‘You’re Fired — Now Train Your Foreign Replacement’

money“What could get self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders and rock-ribbed Republican Jim Inhofe to agree? The two senators have teamed up in their support for an investigative inquiry into the billion-dollar utility Southern California Edison, which has been firing American tech workers and replacing them with lower-paid foreign workers brought here through the controversial H-1B visa program,” says Ian Smith in a new column for Fox News.

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    Fred Hawkins on

    It’s the same old story: the politicians establish a “need” for more and more foreign workers, even though the “need” often doesn’t exist, fire good American workers, bring in foreign workers, pay them less, if they now hire a few American workers, pay them the same thing they pay their foreign workers, wages fall, standard of living falls, employers’ profit increases, local, state, and federal revenue decreases, taxes increase to make up for the shortfall, and politicians wring their hands, saying “what’s causing this”? Their answer: we need to bring in more foreign workers to make up for the shortage in our workforce, or Americans just don’t do their job. If the politicians don’t know what’s really going on, they should listen to the American people who have first-hand knowledge about what’s happening. And, by the way, put in at least a 40 hour work week to solve the nation’s massive problems. If anyone is interested, watch the House and Senate debates on C-Span and you’ll see that the few who show up often debate in a practically empty chamber. How are they spending their time? Does anyone doubt that for many of them their primary goal is to be elected or remain in office and become a career politician, the country be damned. I’m still optimistic because our problems can be solved since we created most of them ourselves..

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      So True Fred

      I’m sure there’s lots of Billionaires that agree with the majority of American voters like us. Get their funding on board and the “evil billionaire open border pundits” will be fighting big money too. There is hope.

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    I’d tell them them to go **** themselves.
    We can’t boycott our local utilities short of investing tens of thousands of dollars in home generators and solar panels, but we can still boycott private enterprises who hire illegals and foreigners over Americans in the name of the almighty dollar. Once companies get the message, they’ll show their cheap labor the door and said cheap labor will self-deport. We just have to band together to make it happen! We’ll look like racists and bigots, but, well, most libs think of us that way already anyway.

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      mind tracker on

      You talk like you just got your green card and you afraid the “immigrants” my friend.There is nothing to worry about if you are a hard worker, highly skilled,and with a nice attitude every day in your work.

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        Mind Tracker – It appears that you have never been impacted by the flood of foreign workers. As one that has, I suggest that you do a little research on this matter.

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        Are you saying that all the Americans laid off are not hard workers? I guess you’re naive enough to believe that it’s just a big coincidence that the foreign workers are paid less and that has nothing to do with why the Americans get let go. I would say you’ve lost your mind.

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          mind tracker on

          Ye my friend the first time i lost my mind was when some Americans in my job site denied to do a job because their occupation was different,lets think for a minute like job owners with bills to pay,nobody globally wants somebody who is in bad mood every morning and act like “i’m here to pick up the toothpicks from the floor” that means i’m here for the paycheck only.WE LEFT THE DOOR OPEN FOR EVERY BODY TO GET OUR JOBS, and remember …… be the worker you dreamed for your own business and everything will be ok.Have a blessed day.

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            83ragtop50 on

            mind tracker – that may have been you experience but that certainly is not what I have observed in over 45 years in the IT workforce. Of course, we IT folks typically are not union so that might make a difference. Just another reason – although possibly not salient to this discussion – to continue to get rid of union shops.

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            Oh please, business wants to pay less. That’s why they want foreign workers.