What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: Limit Overall Immigration

Limit overall immigration

We are a nation of over 315 million people. We need to consider how much we want to grow and how that growth will affect jobs, our environment, resources and quality of life in America.

Millions of people around the world want to live in the U.S. and would immigrate here if given the chance. A 2012 Gallup poll projected that 150 million people would like to move to the U.S. Who can blame them? The U.S. offers economic opportunities and social freedom unparalleled by many countries.

This freedom and opportunity – along with our jobs and natural resources – are not infinite. We cannot possibly absorb and assimilate every potential immigrant into our national fabric and provide jobs and services for hardworking Americans.

So what are our priorities? FAIR believes the primary focus of the U.S. government should be an immigration policy that benefits Americans. That means admitting immigrants that serve our national interests in numbers that do not hurt U.S. jobseekers, students, or our environment.

True Immigration Reform: Limit Overall Immigration

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      David Smith on

      All of those plans require enforcement, which there is none. No enforcemtment in the past, none at present and none in the future. About 60% of illegals are those who overstayed temporary visas and you think they will comply now? Not a chance. There is an invasion taking place, and most won’t realize it until too late.

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    The US and Europe is under an invasion by a mass migration of Third World peasants due to over-population and climate change. America is being invaded from Central America, the Phillipines and China and Europe from North Africa, the Middle-East and Asia and Austrailia from Indo-China and Pakistan. The average illegal in the US receives about $14,000 more in benefits than they pay in taxes so multiply that by 12 million. People with education, job skills and money don’t need to sneak across the border through a back door.

    The only real solution, which is never discussed, is mandatory e-verify to turn off the job magnet. Currently, only about 10% of business participate for obvious reasons. No job, No money, No reason to stay. You don’t need to wait until the boat is entirely underwater to realize your sinking.

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    If Washington (both Democraps and Republicants) will not abide with their oaths of office, oaths of representation, and laws of the United States as written, then how and why would anyone assume I could ever believe that they would enforce this or any supposed ‘reform’.
    The Term Reform only amounts to how politicians and friends openly steal without fear and believing people dont know the truth while we really do. This is a full declaration of war against the American People as the treaty between American people (the Constitution and oaths to protect Americans) is not only ignored but knowingly violated.
    Want REFORM? Start by impeaching Obama and every politician (almost all) who ignore our laws (like Senator Durbin and his ‘gang of xxxxxx’ plus all their conspirators (like the head of homeland security) who follow through instead of fulfilling the protection the American public deserves.
    True Immigration Reform: GET OFF YOUR *** AND DO IT!

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    Kristen everybody goes after the illegals BUT there are certainly good illegals as we have witnessed despicable criminals Americans………….at least the good illegals work, abused but work…….look into the Somalis being brought here or the Muslims lately to Maine, etc……….they do not work they get a check , homes. and burglar older citizens as per a friend of mine from Main is living it\…………………there it goes again we need immigration reform…

    It is a complex matter and as usual everybody is blaming the little people…………..and when I say this I mean the illegals that do not take jobs from anybody and have been salved in this country all these years…………

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      If You Mean Falsely Blaming the Little People

      Is the legal American citizen voters for even wanting overpopulation/amnesty in America’s future; I agree with you. As far as blaming IAs for sneaking into our country, let’s put it this way, slavemasters lured them here….they came here on their own decision. Its primarily their fault.

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        arnlof sweigeir on

        Not really…..using engineering critical thinking… U find the root cause: Americans who hired them…….and take accountability for it….very simple to understand… Plus it has been the american way…..cheap labor ..

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    The Rockefeller Commission on population growth in the early 70s recommended that we stabilize our population at the then level of just over 200 million, for the benefit of the country. No one can explain how an extra 100 million people since has benefited us in any way. It was assumed that the low immigration levels of that time would continue, but now we have people with a politically correct agenda who would rather walk on hot coals than admit that a growing population fueled by immigration has a negative affect on this country and it’s environment. Sierra Club ring a bell?

    A lot of people dismiss the current severe drought in the western US by saying we can build more reverse osmosis plants. This simple minded nonsense ignores the fact that: a] it is much more expensive to do so, b] it only works when adjacent to the ocean, otherwise it must be piped long distances, and c}, reverse osmosis is not going to put any more water in western rivers. Every person we add to our population is another person needing water. Water we don’t have.

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      Only voter must have a right for any step in immigration, not Judges or politician.

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    Good Points FAIR

    I’d add too, with the overpopulation damage thelast few decades; we need a steam release to even absorb them. Depopulation in America is possible with our current 1.7 birthrate. Keep immigration down to a theoretical 1.8 birthrate for a few generations and we can possibly fix our past demographic overpopulation failures.

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      SWE the fact is that we are stuck with what we have and as Americans we believe to be…….resourceful, creative, reinventing ourselves at all times…………we need to solve this with the current population and move forward adjusting all disparities…….that is the fastest and most efficient manner moving forward…..of course that does not have to be the way….so far it is the opposite/…

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        Yes John

        But I’d bet dollars to donuts the “cooked books” unemployment rates, avg household incomes [without visibility/reduction because of the concurrent “gypsy” packing of incomes into households due to overpopulation job scarcity] skewing and safe investment interest at a paultry 0% [to feed an unsustainable housing overpopulation bubble low mortgage interest rate] for retirees; would change positively overnight with a government plan for depopulation into America’s future.

        Its called hope.