Update: “With Considerable Embarrassment” College Park, Maryland, Announces Noncitizens Actually Cannot Vote

Last week the College Park, Maryland, city council announced that noncitizens, including illegal aliens, would be permitted to vote in local elections. Mayor Patrick Wojahn was actually proud of his city’s assault on the value of citizenship and the exclusive right of citizens of the United States to make important determinations about their governance.

This week he’s not feeling so proud, but it has nothing to do with College Park’s attempt to undermine one of the basic tenets of our republican form of government. Mayor Wojahn is embarrassed because he and the city council did not even know the basic rules of their own city charter. The measure granting the vote to noncitizens and illegal aliens passed the city council by a 4-3 vote. (Ironically, the city council does not extend the right to vote on council resolutions to people who have not actually been elected to serve on the council, and they also rejected an amendment to put the matter to a public referendum.)  But according to council rules, charter amendments, such as who should be allowed to vote in local elections, requires a supermajority of the nine-member city council. In other words, the measure needed six votes, not four in order to be adopted.

“It is with considerable embarrassment and regret that we acknowledge our oversight,” Wojahn announced on Saturday. Violating a provision of the city charter (that was just approved in June!) isn’t the only thing the mayor should be embarrassed and regretful about. But given his manifest ignorance about the core principles of American democracy and the rules of the city over which he presides, perhaps he might want to kick this one up to a higher authority: the citizen voters of College Park.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    IRA, You Hit the NWO Bent Nail on the Head

    Other questions the open border parasites/liars need to answer on overpopulation, possible global warming and the environment in general:

    Why does Mother Earth magazine [far left MSM BTW] state the following 0n Carbon Footprint data?

    1. One dog is equal to 3 Hummers’ Carbon Impact
    2. What Carbon Impact is one human being allowed in America? 100 Hummers?
    3. One year of recycling equals one trip on a commercial jet
    4. The use of electric cars will overload and black out our electric grid [it already has]
    5. Batteries made by companies like Toyota Prius do single factory environment destruction the size of Rhode Island….EXTREME heavy element soil pollution.

    That’s enough questions for you NWO Progressive dummies to answer….cat got your tongue? LOL

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      Our electric grid is already stretched to the max to begin with. One of the many factors that pro immigration advocates fail to mention is how immigration is the main proponent of our population growth. We must provide electricity to a population that is growing by 25 million per decade and it is very expensive to do that. According to advocates, immigration is all gravy to our economy but they fail to account for the huge infrastructure costs of things like roads, water, schools, electric and the other things that every person requires.

      It’s like what libertarians call the “India Miracle”, because their total GDP grows every year. Never mind that it’s solely because of spiraling population growth. and that their per person per capita GDP is dismal, one of the lowest in the world. India is an environmental and economic disaster. Not a disaster in the making, it’s already there, with a population well over a billion. Apparently liberal environmentalists want to do the same to us.

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        I doubt few people realize the extent of population growth in India and other countries. Their present population is 1.324 billion people, That’s horrendous when you consider they passed 1 billion in 1998. They have added an amount equal to our own population in 19 years. How is this sustainable? It’s not. WE need to start saying to other countries that you must control YOUR population because you are not coming HERE. But that would require those hand wringers on the left to actually take a stand, even if someone is “offended”.

        There is nothing more galling, or hypocritical, than listening to the Pope lecturing western countries on our duty to take in all the poor of the world, when the church condemns birth control. The Catholic country of the Philippines has over 100 million people packed into those small islands. No wonder they have a 20 year wait to come here. What they should do is tell the church to drop dead and straighten out their own society. If they don’t want to do that, not our problem.