CASA in Action slanders Virginia immigrant candidate as … “anti-immigrant”

The illegal alien ethnic advocacy group CASA In Action is running a Facebook ad accusing a Republican candidate running for a District Supervisor seat in Fairfax County, Virginia, representing the Sully District, of being “anti-inmigrante” (i.e. “anti-immigrant”).

There is just one problem: the candidate, Srilekha Palle, is an immigrant from India who has lived in the United States for the past two decades.

The deeply dishonest CASA in Action social media ad continues: “Republican candidate Srilekha Palle believes that undocumented immigrants should not receive the same benefits as any other resident in the Sully District. If she is elected, she will push an anti-immigrant policy that will affect our immigrant and Latino community.” It also claims that Palle “seeks to separate families.”

The overwhelming reaction to CASA in Action’s pandering on Facebook was brutal. One user responded: “Y’all really seem to hate minorities if they don’t agree with your liberal agenda. Looking forward to voters rejecting your hateful fearmongering in a week,” i.e. on November 5. Similar comments (including from Hispanic users), expressing full support for Palle, were dominant at the time of this writing. In other words, the ad seems to have backfired.

The reality is that the immigrant candidate simply believes that illegal aliens – people who have broken the law to enter the country and remain here illegally – should not be entitled to receive the same benefits as the county’s American citizen and legal immigrant residents.

Likely, the main reason why the pro-illegal alien left is attacking Palle is that she seeks to reverse Fairfax County’s “reckless” and misguided “sanctuary” policies. She also calls for “driving out violent gangs,” such as MS-13, “and human traffickers” from the county. In other words, Palle’s main “sin” is respecting the rule of law, including our immigration laws.

None of these proposals are “anti-immigrant.” They are simply commonsense policies that protect the security and financial welfare of not only American citizens, but also legal immigrants.

Unfortunately, much of the left continues to pull, time and time again, the same misleading trick by conflating legal immigrants and illegal aliens – referring to both as simply “immigrants,” and to anyone who opposes illegal immigration and supports the rule of law as “anti-immigrant.” The greatest takeaway here, however, is the unbridled hypocrisy of radical political agitators who claim to be “pro-immigrant” while attacking and defaming actual immigrants who simply happen to disagree with their dangerous and irresponsible policies.

Update: The Democrats won the November 5 state election, gaining majorities in both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate. In Fairfax County’s Sully District, Srilekha Palle was defeated by incumbent Democrat Kathy Smith, who received 63 percent of the vote.

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