DHS Releases New Service for Individuals to Prevent Identity Theft

E-VerifyLast Monday, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that the tool designed to combat illegal aliens who steal identities in order to game E-Verify, called Self Lock, is now available nationwide. (USCIS Press Release, Apr. 13, 2015) In an effort to give workers more protection against identity theft, USCIS created myE-Verify which allows employees and job seekers to create an account that manages their personal information. (USCIS Press Release, Oct. 6, 2014) .

Read the rest from this week’s Legislative Update here.

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  2. avatar
    Joel Wischkaemper on

    So true but since our government didn’t see fit to top them at the border…
    And you can bet all you got, it takes about one twentieth the amount of money to stop them at the border compared to stopping them in the Carolinas.

    It should be, and maybe it is, an offense to NOT build that fence as Mr. Obama has done. Somebody should go to jail, and go to jail without all the loot they built up in Washington DC.

    • avatar
      Norman Dyche on

      So true but since our government didn’t see fit to top them at the border….Now we live with it in our communities and on the farm. Someone should document the problems on the farms. i.e.damage to the trees. Non Workers slitting the tires of employees cars while they work. The sheriff is so overworked they arrive 2 hours later. No one around.
      Every day extra workers wanting a job line the entrance to the field. It is so far out of hand I don’t see a fix!!