‘Almost America’: Ranchers in New Mexico Demand That the Federal Government Provide Protection as Chaos Takes Over the Border Region

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Rancher Fred Davis with Sue Krentz

More than 700 people showed up to a rally this week at a high school auditorium in Animas, New Mexico, population 237. Speakers stood at a podium decorated with a sign emblazoned with the phrase “A Stolen Life” and a photo of Robert Krentz, murdered by an illegal alien on his nearby ranch in 2010, a crime that remains unsolved.

As their region transforms into a war zone, ranchers along the New Mexico border are fed up with the indifference that Washington has shown to their plight. The recent carjacking and kidnapping of a ranch hand by drug-smuggling thugs served as the latest event to rattle this group of Americans. Exasperated with being ignored, the group resorted to prayer, pleading for some type of intervention to alleviate the attack on their existence.

Amid cries of “walk the border” and “come down here,” the kidnapped ranch hand’s employer, Tricia Elbrock, told the crowd “We got problems here. They don’t want it known. They don’t want people to know.” She spoke about increased insurance premiums as the border descends into lawlessness along with her inability to keep her workers safe under federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates.

Dr. Gary Thrasher

Dr. Gary Thrasher

Frank Krentz, son of murder victim Robert Krentz, told the crowd a familiar tale: he has had 200 head of cattle and dozens of vehicles stolen and brought into Mexico and his home is routinely ransacked. When he calls his representatives in Washington, they tell him to move, even though his family has been working this land for five generations.

The problem is so out of hand that Loren Cushman, local school superintendent, said his district sometimes has to delay school dismissals due to Border Patrol incidents on local roads and highways. “What are my students learning from people who are allowed to act in a completely lawless nature, with no repercussion or punishment?” he said.

The nature of scofflaws who cross the border is also changing. The number “of people in the area that are smuggling people and drugs seems to be increasing,” said Lawrence Hurt, whose ranch runs for almost 30 miles along the border. “We see a lot less of the people who are looking for a job.”

Susan Tully, national field director at FAIR, attended the rally to support the organizers, the New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association, with whom she has worked for many years to help get their voices heard.

Tricia Elbrock

Tricia Elbrock

“I am here in solidarity with the ranchers and people of this area, many of whom are our members and associates,” said Tully. “We discussed how FAIR can help them amplify their call for Washington to get engaged in border enforcement that is meaningful and meets the needs of the people.”

Veterinarian Gary Thrasher expressed concern over the spread of Chagas disease, Dengue fever and bovine tuberculosis, which can be passed from animal to human and vice versa, all of which are being brought into the country by illegal aliens who are unscreened by health officials.

The Border Patrol came under fire for pulling back their agents to the main highway, I-10, creating a buffer zone between the thoroughfare and the border, which can be anywhere from 10 to 60 miles inside U.S. territory. The ranchers call this “Almost America.”

The local Border Patrol station at Lordsburg station is understaffed, moreover, and illegal migrants and criminals know that it is easier to cross into New Mexico than other border areas. Attendees urged officials to patrol on horseback and helicopter, the most effective way to cover this rugged terrain.

Sue Krentz, widow of murder victim Robert Krentz, implored the federal government to “secure the border. We’re demanding the right to live free and safe on our own land and in our own homes. Everything is relative – until it’s your relative.”


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    I could support Trump over Cruz (my guy) if Trump would promise to use the U.S. Military and contractors to go to the border and clear a five mile dead zone on the Mexican side. Then a fence. Next ************* men, women and children who violate the zone. How long would it take to eliminate the problem?

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    PrivateCitizen101 on

    If I were living on the border, my property,family and livestock would be protected by the 2ndA. Warning sign’s would be posted every several yards.Solar generated electric fencing with layers of razor barbed-wire installed. Booby-traps would be scattered inconspicuously and those unfortunate invaders would be left for the buzzards. They would enter at their own peril and demise. Stop waiting on the government to protect you and start taking what matter’s into your own hands…your property,your family,your life,your country…Molon Labe Relived!

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      Then this is what happens.: “An Federal jury in Arizona awarded four illegal alien women $70,000 in damages after a rancher to have committed assault when he held them at gun point for authorities. He was acquitted of “Civil Rights” violations and battery allegations.

      The women were part of a group rancher Richard Barnett had caught crossing his border ranch. Barnett has turned more than 12,000 illegal aliens over to local law enforcement and the ICE/Border Patrol since 1998.

