CNN Moderators Fail to Ask a Single Question About Immigration at Democratic Debates

Immigration remains one of the most important issues to American voters, but CNN moderators failed to ask a single question about the topic at Tuesday’s 2020 Democratic Presidential debate in Ohio.

Even as the nation grapples with a historic FY 2019 surge in border apprehensions, a one million asylum case backlog, and the rise of sanctuary jurisdictions that shield criminal illegal aliens from immigration authorities, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper managed to avoid asking a stage full of prospective presidents how they would handle these matters if elected. CNN could have included an immigration-related question, or two. However, the outlet’s increasingly overt political agenda may have prevented this from occurring.

The moderators’ failure to ask about immigration-related issues on the national stage did not go unnoticed. Candidate Julian Castro, made it clear that moderators made a colossal mistake by leaving out the topic. He later tweeted that “three hours and no questions tonight about…immigration…children are still in cages at the border,” notwithstanding the fact that neither kids, nor anyone else, are being kept in cages.

Even supportive audience members became frustrated with the moderator questions, expressing that hours went by with no discussion on immigration.

In three debates this summer, candidates spent most of their time discussing healthcare. While immigration was covered in earlier debates, the topic has progressively gotten less airtime in the last three debates.

It is perplexing and unfathomable that a major news network did not focus on a political issue that remains a top priority for American voters. Perhaps the network took note of recent polls indicating that a significant amount of voters, including Democrats, do not support the immigration positions taken by the candidates and wished to shield them from hostility. Or perhaps the network is still in denial about there even being an issue with our nation’s immigration system. Either way, both approaches are inexcusable.

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    jerseycityjoan on

    I think maybe there was no immigration question because CNN thought the Democrats had made their position clear. Based on prior debates, it looks like the Democrats want to give immigrants an open border to come in through and then all the benefits that American citizens receive that are legally possible to give them. I would also assume that Democrats will give illegal and legal immigrants even more rights to things when they are in power again.

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    Its a good way to get the people to destroy these so called people. By that dont be surprised if the start dying

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    Anderson Cooper is a gay shill for the Left. He promotes their agenda and has long since lost his credibility in being a “newsman”.
    Now he’s just a biased media hack.
    And I don’t see where I’m wrong in believing the above.

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    Carl A Goldberg on

    It is no surprise at all. Because the issue of immigration is so important to the American people, and because the Democrats are afraid or ideologically opposed to taking a pro-American position, the moderators did not want to expose the candidates.

    The other major issue which the moderators strictly avoided was policy towards Israel especially considering the influence of antisemites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and AOC. Here, too, the candidates would have taken an anti-Israel position which might have lost them voters in the election. Therefore, this issue, too, had to be avoided.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Leftist Media Industrial Complex is pro Illegal Immigration thus block questions
    Only FBN & FNC, OAN would ask hard questions
    Debates are closed show & WE Lose.
    No give or take on ideas.
    Illegals flood CA.
    Dems DONT Care

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