Polling Confirms Americans Blame Administration for Illegal Immigration

pollingThrough “deferred action” programs, relaxed deportation standards, and a host of other programs, the Obama Administration has created “relief” for illegal immigrants. However, the majority of American people believe that through these actions, the federal government is encouraging illegal immigration according to a recent Rasmussen poll. We at FAIR know this to be true.

The administration-created de facto amnesty actively encourages more illegal immigration. One only need look at last summer’s border surge for proof. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed that DACA was a significant pull factor for unaccompanied minors and families to risk their lives to cross the border.

The truly humanitarian way to discourage illegal immigration is to enforce our immigration laws. Polling suggests that Americans agree.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    If we make it impossible to hire an Illegal without being caught and HEAVILY Fined or jailed for a first offense, most will have no reason to stay. E-verify was good, but we can Easily do better. Removing Illegals from the job market will do the most good for low income Americans. And Taxpayers. Not to mention save Trillions.

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      You obviously don’t understand how the tax system works with illegal immigrants. I agree they shouldn’t be here illegally or have jobs. They do a lot of labor intense jobs and menial jobs that Americans are unwilling to do. They also pay billions of tax dollars into the system and receive no return or benefits. The US Govt and IRS willingly and happily takes this money and does nothing about it. What a joke. To receive benefits, social security, health insurance, food stamps etc.. you have to provide legal documents such as passport, birth certificate,, permanent resident card etc..

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      Only about 10% American business participate in voluntary e-verify for obvious reasons, according to Pew. Since 2002, America created about 9 million new jobs and imported 18 million immigrants with 90% of new jobs going to immigrants who are easy to exploit. Do the math.

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    The main issue here is that the public is being offered a false choice: “either deport 11 million people” or give them all amnesty. The facts belie this argument. There is a third way. That is to tighten controls, only accept people whom the government can show are needed and fight off the pressures of business for cheap labour. Withdraw the incentives for everyone to come. Germany has done that in Europe and we see the results. As a lifelong Democrat I consider the “open borders” policy espoused by candidates Clinton and Sanders to be madness. Something has to stop before we as a nation are, like Germany, overwhelmed.

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    A lot of the Republican candidates in the debate last night were offering that same old false choice. That we either physically deport all illegals or give them amnesty. No recognition that if you deny them jobs, benefits, drivers licenses, most of them will leave on their own. Rubio said this morning that Latinos are against illegal immigration. A total lie. Every Hispanic advocacy group fights every attempt to enforce immigration law.

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      Actually, Rubio was partly right. The loudest hispanic groups, funded by american corps, are doing the bidding of the U>S> Chamber of commerce. Most working resident hispanics are for the legal way. After all, there jobs are the first to be taken…?