This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: April 27, 2012

This Date in Obama's Administrative AmnestyOn this date two years ago, the Obama Administration instructed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to refrain from enforcing the law against illegal aliens apprehended for “minor traffic offenses.” To achieve this goal, ICE changed its policies so that when the Secure Communities program identifies illegal aliens pursuant to a traffic offense, ICE will no longer ask the local jails to detain the illegal aliens so that ICE may begin deportation proceedings. As a result, the Administration significantly weakened the critical Secure Communities program, whereby federal and state/local law enforcement share data in an effort to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

News of the policy shift came in the form of a report no less. This nearly 20-page document contained the announcement of three major changes to Secure Communities:

  1. STOP Detaining.  When state and local law enforcement stop illegal aliens for a traffic offense, ICE will no longer ask the local jails to detain the illegal aliens so that ICE may begin deportation proceedings.
  2. STOP Fingerprinting.  The Administration encouraged local agencies not to submit fingerprints to the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for individuals arrested for “minor offenses.”
  3. STOP Arresting.  The Administration announced plans to take action against jurisdictions with arrest rates the agency deems too high.

The sign that the Obama Administration was giving to law enforcement was clear: STOP enforcing immigration laws.

For more information, see President Obama’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    But he’s the deporter in chief. Not. What he is is the lawbreaker in chief, working to excuse other lawbreakers. The pledge of allegiance ends with liberty and justice for all. With this administration it’s become one set of laws for citizens and another for illegals. People cross the border illegally or overstay a visa with a leave date, obtain drivers licenses or welfare submitting false information, and work with stolen or fake SS numbers. You try that and you’re in trouble. With illegals we want to make you a citizen.

    I was watching news on the Donald Sperling story and there was tons of commentary that basically said this proves America is still a racist country. No, it proves he’s a jerk and deserves what he gets. I have yet to hear anyone defending him. But we had someone who sat in the pews of a church for 20 years and listened to anti white diatribes and put them in his book, and he gets elected president. Not to mention to this day the big majority of blacks still believe OJ is innocent. And they explain away the mountain of evidence by claiming the entire LAPD was out to frame a black man.

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    Pete Cavanagh on

    No amnesty!!! Any politician who signs on to Obama’s treason by flooding America south illegal immigrant criminals should be jailed and stripped of all pensions and benefits. Treason it’s a hanging offence.

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    Pete Cavanagh on

    Obama you are nothing but a worthless POS. America doesn’t want you or your amnesty. You should be hanged for treason. And Biden for that fact any ******* pandering politician signing on to amnesty from criminal illegal immigrants.

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      I think that the illegals are illegals, and should be sent back home. It is not fare that they do not support the people who are legal. They refuse to learn English and take the low paying jobs that our kids could get.