“Progressives” are Campaigning to Abolish Immigration Enforcement. Here’s What They Would Get

Open borders advocates are becoming increasingly radical by the day. Their demands have morphed from a path to citizenship for some existing illegal aliens, to post-dated DACA legislation, and now a call to vilify and abolish border enforcement all together.

However, while they’re busy misrepresenting law enforcement officers, what have our immigration officials actually been doing as of late?

Over the past week alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), along with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials have arrested and deported MS-13 members and intercepted dangerous drugs like meth and heroine, as well as opioids such as fentanyl. They’ve also faced violence from illegal aliens trying to enter the United States.

Friday, March 23, ICE deported Reinaldo Gomez-Sandoval an MS-13 member wanted in El Salvador for aggravated homicide and illegally imprisoning civilians, as well as other crimes.

On Thursday, March 22, CBP officials patrolling the border near Lukeville, Arizona, apprehended three Honduran nationals, one of whom was a confirmed MS-13 member. That same day, ICE deported a Honduran fugitive wanted for murder.

The job of a CBP agent is dangerous, as many illegal aliens and drug smugglers will pay a high price to avoid apprehension and deportation. During a March 26 arrest near Sasabe, Arizona, an illegal alien slammed a CBP agent’s head against a rock and attempted to flee. Such attacks against law enforcement by illegal aliens and traffickers is common.

If ICE and the CBP were abolished, there would be no dedicated organization that focuses on securing our borders, or searching out violent international criminals. What these activists are actually asking for is to allow these dangerous murderers and fugitives to remain on the streets. This is the lunacy of how radicalized the open borders lobby has become. They are willing to roll the dice on the safety of American citizens in order to achieve their ultimate goal – dismantling immigration law in the United States.

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    Now is the time to get rid of ALL the liberals driving this country into fourth world status, period. I live in San Francisco and hopefully this sweep al;so includes the illegal chinese *********** who’ve taken over many neighborhoods here and turned them into fourth world ‘toilets’ complete with filth, squalor and stench. They wave the chinese flag, spit on the sidewalks and streets and the most disturbing, t spit on the American flag and expect everyone here to learn chinese, disgusting. Tme to get rid of ALL liberals, progressives ‘dumbocraps’ and basically anti Americans who only want to increase their voter constituency and keep power. I ask people here,”‘have the liberals, aka ‘dumbocraps’ who’ve been running California for years improved your life and situation? Sadly,, the answer is a resounding NO! Time to start the ‘dumbocrap’ purge with the June mid term election and continue on with the November general election and continue the purge until ALL of these worthless, thieving and anti Americans who’s genda and mantra ‘all for me and **** everyone else as long as I keep my life of luxury and big paychecks’ is gone for good! God help us if this doesn’t happen ’cause these no good thieves have stolen so much of my hard earned tax money and what have we, the citizens gotten in return: NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO, SQUAT, ZERO, NOTHING and basicillay BUPKUS! There, I think that about summs it up succinctly! There’s more but i haven’t time to enumerate the obvious!

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    Our President on the campaign trail said that all illegal immigrants must go home and that is one of the reasons our Citizens installed a Republican in the White House and a majority in the Senate and House!
    Now Washington is talking about another amnesty which is unacceptable to our Citizens and the Constituents of every Elected Official! Our people have spoken against any kind of amnesty!!!!!

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      diane sotelo on

      illegal immigration must stop, NOW!! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE WHO SPUNGE OFF OF ME!!THATS IT..they come to this country to have their 2,3,4 5 children this is nuts.. I just had a father from mexico yea, handed me his I.D. WHICH WAS A MUNCIPAL CARD..SANTUARY, DOVER, NJ…I asked him how many children do you have? “this is my fifth” he replied…are you kidding me.. then I asked which I am required to,do you work, he hesitated and said I work jobs here and there, bologna…these people are doing better that the working class in this country…lets march…protest, we need to rattle Washington to the truth…

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    Illegal entry into America is a Criminal Act, PERIOD !
    Hussein Obama passing an Illegal Law was and still is a Criminal Act.
    I’m sure most of you coming over Our Border, Illegally, knew this from our Previous Presidents and Our Laws.
    This was a move to Destroy and Bankrupt Our America for the Global Elite to take over Our America and Use You to do this.
    It is NOT A RIGHT to come to America free and clear.
    To those that have come here Legally and paid and waited their turn for the Privelege to become American Citizen’s, took an Oath of Allegience To America. To assimilate to Our Values, Customs, Laws and Our Way of Living in America.
    The Democrats which we will call Liberal Globalist Puppets only want you here for their Votes ( illegal as they are ) and to continue the destruction of Our America for the Evil of the Global Elite.
    They will go to any and all lenghth ( even killings ) to get their way.
    America has voted ( Legally ), to place President Donald J Trump into Our White House as Our New President. To erase and fix all the illegal acts and executive orders Hussein Obama put in place.
    He is NOT A RACIST, by any faction of the word.
    He has earned and deserves Respect from All American’s and Any Foreigner’s ( legal or illegal ).
    Your Welcome to Leave and come back properly as your forefathers may have done before you.
    If your here to kill, rape, Maine and destroy our people, Leave Now or face the consequences when you are caught if not killed yourselves by Our Law Enforcement that uphold their Oath of Office and Duty to Protect and Defend Legal American Citizen’s.
    We are NOT breaking up Family’s, You Do when You don’t take your Family with you back to Your Country of Origin.

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      I totally agree. I am an immigrant….a LEGAL one….from a European country. My parents came WHEN the USA said we could. We had to have a place to live and my father had to have a job….BEFORE we got the OK to come. We lived with an aunt/uncle that brought us what’here. My Uncle got my father a job. We lived with them until we found a place of our own. My parents and I went to a Court to swear allegiance to the United States….which I, at 16, had to take my own vows. A very proud day for my parents and I. ALL done legally. So, I am extremely angered when I read about all these illegals, One last note….you can NOT go live in Mexico WITHOUT proof of a steady monthly income. So…who’s the stupid country???? It sure isn’t Mexico…they DO what’s best for THEIR people.

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        diane sotelo on

        thank you, we are the stupid country….these people are arriving illegally and doing way better than you and I. my grandparents came as you, they didn’t come here for a hand out, they came here to work and thrive. they broke their asses…and they said to us we will not speak to you in Italian, you must learn English..now, now, we have to learn Spanish…

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    The most radical elements of “open boarders” are not just ‘lunatics’, they are, in many instances, Anarchists, and increasingly in the form of AntiFa. Despite the PR damage com made up of lies and misdirection, AF is indeed violent and armed. Those arms sometimes include semi-automatic firearms. All nations have a right and duty to their sovereignty and the safety of their citizens to control, defend, and police their borders. The United States is no exception. Furthermore, any elements in a country that seek to undermine or agitate to eliminate the same are guilty of sedition.

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    Would it not be interesting to see one of these MS-13 illegals go after and harm some of these goodie two shoes physically. Then watch them cry foul. How typical that would be. Wanting it their way as long as it did not affect them