      All of the illegal aliens were represented by the non-profit, government supported Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. One of the aliens, Rene Rodriguez, has been identified as a convicted drug trafficker deported in 2003, whose re-entry was itself a new felony!” Taken from abovetopsecret dot com

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        PrivateCitizen101 on

        Then elect a sheriff that will deputize every rancher on the border. The bs needs to end…by bullet or ballot. Keeping our fingers crossed the next Prez will be an enforcer rather than an enabler.

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    One of the most important steps Congress should take is to amend the l4th Amendment to read:
    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States WHO HAS ONE PARENT WHO IS A UNITED STATES CITIZEN OR PERMANENT RESIDENT, subjects to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens…etc.
    This one insertion would assure that the child has a legal claim to citizenship, and would reduce the numbers of women who come across our borders specifically to give birth and claim instant citizenship for their child.

    • avatar

      You have the right answer. Eliminate the anchor baby rule, even though it should never have ever existed.

      • avatar

        @ Joan: The ‘anchor baby’ rule was invented by the courts, just like the right to abortion. I like the idea of amending the 14th amendment like that. That would be an excellent change. The original 14th amendment was written to assure that blacks were given their rights after the civil war. Unfortunately, like a thousand other examples, the progressive lawyers and judges have adjusted the meaning to fit their philosophy, to the great detriment of the citizens and taxpayers.
        Considering lawyers interpretations of things, you would have to make one minor change, instead of “WHO HAS ONE PARENT” it should be “who has at least one parent” …

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    Maybe it is time to take up arms and show these thugs what an armed gang of patriots are capable of.

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    This administration has intentionlly displayed weakness on border security/illegal immigration/national security to further feather their liberal nest. Those that pay a steep price are the law abiding Americans, who don’t have U.S. Secret Service protection. We are left to the vultures and wolves who are constantly probing for opportunities to victimize us.

    “Almost America” is very dangerous place to be, and this administration created it. I hope we send them packing after this upcoming election.

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    Stinky Cheese Man on

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but he is sure right on this issue. The liberals (note: I am a reformed liberal) just think that the illegals will vote D, and so they do the “hispandering” all day long. If the D Party wants to win in Nov, they need to address the illegals issue. Yet they are doubling down on hispandering.

    • avatar

      I’m a Trump Supporter

      And I bet 50-75% of the voters are too from both parties. I’m really appalled at how the open border Dem/Reps blame Trump for upsetting their “apple cart”. They caused the violent demonstrations at Trump’s rallies and they blame Trump’s message? LOL…the open border are liars and a JOKE.

      Include Rubio, Cruz and Kasich too for falsely blaming Trump for likely “Communist Bernie inspired violence” at his rallies. Reagan had the same problems at his rallies too….he won the election BTW.


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      Find out who is counting your votes. Soros has contracts with at least 900 jurisdictions. He’ll elect hillery

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    Pam LaPlante on

    Correction: vie will become a Socialist county with Obama running the show. Protest but we’re?

  8. avatar
    Pam LaPlante on

    It’s March 15 and Congressmen have got to keep Obama’s agenda in check until November 15. That’s eight months. About the only way to stall the Obama agenda is to freeze up Congress like an Alaska winter storm. Another option is that Congress impeaches Obama. Black Lives Count, the Chicago Actism group and Obama are working with the DOJ to overthrow our Constitutional rights. We have to do more than talk about impeaching Obama, we need to start the process today. We are going to become a solution a list county if we don’t stop Obsma. Any ideas out there?

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    I feel for all of your plight down there and i do. Believe where the law is unable or unwilling to enforce order the citizens can and must act in self defense against lawlessness

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    I am very much concerned about this flood of illegals who are competing and winning against black workers.i come from waukegan il. And in a span of 15 years hispanics have just over run the town now we cant get jobs. Because they only work with their kind and everybody has to speak spanish even to be considered for a job now i ask you is that america or can we just say that it is the oligarchs and greed fulled industries that have hijacked the constitution and the weak wills of our so called elected officals.time to yell for them to be removed from power.

    • avatar
      Stinky Cheese Man on

      My family on my dad’s side is from Gurnee. I was shocked when I heard about mexican gangs there, in Waukegan, in Round Lake, all over Lake County. What the heck is going on there?

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    Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Trump to go to the border and meet with these people. It’s the only way the media is going to give it any attention. Otherwise they will ignore it, like they do everything else that is a negative with illegal immigration.

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      Leland are you fake? it looks like it…you love Trump.. a man that hires illegals, H1 visas….etc etc ////do you know who you are?

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          I asked you a question….not to tell me what you see when you look at yourself at your mirror…..

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          Don’t feed the troll, Leland. They are only here to spread FUD.
          Nothing irritates them more than being ignored.
          So ignore them, and watch their little heads explode.