitted he made a mistake with the last amnesty. We were told that it would only be 1 million illegal aliens, but it ended up being 3 million. We never got the enforcement of the border and now the total here illegally is over 11 million and may be closer to 30 million considering The Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty was three times the expected 1 million. I am tired of subsidizing illegal behavior and losing jobs to illegal aliens. Attrition through enforcement is the only solution to illegal immigration. It entails a working entry/exit Visa system, eVerify, criminally prosecute employers illegally hiring illegal aliens, end birthright citizenship, no welfare or child tax credits for illegals, build a double fenced border wall, & deport criminal aliens,… Americans are generous but we have too many foreigners here and we need to slow legal immigration as well until all these new legal arrivals are assimilated.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “”Immigrants who barely spoke English got the contract to paint my girlfriend’s complex of 100 condos. (We gave them a couch and love seat for free. Back in ’02, but it won’t happen again!) The local power utility hired immigrants who barely spoke English to trim the trees along their power lines. In the next ten years, an unemployed American tree trimmer knocked on our door every week asking to cut our dead trees down. They are very insistent and our neighbors very understanding, our street has lost over a dozen huge, green trees. My cousin got a new couch delivered by two guys who didn’t speak English, but pointed and giggled at the sign on the wall that said, Mi casa es su casa… I know plenty of Americans that would love to do these jobs. In fact, I’ve done them all, in college and even after college and after I had lucrative tech jobs. It’s a myth that immigrants only do jobs the rest of us won’t do.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “1) Americans should have first dibs at jobs. 2) I’ve seen Mexicans get tax breaks which makes Americans suffer and those that pay taxes. 3) Services, roadways and workplace environments are awful too having to deal with communication problems, law breaking and violent attitudes of foreigners. It’s sad that so many are on the streets now, because of our sorry governments inability to lead and in doing their jobs.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “The time has come to put an end to the illegal immigrants coming to the United States and taking all of our skilled labor. They pay NO taxes (zero, none) because they are not a citizen and then mail the money to their family is Mexico. Our system is broken and it is time for Washington to do something about it before it is too late!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I lost my good paying job as an information technology test professional at American Expre** a few years ago. When I was there we had to maintain an offshore/onshore ratio of 80%/20% (80 offshore and 20% onshore) for our IT testing and development teams. American workers are being sold out by their government. It is time to stop sending our jobs offshore and bringing in people from other countries to replace American workers at a lower cost. Our government refuses to enforce any of its immigration laws. We have millions of people sauntering across our border and the current (and previous) administration doesn’t [care]. We are losing our nation. How sad.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “”We have been, and propose to be, more and more American. We believe that we can best serve our own country and most successfully discharge our obligations to humanity by continuing to be openly and candidly, intensely and scrupulously, American. If we have any heritage, it has been that. If we have any destiny, we have found it in that direction.

    All artificial distinctions of lineage and rank are cast aside. We all rejoice in the title of Americans. But this is not done by discarding the teachings and beliefs or the character which have contributed to the strength and progress of the peoples from which our various strains derived their origin, but rather from the acceptance of all their good qualities and their adaptation to the requirements of our institutions. None of those who come here are required to leave any good qualities behind, but they are rather required to strengthen and fortify them and supplement them with such additional good qualities as they find among us.

    While it is eminently proper for us to glory in our origin and to cherish with pride the contributions which our race has made to the common progress of humanity, we can not put too much emphasis on the fact that in this country we are all bound together in a common destiny. We must all be united as one people. This principle works both ways. As we do not recognize any inferior races, so we do not recognize any superior races. We all stand on an equality of rights and of opportunity, each deriving just honor from his own worth and accomplishments. – President Calvin Coolidge.” – American affected by immigration from Massachusetts.

  • “I worked in Los Angeles with many Illegal immigrants at my job. I couldn’t even talk with them because I didn’t speak Spanish, I even had one of them call me stupid because I couldn’t speak their language. I was pushed out of my job and I’m still unemployed Thanks America.” – American affected by immigration from New Mexico.
  • “My son and daughter find it difficult to find a job because they don’t speak Spanish.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “I do not want illegal immigrants to come to America unless they become legal. No country in the world allows just anyone to come into their country. We Americans want to be the majority, not the minority. We need the available jobs.” – American affected by immigration from New Mexico.
  • “Jobs are being lost because we are not bilinqual. I thought our official language was English!” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “I’m a residential builder and there would be plenty of work for Americans that would pay well if all the illegal immigrants were sent home.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I live in Long Island, NY. I’ve been a licensed home improvement contractor for twenty years, always carrying proper insurances. I’ve watched every aspect of my trade be hijacked by illegal Hispanic immigrants. I can no longer afford to stay in business and have a family of eight children to support. These illegals command as much as $200.00 cash minimum a day and slot of times more. They work on every major job site on the east end in the Hamptons for the super rich. Our government does nothing.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “After 15 years in construction, I was forced to close 2 businesses because I could not compete with the illegal immigrants who were bidding 1/3 the cost as my businesses for parts and labor. I reduced my costs to pre-2000 prices but my closing ratio dropped from 80% to less than 30%. Now I work for a Fortune 500 company at entry-level pay for almost 3 years that is going thru a reduction in force. When will local builders and home owners wake up to the fact that cheap imported labor forces local businesses out of work while they receive unlicensed, inferior work that many times fails? You get what you pay for. Don’t support a foreign economy when if you support businesses locally, you keep taxes and infrastructure locally and build the local economy.” – American affected by immigration.

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    I think we should all just boycott anti-American groups and businesses. I mean a complete blackout. If you could convince people to stay of social media long enough to make a point. Get people to turn their backs on Hollywood. No monetary support even for Disneyland. Just a silent protest to remind the ding dongs that WE are in charge. It would work.

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    How Do Most Millennials Ever Expect to be Middle Class?

    With overpopulation in-sourcing into America’s job market driving down wages, hours and benefits to peanuts.

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      before any opinion to be given…….although unrealistic…it would be of significance if somehow we could quantify the above article ….

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