Say “No” to Making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State

The Massachusetts General Court is considering several bills this session that would make the Commonwealth a sanctuary for illegal aliens. These include:

  • H.125: Would prohibit the Commonwealth from denying public benefits, assistance, or services to illegal aliens, as well as restrict the Commonwealth from requesting information regarding immigration status unless otherwise required by law.
  • H.2985: Would prohibit the registrar from keeping driver’s licenses and permits out of the hands of illegal aliens.
  • H.1228/S.1258: Would prohibit law enforcement from detaining an individual based on an immigration detainer or administrative warrant, prohibit ICE critical access to Massachusetts jails, and forbid law enforcement from notifying federal immigration officials that a criminal alien is about to be released.

Contact your state lawmakers today and tell them that you’re tired of them protecting illegal aliens at the expense of Americans. These bills would only increase illegal immigration to Massachusetts and send the message that illegal aliens-even those who go on to commit serious criminal offenses-are welcome in the Commonwealth. Tell your legislators you’ve had enough.

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P.S. Want to know what you can do to fight illegal immigration in Massachusetts? Click here to contact YOUR FAIR Field Representative.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Why am I not surprised that the state that gave us Ted Kennedy and his prominent role in changing our immigration laws in 1965 that opened the Third World floodgates is considering turning itself into a sanctuary state. One thing we can be sure of is that the wealthy members of the Kennedy family won’t be living in the same neighborhoods with the illegals that flock to their state if all of this passes, although they may have some live-in, low wage servants whose papers may be out of order.

    Our media worships the crooked Kennedy family like they are the greatest thing that ever happened to this country, but given their prominent role in changing our immigration laws and the irreversible damage this has done to our country, they are one of the worst things that ever happened to this country. The Republicans also have a lot to answer for, but Ted got the ball rolling along with Johnson.

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    One thing you frequently see argued is that “illegals can’t get welfare”. But they do. States can do what is being attempted in this case, which is, individual states give them welfare if they choose to. And the claim they can’t get welfare is also null when it comes to their anchor baby kids, who are considered citizens. It’s a meaningless difference because almost all welfare goes to families.

    Over 600 million a year in welfare benefits in Los Angeles County goes to families headed by an illegal. It’s just another myth promoted by illegal advocates that they can’t get welfare. In reality a large percentage do.

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      Anyone from California knows that the claim that illegals can’t get welfare is a joke. As one example, there is a health network in the SF Bay Area financed by Medi-Cal that caters to a lot of illegals, and it offers pregnancy services among other things and its symbol on its website is the red Aztlan Eagle, the symbol of the reconquista. So California taxpayers finance the births of anchor babies at an organization whose goal apparently is Mexico’s reconquista of its lost territories of the American Southwest.

      Its hard to believe we are this stupid, but then again we are also the same country that borrows trillions to fight wars to prevent terrorist attacks, only to turn around and bring refugees into our country that have been infiltrated by terrorists. Yeah, we’re smart.