San Antonio Pushes ICE Aside and Blows Up Smuggling Case

What happens when San Antonio police take the lead in a human-smuggling investigation? All the witnesses are sent packing.

For the second time in five months, a semi-truck loaded with illegal aliens wound up in the Alamo City. The first incident ended in tragedy as 10 migrants died in the sweltering summer heat.

On Dec. 23, a dozen immigrants survived the same Laredo-San Antonio trip up Interstate 35. This time, local police pushed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement aside to take over the case.

Under a seldom-used 2011 Texas state law, San Antonio authorities charged driver Herbert Alan Nichols with smuggling. Conviction could bring up to 20 years in prison for smuggling individuals younger than 18. So far, so good.

But, inexplicably, SAPD released all 12 people being transported, leaving no witnesses and crippling the investigation.

A former deputy field office director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations was stunned.

“I don’t think that I ever saw a situation where there was clearly organized smuggling that they didn’t” involve Homeland Security Investigations and other federal agencies, Julian Calderas told the San Antonio Express-News.

If ICE handled the investigation, the migrants would have been held as material witnesses and, in all likelihood, put into deportation proceedings.

Instead, they’re in the Texas wind.

San Antonio is not an officially declared sanctuary city, but it is behaving like one. By half-stepping an investigation into the latest human smuggling operation, San Antonio’s police and politicians usurped federal authority, demonstrated reckless disregard for human life and gave the green light to more traffickers and their desperate cargo to roll up from Mexico.

The Trump administration must not sit still for such dangerous nonsense.

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    Nellie McConnell on

    The police may have been involved in the smuggling, they don’t want any witnesses. They should be charged with harboring illegals. Arrested. Our LE and BP work great together in CA, even if Brown wants to keep Dreamers and illegals. Trump Nd ICE needs to take charge now. Follow the MONEY.

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    It’s time to stop immigrants from Mexico and Honduras because they’re taking over our country no American is safe I had stroyed our education system you’re not willing to learn English they are top Spanish the lessons in Spanish and homework in Spanish you should be only English there are stronger neighborhoods immigrants have took over all the neighborhoods here I live with five or six families in a household got 10 or 15 kids they do not pay school taxes like American people do there’s too many of them overpopulating the schools with anchor kids and illegal kids they are overpopulated are hospitals where American person cannot get help they have too late even it’s emergency because why they get free medical they overpopulate are jails if you think about it they’re nothing but a tax burden the people are tired of these immigrants getting a free ride they don’t work for food stamps the government helps they come to this country from another country they do not deserve any help they should not get a birth certificate for any their kids if they’re illegal or if they hold a green card they should not get no birth certificate for the anchor kids these people immigrants from Mexico and Honduras they are a tax burden to the taxpayers they get more rights than American person does I have a girlfriend went to a job and ask are you hiring first thing they said do you speak Spanish she said no but we can’t hire you that is discrimination but these damn immigrants learn English only English I get tired call it and get a service since do you speak English press 1 it should be singing English only if you speak Spanish go back to your own country you want a handout get your own country give you a hand out quit being a text burden these people don’t have no work ethics and they’re taking their jobs they demand right here and they do not belong here you’re not American citizens and when they retire they keep them green cards are being legal and stay here forever that should be a no no go back to your own country sell your f****** house and go back home you don’t belong here y’all overpopulating the country like *********** it’s time to put a stop to it America people comes first are single citizens are on kids are veterans anybody that is American these dreamers they’ve been here all this time and hadn’t come American citizen guess what it’s time to go home you had your chance your tax burden and your problem to this country go home you’re educated enough to fix your own country quit screwing up our country for the American people give our neighborhoods back to the American people they own more than American person does an American people are struggling these people from other countries should not be here they had enough anchor kids to take care of the work the rest of them go home cancel the green card and get rid of the problem it just bad as our current from Mexico what’s one gets in a position to hire that’s all they’re going to hire discriminate against all Americans it’s pretty bad I got a gun permit go buy a gun what comes in with a green car can’t speak no English he gets a gun and leave before I do and I got a gun permit they should have no rights here in the United States do just like their country Mexico you can’t own no property you can’t get no citizenship here and you cannot live here if you do not learn Spanish we need to do the same thing in America you learn English can’t own no property you only here 6 years go home they’re uneducated anything they do at a job it has to be cuz I don’t have no common sense and learn the right way to do it when you try to take them I think they know it all and still screw up it’s pretty bad a government E System since work out the kit work on when it comes back it has to be reworked because they did it wrong same thing iqk I sent to Mexico they build it 8% done in Mexico guess what when it comes back to hear 20% rework they do not have common sense they do not own nothing in this country American people does they want something coming citizen if not go home can’t live here forever when I had babies with people green cards are you don’t give them no birth certificate go home to your country no more handouts they’re very disrespectful people I think they own United States are they almost especially the Congress innocence house and the Democrats they have screwed our country up they have caused our great-grand kids in our grandkids mystery there will be nothing here for the American people if we don’t put a stop to it and send these people back home get rid of worms are here holding green cards especially the ones are uneducated and have not follow the rules are paid taxes and don’t learn English let’s get rid of our problems one causing the housing market apartment Market anything that you rent or buy is Sky High because of them they had more than one family or two or three families living in a household and too many kids going to school if they don’t pay taxes let’s get rid of them two man Are Congress and send it to do it if not we’ll let somebody else it’s time to look out for the American people only the American people these foreigners are nothing to us they are attacked Burger they are disease they do not understand the American way and pledge to our flag and our country instead they got their hands out for a free ride put a stop to it looks like somebody else in the Senate and the house to do their job right Democrat I used to be a Democrat now I’m a republic because I believe we’re overpopulated uneducated Burton to us taxpayers these immigrants Mexico needs to go home fix their own country close at border Down

