From Journalism to Stenography: The Decline and Fall of a Once-Proud Profession

chained_keyboard_writer_rotator_675x450An active, inquiring and investigating press is essential to a healthy democracy. Without scrutiny from journalist watchdogs, government officials can get away with anything.

As revealed in a controversial New York Times article that has Washington, D.C., abuzz, the Obama administration cynically uses a fawning press corps to gain support for unpopular policy initiatives like the Iran nuclear deal. But this lack of rigor on the part of journalists today has also made it easy for the president and his minions to enlist the press to help subvert the country’s immigration laws.

According to the Times piece, the administration adopts rigid, ideological stances on issues and bends the facts to fit their worldview, refusing to even listen to the other side. This is clear when it comes to immigration policy, as the president steamrolls open borders opponents and enacts executive action to circumvent Congress.

The mainstream media is complicit in this ideological straightjacketing by pushing for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens as they suppress alternative views.

In cahoots with many state and local law enforcement agencies, for example, journalists act as apologists for illegal alien criminals by ignoring or burying information. In this article, an Arizona murderer’s illegal status appears at the end, while the accompanying television spot refers to him as a “man” and a “suspect.” The public has a right to know when perpetrators are illegal aliens who could have been incarcerated or deported before he or she committed a heinous crime.

Journalists today routinely echo the narrative propounded by pro-immigration zealots by writing stories about how enforcing laws breaks up families or thwarts the aspirations of so-called dreamers and other successful students who just want to go to college (and, of course, receive aid). This focus only tells part of the story and downplays the fact that illegal immigrants made decisions that come with consequences.

Media outlets also continue to report about how the administration deports people at a record clip and vigorously enforces immigration laws, even though the president and Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, are on record admitting that this is untrue.

When he took office, the president claimed that his would be the most transparent administration in history. In the article, this transparency finally emerged when obscure administration official Ben Rhodes displayed complete contempt toward the media that spreads his fanciful story lines.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” said Rhodes. “That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

Into these empty vessels the propaganda pours. Don’t blame the administration, since they merely exploit the situation to their advantage. In the article, Ned Price, Rhodes’s assistant, bragged about how easy it is to shape the news by feeding a narrative to their “compadres” in the press corps and watching it spread on social media.

The fundamental function of a journalist is to analyze and question everything they are fed from official sources. But members of the media have become stenographers for the Obama administration and its agenda, including immigration, no matter how bad the policies may be for American citizens.

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    Just by the national mainstream TV media choosing not to report certain facts they are manipulating people. If the national TV media reported on a daily basis every crime committed by a citizen of a foreign country in this country illegally imagine how much that would change the general public’s perceptions. For millions of people in this country, the media essentially decides what issues and events they think about and talk about.

    For example, I have very rarely ever seen it reported on TV or in a newspaper the fact that with current levels of illegal and legal immigration the population of the US is projected to increase to 400 million people by 2050. What public policy could possible affect life in the US more than increasing our population by such a massive amount, and this fact hasn’t even been brought up in any of our endless Presidential debates?

    We talk all about what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell, but not about whether or not we what to increase our population by such a massive amount? More Americans need to start caring less about Beyonce’s latest video and the Kardasians and more about what open borders is doing to their future and the future of their country.

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    I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard or read about “unarmed” Michael Brown, without the reporter noting that Brown had just robbed a store and assaulted a clerk, and then tried to take away the gun of the cop that stopped him, and that was according to the Holder Justice Dept, which would have loved to indict the cop but said the forensic evidence supported his story. The media slant is always young black man was the victim of racist cop.

    In line with “they literally know nothing” I have also continuously read that Senator Bob Graham was “on the 9-11 Commission”. Graham was no such thing. The independent 9-11 Commission was appointed to investigate the attack. Graham was head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that separately produced another 9-11 report with the 28 redacted pages about Saudi Arabia that he says should be released. This is political history 101 and it’s continually gotten wrong.

    And as noted, the propaganda about “record deportations” is constantly repeated even though it’s untrue. A couple of my relatives mentioned it a few weeks ago and they are by most standards fairly well informed. I had to point out the quotes to them where the president said that the statistics were “a little deceptive”. And Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security, admitted that the chances of being deported unless you commit a major crime are zero To keep repeating the nonsense about “record” deportations in the face of these administration statements is nothing more than biased indifference to the truth.

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      Graham was the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and their Congressional report came before the 9-11 Commission report.

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        Under Those Hitler Like Fascists Democrats

        They’ll likely “FIRE YOU” from your scarce job if you disagree with them openly with free speech.