University Plans to Offer Free Legal Services to Illegal Aliens

One of the largest public universities in the United States plans to offer free legal “immigration services” soon. A memorandum signed by the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) student body president and legal services director introduced a program that could protect illegal aliens from deportation at the expense of students.

“We’re defining what a 21st-century institution is,” said Josh Boloña, UCF’s student body president. “People of all types of backgrounds can get an education regardless of the area they come from. UCF has always kind of strived for that.”

The memorandum applies broad language and only mentions “immigration services.” It never mentions illegal aliens in any manner, but Boloña filled in the gaps. While this new program will benefit lawfully present immigrants, he stated it will also cover issues regarding illegal aliens, including “renewing your DACA to potential deportation.”

At UCF, students have to pay “Activity and Service Fees” as part of their tuition for every credit hour. More than $760,000 from those fees go to Student Legal Services, according to the student publication Knight News. The UCF Student Government Association (SGA) is waiting for approval from the Florida Bar Association before implementing the new services. If the memorandum is approved, the university will essentially be forcing students to pay for illegal aliens’ legal services.

This move is not surprising. Boloña himself is an illegal alien and a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

UCF’s protection of illegal aliens started well before this memorandum. Since President Trump took office, university officials have promoted DACA and have promised to support the university’s illegal alien population. Former UCF President John Hitt signed a letter last year that called the preservation of DACA “a moral imperative and a national necessity.” And the university also created a resource page for students who are illegal aliens.

It appears as if the open-borders lobby has a stranglehold on UCF. Offering legal aid to illegal alien students will come at the expense of lawfully present students who are already struggling to afford their own education. In a time when tuition rates are going through the roof, the university could utilize that money to make education more affordable for those who are actually legally permitted to earn an education in the United States. But instead, the university plans to make it even more expensive to earn a degree so that it can shield illegal aliens from law enforcement.

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    Stephen Johnson on

    I look forward to the day when liberals are more concerned about our own people than everyone else. IF I have it all wrong as some liberals try to mislead people into believing, then lead any of the black or white Americans who are lving under a bridge to believe I have it all wrong. Now, where is the misunderstanding?

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        Since politicians have their money, don’t care about their job. Are supposed to help AMERICA, not mexioco. Wanting illegals to give them their votes., sounds exactly like that. and using taxpayers money every chance they can, not theirs.

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    Hope all alumni of this law-breaking institution take note and immediately cancel all donations. Call and write the administration or trustees and inform them of your reason.

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    Trump offered a DACA amnesty and it was much larger than the one that Obama “mr. I have a phone and pen” signed. But he said there were going to be givebacks, namely some of the things he campaigned on like ending chain migration and more wall funding. And the answer from both Democrats and the big majority of DACA persons was that they would only accept a “clean” bill. In other words, yet another umpteenth amnesty that even if it did have any promises of future enforcement was just that. Promises, as in the check is in the mail. Hard to feel sorry for people who are asking to be given something that under law they have no right to have, and then they turn around and set the conditions under which they will accept it. To put it nicely, go fly a kite.

    It’s amazing that we have a huge number of politicians and media in this country who insist that Trump should be impeached solely on the basis of the NY Times “op-ed” by an anonymous “aide” who could be one of hundreds of people.

    One of the things that has been more or less scrubbed from the public discourse is the role that this country’s media, and particularly the NY Times and their “prize winning reporter” Judith Miller, played in ginning up support for the invasion of Iraq. Miller’s stories were widely repeated in other papers, with her “confidential” sources who positively stated that Iraq had WMD, which failed to turn up after the invasion. She relied on people who had an agenda, exiles who wanted back into the political fabric of the country after we did the dirty work of overthrowing Saddam.

    Who says? Actually they do. In 2015 Miller admitted “The newsworthy claims of some of my pre-war WMD stories were wrong.” The Times itself said in 2004, after the invasion, “Administration officials now acknowledge that they sometimes fell for misinformation from these exile sources. So did many news organizations, particularly this one” and that editors “were perhaps too intent on rushing scoops into the paper”. Nice of them to realize that after the worst foreign policy mistake since the Vietnamese war. But the media squeal like pigs if anyone suggests that they are anything less than noble and pure.

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    8th generation American Patriot on

    Just read what those college people say. Rabid scofflaws all. From the university president to the illegal alien moocher.
    There is no “discussing” the “issues” with these open-borders zealots. Nothing but bad-faith and lies from all immigration advocates. We need to understand those facts. It is time to totally end immigration, period.
    Immigration is an obsolete relic of a by-gone era.
    Immigration supporters are: the dishonest, the fraud, the cheat, the liar, the crook, the grifter, the swindler.
    Opportunities and liberty can be exported to people, instead of importing people here. Let them improve their home country.

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      Hell, we have supported these illegal aliens all their lives what do you want? Plenty of black people that, like whites, work to support their own families. not illegal aliens. DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS INCLUDING DACA

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      Who is going to help them when the Cartel takes over and starts torturing all their Pets?
      When people are running wild speeding through the streets, raping, stealing their cars, your packages, Human trafficking, ?
      Help them turn this country into a place just like the one they left behind.

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      Apparently, your university is totally among the leftist no borders crowd, putting the best interests of illegal aliens before those of American citizens. Let us all hope that the serious cituzen students will revolt against using THEIR funds for illegal aliens.