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    That is the responsibility of the local jurisdiction.
    SAPD should be the lead, but should also invite ICE to assist.
    Fed’s should never trample on local authorities.
    SAPD failed to protect the public AND the human’s being trafficked.

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      It’s pretty bad when they take over a company these immigrants from Mexico and Honduras they think American people should not work they think we’re lazy well they’re lazy and unethical work when the boss leaves they stand around and talk gibberish when he comes back to all sudden working but guess what the product they’re working on crap they don’t understand work ethics on any kind of work I do construction to factories and all our products and their houses they build our crap they do not learn how to do things inspect do it the right way instead they always want to do it the wrong way that’s what’s wrong with our country struction workers immigrants from Mexico or Honduras the houses don’t last that long cheaply-made cuz they don’t understand how to do it right Square it up measure it right they don’t understand it even the factory workers the same way I can’t read a blueprint and still can’t understand when you go to bathroom after room guess what they wipe their butt and throw it on the floor I worked in a sheet metal Factory that bathroom in 8 hours have to be clean for times because of damn toilet paper stacked up with s*** on it no common sense plant manager had to go in speak Spanish do you have to show them so don’t pull it up your butt go in the toilet not on the floor we had customers truckers come in and complaining about the nest there were this bad we do not need these people here quality work is gone used to be a good quality work when American people worked it now it is gone we’re just as bad as other countries because of these immigrants in our country they are attacked they are breaking the bank they should not get a green card no birth certificate for little kids guess what they shouldn’t own no property another thing how can they get insurance without having driver license they do cost taxpayers money are schools hospitals are jails their overpopulate anything they do overpopulate it’s time to send them home bring the cost of living down to get rid of these people look out for the American people we should be first we should be taken care of first. These immigrants eventually it’s going to be a war and it ain’t going to be pretty when it happens you don’t think somebody went crazy when I start shooting them American people are tired of it they are tired of the rudeness feel director kids their parents that is disrespectful American people in the way we live we don’t owe these people nothing set take them back to the border and let him go if they’re not educated or have not come American citizen you need to go home or Congress needs to demanded you have stroyed Americans Dreams by letting these people here and I imagine a while they’re here is because big business is paying these Congress and vitamins are in stock market guess what you strong the country you strong your own blood for some to go home tell him they can’t own that them hear you been hearing retired Green Card no more go home once over 18 anchor kids are here they better get their s*** together because it will come to the union people are tired of it American people not big business not the Congress the one has to live shop and stay in their neighborhoods and fear for their lives because he’s immigrants their tired of being disrespectful to us Americans