Video: Schumer Refuses To Estimate Future Immigration Flow Under Gang Of Eight Proposal

Fresh from today’s Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up process on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill (with special thanks to the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)).

One of the most controversial and unanswered questions pertaining to the Gang of Eight immigration bill is how many immigrants will be legalized and brought into the country under their plan.

Based on bipartisan estimates, the number could be 30 million or higher–11 million who are here illegally who will immediately be allowed to work and compete with Americans for jobs; 4.5 million due to clearing out the so-called “backlog” of applications; and 15 million future legal immigrants over the next decade, which represents a 50 percent increase above current projections.

Although Sen. Schumer disputed the 30 million figure, he repeatedly refused to offer his own estimate, making it very difficult to determine how other components of the legislation (fees and taxes, for example) would actually work.

See the video of the exchange below….

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    Today’s article in the LA times:,0,5030351.story

    They are concerned about state and local costs for the amnestied illegals. These, as Senator Sessions pointed out, are not covered in the current bill. They estimate 1.1 million in Los Angeles alone (prob a low-ball). The total for all the sanctuary cities there ( LA, San Fran, etc. etc.) is likely sufficient for bankruptcy. But of course their two senators will vote in favor, as will the Democrats in other affected states.

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    John Winthrop on

    Amazing…………the white hair Senator……………..a Law maker……..YET!! does not know our country’s demographics as to the percentage of the age demographics. so that what he asks Schumer he can answer himself…………………as a politician he should know this so that in the next 100 yhears we know our young working force to maintain the system….Ifirmly believe his IQ is lower than that of Heritage’s……The Heritage should perform an analysis of the congress’ IQ instead THAT IS OUR PROBLEM!!!

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      Obrien Jamas on

      Mr. Winthrop, you seem to be missing how politics works… Asking a question during a hearing often has nothing to do with needing to know facts… It is often used to try to draw out information from the supporters of a bill that can be disseminated to the public. The reason for this is simple, if you (a voter) hear something from a lawmaker that clearly makes it sound to you like jobs will be lost under a bill, but that lawmaker opposes the bill, you may discount it as an attempt to deceive; but if you hear a supporter of a bill say something that sounds to you like it means jobs will be lost… Guess what, you are much more likely to believe the supporter of the bill, as they have no reason to intentionally do damage to their own work.

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        Victoria Gibson on

        Pretty sick way to do business, Huh! Smoke & Mirror’s! This type of game-playing by our gov. show’s how far down we have gone. We all know there are “Hustler’s” in the gov. ,show’s every damn day! But we are expected to accept this as a moral, ethical way to represent the citizen’s, who not only elect them-but expect them to do the right thing! Too many honest good men & women get into politic’s, it is so lucritive-they forget who they are working for. If they don’t play the game’s, they don’t get on special committes & so they become the same crooked, game-playing crook’s as their higher up’s! , Money & Power, that’s what it’s all abt. They treat the people who elected them as the village idiot’s but the people don’t mind as long as they get food credit card’s,birth control pills & condoms! Anything free!The pompous behavior of our gov. is so damned apparent & wrong! Shame on them!
        Do they REALLY believe that we can as a nation survive their pompus -selfish, self-serving way’s. Do they really believe that “if”, sharia law is initiated in this country, that they will be honored? I think not!!!

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        JohnWinthrop on

        Mr Jamas, you seem not to have realized the country we live in…………………….Congress has been riding the wave for many sessions and this is an example of the taxpayer’s money waste of time………throughout all theses past 10 sessions+ our country has not been taken cared of by most politicians….and the least maintained but just patching things up….so guess what I am sure you never realized about it…………….

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    There’s an old saying. Don’t buy a pig in a poke. A poke is an old name for a sack. The saying means don’t buy what you can’t see. Or, in this case, what you can’t be assured of. Schumer couldn’t tell the truth if he tried.

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    Denise Hess on

    Sen. Schumer, we need to enforce the current immigration law. That will ensure deportation of the 11 million who are here illegally and THEN we can see what works and what doesn’t. There’s no way you can spin this to look like it HELPS Americans. It doesn’t.

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      Obrien Jamas on

      I have personally observed hundreds of Mexican citizens being signed up to work recently in the United States, while at the same time, many Americans are out of work. How does this benefit American workers, especially if you are going to give amnesty to millions more illegal aliens, allowing them to also compete for any job in the US?