Facebook CEO May Spend $$ on Amnesty Push

McCain Tells Amnesty Supporters “You Are Not Going to be Completely Happy” With Bill

“Sen. John McCain worked to lower expectations surrounding his plan for immigration reform and hinted at difficult disagreements in Congress during an emotional town hall meeting in his home state of Arizona on Monday that saw people on both sides of the debate exchange fiery insults,” CBS News reports.

“McCain said the so-called Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group of lawmakers working on immigration legislation in the Senate, has agreed on more work visas for workers and protections for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, but declined to provide specific details.”

Facebook CEO May Spend $$ on Amnesty Push

“Mark Zuckerberg appears to have found his next venture: politics. The 28-year-old Facebook CEO and billionaire — after mostly staying out of the political fray while running his company’s day-to-day operations — is joining with other executives to form an issues advocacy organization, with an initial focus on comprehensive immigration reform, according to sources familiar with the discussions,” Politico reports.

“The group is forming at a time when the tech industry is stepping up its immigration efforts, with executives advocating key provisions to help in the battle for global talent. But those executives also say they support reforms to create a path to citizenship for undocumented people for the good of the nation and economy.”

Business Lobby, Labor At Odds Over Wage Provisions

“The breakdown in [amnesty]talks is about degrees rather than overall principles. How much should foreign workers be paid? How should that wage rate calculated, and who decides?” says National Journal.

“The dispute between labor and business over work visas highlights the sensitivity of the effort to reshape an immigration system that doesn’t work very well for anybody. Immigration reform is a top priority for President Obama and for Republicans in Congress, who are worried that without an overhaul, the Hispanic population will become permanent Democrats.”

“On the work-visa issue, the AFL-CIO says that Republicans last week walked away from a proposal that would have set the wage rate for foreign workers at the median of the wages for that particular job.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The topic of illegal immigration needs to include outsourcing and insourcing. I have friends who have advanced degrees from top US colleges who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Pressure needs to be put on large corporations, especially in the high tech sector. Why are the CEO’s of these companies insisting that the US needs to import high skilled foreign workers – when there is an abundance of skilled US high tech workers? Why is Steve Jobs still regarded as an American hero when his products were made in China under brutal working conditions? What happened to the strong union leadership in this country?

    Illegal immigration and outsourcing are not only related to picking lettuce, gardening, or working in the back of restaurants. Any job involving a computer (which is the majority of all jobs today) can be outsourced. Today, Americans cannot work at fast food places because the salaries are too low (You can feed a family on $10 dollars per hour?). They can’t work in the construction, gardening, general handyman trades, etc. because illegals have taken these jobs and in the process devalued them- not just via low salaries but also quality of work, and craftsmanship.

    They can’t work as telemarketers or customer service reps since these jobs are now in India, Mexico, or the Philippines – at a fraction of the salary. They can’t work in the high tech sector because jobs are being both outsourced as well as insourced (not everyone can be the founder of Facebook).

    When politicians speak about “the jobs” – they mean low paying jobs with no benefits or pensions. The issue is not just “jobs” – there is always a Help Wanted sign at Wal-Mart or Burger King. It’s about salaries, benefits, and respect. Yet, due to cowardly politicians, big business lobbyists, weak union leadership, and other key factors – our future looks bleak.

    I think that changing Congress is our only way out of this. Regular people in regular towns and cities across the country running campaigns focused on one issue and one issue only: The protection of the American worker.

    Let’s get to it guys.

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    John Winthrop on

    All you guys have your heads stuck and buried underground………………..the immigration he supports is for the high skill immigrants………………………………

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    “It’s not acceptable to have 11 million people living in the shadows of this country,” McCain said. “If you believe they are not living in the shadows, I’d like to know what the hell shadows are?”
    —————No, it’s NOT acceptable. We were promised in 1986 that there would be NO MORE AMNESTIES because there would be NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. We were lied to then, and we’re being lied to now. As for “shadows”, well, the Senator apparently wasn’t looking at who was attending his meeting. I read that the first few rows were filled with ILLEGAL ALIENS bused in to stack the meeting. And look who’s admitting, in front of the group, that they’re here illegally. The people quoted in this article. If that’s “shadows”, I’d love to see bright sunlight.

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      American Citizen in Kentucky on

      Corporations want illegals for the cheap labor and because they don’t pay any taxes on them. Legal immigrants don’t want illegals the cut in line and buy their way to citizenship. These illegal aliens are so used to breaking our laws, coming here illegally in the first place, driving without a license or insurance, and demanding our government change our laws for their benefit. They need to return to their own country and demand that their own government take care of them.
      Your right “hiding in the shadows” is a joke, they are parading up and down our streets, blocking traffic and waving the American flag upside down.

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    hedy atkinson on

    1-866-338-1015 1-866-220-0044

    call congress everyday to complain against this deal: 23 million americans no jobs; veterans and families no benefits or jobs; suicide every day with legal citizens; 54% of illegals on welfare – fight obama -keep saying we want this…

    CONGRESS: 1-866-338-1015 1-866-220-0044

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      Thanx Hedy – and what about the 16.7 % American black unemployment in this country? They dont tell you about that. I watched as two unemployed Black men stood outside the Family Services in Absecon, NJ while four Mexicans worked doing the landscaping for Family Services. When I asked both Black men if they wanted a job, they both stepped forward eagerely and practically yelled “Yes!” Get rid of the damned Mexicans & hire our Americans!!

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    Mark Zuckerberg? If you saw the movie about the founding of Facebook, and it was based on the actual transcripts of the lawsuit hearings, he had to make substantial monetary settlements with the people who he had business dealings with, concerning the launch of the site while he was at Harvard. A perfect spokesman for the “reform” movement. Another guy whose word is worth nothing.

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      I have read that Zuckerberg, and his Facebook business, paid no US federal taxes. If this is true, how in the world does he think he should express his opinion on anything American. He, and others like him carrying their corporations to other countries to avoid taxes, should keep their mouths shut.

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      John WInthrop on

      Leland SO WHAT?……………………he made it right?…I mean then Gates bought the OS, the Steve Jobs took other Corp TEch to emulate his tech……….so everybody copies from everybody and then only the few do all the work…….at the end of things like in soccer….what only matter is the score…INT OTHER WORDS…that our country remains competitive…………..by givin a fair chance to everybody and having the best possible immigration legislation…..

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    If Open Border McCain Even Hints at Distain for His Amnesty Bill(s)

    That means we’re a HORRIFIED “out of control angry mob” with them and about ready to pick up our pitch forks and torches over it…