We Can Register All Drones, But Not Collect Data About Illegal Immigrants?

7338189556_9128348e52_oFollowing more near misses between remote controlled drone aircraft and piloted aircraft near airports and other locations, the FAA is expected today to announce a plan for mandatory drone registration.

“The initiative to create a centralized system for collecting drone registrations has been in the works for the past few weeks. Government officials have been contacting drone makers and industry groups about it over the past few days . . . The drone registration system is supposed to be debut around the Thanksgiving holiday,” Fortune October 16th.

Putting in place a drone registration system obviously imposes costs on the people buying and selling drones, however the FAA believes that there is a substantial public safety interest that justifies registering every drone in the country. The potential harm is too great to let the status quo continue.

If the prospect of danger to the public is so great as to require action, what then, is the excuse for not collecting data about illegal immigrants who commit crimes? Two years ago Rep. Walter Jones R-NC filed the Jamiel Shaw, Jr Memorial Act of 2013. The bill would have required states receiving federal money to report to the FBI the immigration status of anyone whom they arrested, charged, convicted or incarcerated.

In this session of Congress, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced H.R. 3151 the Arrest Statistics Reporting Act of 2015. The goal is to again get accurate reporting about the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Despite the best efforts of apologists for illegal immigration, the public knows that illegal aliens commit a lot of crimes – and they want the government to do what the law says should be done – find and deport these criminals. If the government can put in place a program to register every drone – it should be able to get accurate numbers about illegal alien criminals as a precursor to finding and deporting them.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Illegal means breaking the law! If Americans break the law, they are arrested and punished. Not so illegals in this country. For a long time we could tell if someone who caused an accident, robbed a bank, involved in a fight, etc., etc, was an illegal by reading the newspaper or watching the news. If it was a citizen his/her name was right out there, if it was an illegal no names were mentioned.

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    that makes no sense……if an illegal Alien commits a crime, the person is fingerprinted and jailed……….

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      If you had bothered to read, it would make sense, because that fact is not being disputed. The question is why is there not a centralized federal system which would require states to report those arrests. If there can be a system for drone owners, why not illegals? We know you love illegals, but not everyone feels that they have the right to completely disregard our immigration laws.

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        If the illegal is an abiding citizen of the land that contributes to it and adds value out of a tragedy….yes I would love him to give you a job os that you start hating……..it is not goo for your health to hate people Leland…..

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      You are a MORON no Change!! They broke the laws of the United States when they jumped the fence ILLEGALLY! Hence the term ILLEGAL ALIEN!! BINGO, EVERY ONE OF THEM HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME!!!!!
      Therefore it is NOT A MYTH that all illegal aliens commit crimes!! THEY ALREADY HAVE by coming to this great country AGAINST THE LAW!!!!! EVERY ONE of them should be DEPORTED!! Then you can apply LEGALLY!

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        Since you crossed the line……you are a Concerned IMBECILE but a citizen……!!! NO they are not criminals idiot!!!….that was never a crime in the past….and most of them are much harder working people more useful people than you are to the USA. A simple fact.

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          those guys got stuck after the 1996 Law……..when there was no punishment………..the whole mess was created by us The People MORON why?….because we allowed them to say…….what does that mean?….we as The People welcomed the and use them to create Wealth…..but instead you love Cubans who are in Welfare, no education and LAZY and a free green card……….MORON!!!you don’t even know nor understand wha actually has happened…..I hope in your life you are not ever stuck with a tragedy……..so that then you can relate to the illegals,,,,or may be you should to become a better human being……

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            Concerned Citizen there you have it above, I answered you like an old ignorant bastard, exactly as your attitude, and behavior.

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            Simply put Cooked Citizen……..The United States of America sets itself apart from the rest of the World by being a Nation that grows and sets the example for the Free World. I understand this is too much for you to grasp & understand. But definitely, you ARE OUT OF LINE.

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      Not Politically Correct on

      Tell that to the Steinle family in San Francisco and countless others across the country who have lost friends and loved ones due to illegal activity of those who should never have been here in the first place. All who support sanctuary city policies have blood on their hands.

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        wherever country you come from…study English………if you understood REAL ENGLISH, you would have realized that that statement in English MEANS all are criminals and all are committing crimes at all times………..completely False …..

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    This just solidifies, how UTTERLY ASININE & INCOMPETENT this government of OURS has become, period!

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      then you re an idiot and you do deserve that name……a drone can be used to do harm………

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      so that you understand what I mean….a drone is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands……so it should actually be banned given the facts of 9/11. IAs, the good ones come to work not to create chaos………WRITE THAT ONE IN YOUR BOOK