The truth about who actually supports and opposes Obama’s handling of immigration

Poll NumbersWhen someone uses the term “immigration reform advocate,” the mental image of a Hispanic Millennial may be the first to come to mind.

Contrastingly, at the mention of “securing the border,” one may think of a middle-aged suburban and rural dweller.

New data from a Paragon Insights poll indicated that both of those perceptions are partially incorrect. The early October survey looked into how Americans feel about President Obama’s handling of immigration. Surveyors then broke down their findings into geographical, sociological and political categories to provide a more thorough analysis of how important true immigration reform is among these different groupings.

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters disapproved of how Barack Obama has handled the issue of immigration. Only 32 percent of the country approved of his approach while 9 percent stated “don’t know/no opinion.” The below categorizations were all in response to whether they do or not approve of Obama’s management of national immigration policies.

  • More voters from ages 30 to 44 approved (41 percent) than those from 18 to 29 years of age (36 percent).
  • African Americans were the most approving of the president (64 percent), higher than Hispanics (57 percent)
  • The Pacific region of the country had the highest approval rate of the president’s handling of immigration, weighing in at 42 percent. The West North Central had the lowest rate of approval (21 percent) while the Midwest weighed in with 26 percent.
  • Regional disapproval rates were much higher, ranging from 50 to 73 percent. The Pacific registered the lowest rate of disapproval (50 percent) while again the West North Central region expressed the most disapproval (73 percent).
  • 42 percent of respondents with a post-graduate degree approved while only 28 percent of those with less than a college degree agreed.
  • Urban dwellers were most in support while residents of rural areas were most opposed.
  • Democratic men were easily the most supportive demographic group, with 63 percent approving of Obama’s management of immigration. Republican men voiced the most disapproval (84 percent).
  • The most ironic finding came near the end of Question #64, where those who said jobs were the most important issue, showed the second highest approval rate (42 percent). Eighty-four percent of those who viewed the deficit/debt as the most important issue disapproved of the president’s handling of immigration.

If the Obama administration grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants later this year, millions more of low- and middle-class workers may lose jobs as a result of large employers being able to hire immigrant workers at lower compensation rates. Consequently, we may then see the president’s ratings plunge as those who supported the president realize it was his agenda that caused their newfound unemployment.

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    There is big money going to the Republican machine from backers of illegal ommogration. Ask Texas Republicans why there is no E-9 type laws there. They control the state, but believe it is better to have illegals than unions, screw the middle class. Ask Texas Republicans why they bring in nurses on visas ( at less than fair pay), rather than pay more to attract American workers. It isn’t black people preferring welfare to work, it’s employers favoring low wages to illegals. We had a local radio show where the conservative host , who also has a construction co., says he prefers illegals, because they don’t make workmen’s comp. claims and work cheaper.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    The information that I read on Judicial Watch is a stunner It seems that someone let out the information that Obama was planning on bringing people with Ebola into the country so they could be treated in hospitals here. It didn’t say who these people were or how many of them would be allowed in. It looks like they would have to be flown in from one of the Ebola effected countries at taxpayer expense of course.

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    64% of blacks approve of Obama’s immigration policies? I guess they do not realize that the more illegals that enter the work force the less chance they will have of finding a job because companies will continue to hire at cheaper wages but I guess as long as Obama continues to promise more welfare it does not matter. In the end, it seems citizens are less important than illegals

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      64 % of Blacks approve of Obama’s all policies, only because he is one of them, and few, if any, Blacks are willing to work, once they taste the titty that keeps on giving., A.K.A. WELFARE, paid by working Republicans.

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    I just laugh at massive-immigration loving “Republicans” like John McAmnesty and Leonard “I can’t see the big picture” Rubio.

    What’s even funnier, and sadder, is the sheeple who vote them back into office everytime.

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      What it means is that the number of low information republican voters is comparable to the number of low information democrat voters.

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    The article states 64% of Americans of African decent approve of Obama’s immigration policy.
    If this is correct, then the Americans of African decent are a hopeless lot.
    To be for illegals and the flood of legal immigrants is to doom any chance of Americans of African decent ever achieving full parity with middle class America.
    Will this community continue to do so much to hold back its potential to fully join the American culture and society.

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      I must say the only Americans that approve of Obama’s amnesty, are the ones that are on welfare, and too lazy to work. As long as you give people money for doing nothing, that’s all they will do nothing. America has got to quit worrying about the rest of the world and start taking care of home. Close immigration for a couple of years, Make it a law that any company that has illegal workers will be fined $50,000 for every illegal worker, then make people on welfare work for their benefits. You keep on letting illegal immigrants into America, then legal Americans will be the minority.

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        Rosemary Jones on

        You must be kidding… many of the rich middle-class who have jobs now receive benefits, republican and democrat alike so ease up on the blanket generalizations.

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    Watched ” waters world” on fox news the other night, I was amazed at how little the college students knew about our country. IF we were invaded they would not know what to do, where to go and how to defend themselves. No wonder obama speaks to them rather than older adults. They are gullible and easy pickings for the left (communists ).

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    Until Unemployment Hits Your Household

    Many of the voters are too busy watching the “Gladiators in the Collapsing Roman Empire Colliseum [football]” to pay attention to the amnesty brainwashing our MSM implements. Their focus is elsewhere until unemployment hits home.

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      Instead of dealing with the government and their bias against white Americans and bias for ILLEGALS, JUST DON’T INTERVIEW ANY HISPANICS FROM ANYWHERE. If you are a contractor/builder, I ask buyers, remodelers…..DON’T BUY HOMES OR HIRE REMODELERS WHO USE HISPANIC LABOR. Buyers, you will pay more in your taxes to support these scabs. Why not pay a little more and support your fellow AMERICAN. And while you are at it stop buying the inferior and sometimes poisonous Chinese products, ESPECIALLY FOOD. Don’t buy food that is produced OR PACKED IN Asia or the Pacific Rim. It is your life and your families life and American jobs. Also, don’t hire, rent, do business with the murdering and raping Islamists. And, watch your back so you can fire your defensive protection before one of them removes your head. Get to the gun store quick!

      WAKE UP!

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    The consensus of most of the pundits is that the Republicans are going to pay the ultimate price for their opposition to amnesty. But perhaps the consensus is wrong because it seems to be the Democratic party that is labeling itself as the party that puts the interests of immigrants, legal and illegal, before those of American citizens.