Gangs of Eight Finalize Amnesty Bills

Senator Leahy plans to rush amnesty through Senate. New from FAIR.The latest news from Capitol Hill is that both amnesty working groups in the House and Senate – the so-called “Gangs of Eight” – are finalizing their “comprehensive” immigration reform bills this week!

Right now, we need help contacting Members of Congress. Through April 5, both the House and Senate are on recess and many members are back at home and holding town hall meetings. Both of these “Gangs” are expected to introduce legislation when they return on April 8.

Once legislation is introduced, the pro-amnesty “Gangs”  are expected to rush it through the relevant committees and to the  floors for a vote. They plan to give the American people as little time as possible to learn what’s in the legislation before it’s passed.

In fact, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has already said he intends to “proceed to comprehensive immigration reform with all deliberate speed,” and has indicated he will not hold any additional hearings on immigration once the Senate Gang of Eight introduces its amnesty legislation.

The Gangs of Eight are purposely delaying releasing their bills because they know that Americans do not want amnesty and that if given the time to read and understand the legislation, it would have zero public support

Please call them today and let them know that the American people won’t stand for legislation written behind closed doors and rushed through the House and Senate.

If you need help making a call, click here to view our new Activist Toolkit. You’ll find a helpful guide on how to contact your Members of Congress.


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    Every single comment by the above authors is true and the record supports every issue they have to bring. Something has gone very, very wrong in our country. Since when via Humantarian Aid is it okay to support nation after nation, taking on their citizenry as our newly “Protected Class” of individuals, whilst at the exact same time heaping obscene amounts of entitlements (benefits) not earned mind you but nonetheless stolen.

    There is now more financial aid (taxpayer funds) being sent to hell, all over Africa; consequently illegal’s are now pandering for their rights. They walk around and talk about how “we deserve it…” and I say, For doing what?

    We have government officials who pander to their lobbyists; a president who has illegals way out in front of our own citizens. Therefore, I ask very nicely, “When do I get mine?” You see when I buy 1000 shares of Starbuck’s stock I receive a stock certificate entitling me as an owner in Starbuck’s. However, Starbuck’s would have to pay dearly if I sold my stock and received nothing — not even my money back.

    It is not a hard stretch for anyone; but that’s what Barack Obama did to us, meaning: that in TARP 1 and even more so in the “stimulus package” that cost me 1/3rd of my nest egg. Now GM is back on the market a new fresh entity and to this day I have never received a stock certificate or an I.O.U. We do not have leadership at the helm in this nation — we have corrupt and incredibly treasonous people running it.

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    Bruno Francis on

    The gang of eight are missing the point! Illegal aliens have broken our laws. Does anyone remeber what our laws mean to this country? Why is it ok to break our laws and win a prize of citizenship??!! Illegal aliens already win a prize with anchor babies, because they rape from hard working Americian citizens monies from our social security office. These freebies include food stamps, HUD housing, car allowances, medical care and so on. Wow! Not even our military gets this type of treatment. I know this from personal experience because of several veterans that I know that need medical, housing, food and lots of other care but don’t receive it because the illegal alien receives their freebies first and if and when any veterans need help/assistance they are last on the list with few dollars left to help them.

    Also anyone that supports amnesty should be tired for treason and sedtion because this is an invading force on American soil and these illegal aliens have broken our laws and the federal government, who is to protect American citizens from any foreign or domestic enemies, which is the number #1 job of the federal government has fail all American citizens. Imagine all that money, taxpayers money, that goes to these law breaking invaders! These $500 Billion to $1 trillion dollars per year would allow for better education, better health care and better assist seniors in there retirement. Unfortunutely, not very many people realize this but Ronald Reagan during his eight years was sometimes with us and sometimes not. The time that he was not with us, mentally, Nancy Reagan had he sign the amnesty bill of 1986. I forgot the name of the illness that he had but it was a lose of mind, so to speak, he was not all here mentally but physically he was. By the time he was with us, Reagan was very upset at his wife because he never would have signed this bill into law. He agreed that breaking our laws does not give you a free ride.

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    You Notice Senator Leahy Looks About 70 YO

    He’ll likely be dead before all the additional overpopulation impacts him too severely. Does he have any empathy for his kids and/or grandkids though?

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      American Citizen in Kentucky on

      The” melting pot” is already overflowing. We can’t afford to import poverty from all over the world. Are we already providing huge amounts of foreign aid to get these people to stay in their own country? Illegal aliens exported 2.9 Billions of dollars to Mexico alone. This money they earned in America, but did not spend in America to help our economy, is being wired to Mexico and other countries. The “middle class” is shrinking and our country will be made up of two classes of people, the rich and the poor.
      We need term limits so our Congress will be working for the American taxpayer and not always working for their own re-election for themselves. What if immigration reform ends up for 50 million people instead of 11 million? Remember what happened in 1986, it ended up being way more than predicted, with no limits on how many were admitted in the amnesty program. Is America going to be the “dumping ground” for all poor people in the world?