Biden Says Obama Administration “Breaking Their Neck” on Amnesty

Biden – Obama Administration “Breaking Their Neck” on Amnesty

“Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday said that he and President Obama have been breaking their necks trying to get immigration reform,” Politico reports.

“‘Right now, you’ve got the president and I and a lot of Democrats out there breaking our neck trying to get a real immigration law that takes millions of people out of the shadows, making sure that ‘Dreamers’ don’t have to go back in many cases to countries they’ve never been,’ he said in an interview with the Enrique Santos radio show.”

Scholarship Program for Illegal Aliens Kicks Off

“Starting this Thursday, Illinois officials expect thousands of young immigrants to apply for help for college through a privately-funded state scholarship program,” reports.

Immigrant students in Illinois — whether they have papers or not — can apply for tuition help to Illinois colleges and universities because of the Illinois DREAM Fund, which was created by state legislation passed in 2011.

Somali Immigrants Bused to Ohio Early Voting

Democrat operatives have been seen busing Somali immigrants to early-voting stations in the swing state of Ohio, and telling them how to vote for the Democrat Party, sources report,” according to

“The Somalis, who cannot read English, are told by the Democrat operatives to ‘vote Brown all the way down,’ anonymous eyewitnesses have told Human Events. The statement is an apparent reference to Senator Sherrod Brown, the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio who is on the ballot.”

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      “dreamers” out of the shadows. since when have they been in the shadows? pretty run of the mill in USA and know their way through every organization for the benefits.