Washington Post Calls for End of Investor Visas

A Washington Post editorial called for eliminating the investor visa (EB-5) program sometimes called the “million dollar” visa program. Given the paper’s long-standing pro-immigration advocacy, this position was noteworthy.

USA_Passport_StampThe editor’s view is that the, “EB-5 has shown paltry results…”  It also noted that all too often the program has been tarnished by fraud. The paper did not oppose the program because it consists of selling visas to entrepreneurs. “Notice we haven’t said EB-5 is wrong because it’s immoral for the U.S. government to sell visas.”  Rather, the WaPo opined, “…let the thousands of visas set aside for EB-5 applicants be reassigned to immigrants who are worthy even if they aren’t rich.”

FAIR shares the view that the investor visa program should be ended and has warned against the current congressional proposal to reauthorize these visas. “Congress should shut down the program and devise a rational, skilled-based legal immigration policy. Then many of the people buying their way in with EB-5s might otherwise qualify as skilled immigrants,” FAIR wrote in 2011.

This editorial stance of the WaPo is probably one of the few areas on which the paper and FAIR agree. The paper has long supported visa increases and amnesty for illegal entrants and visa overstayers. No change in this position has appeared since the paper was bought by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    There was NO change in the Washington Post’s “long-standing pro-immigration advocacy.” It wants only “the thousands of visas set aside for EB-5 applicants be reassigned to immigrants who are worthy even if they aren’t rich.”

    Presumably, since there are few “millionaire entrepreneurs,” the EB-5 program is not bringing in sufficient numbers of immigrants to satisfy the Washington Post; however, if those EB-5 visas are “reassigned” to immigrants who “aren’t rich,” that will mean THOUSANDS of more immigrants, which is exactly what the Washington Post wants.

    The Washington Post has not in any way altered its “long-standing pro-immigration advocacy.”

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    The only kind of immigration that the Post will never stop supporting is mass importation of low-educated, low-skilled, and rebelious workers from Mexico and other Third-World countries who tend to make a lot of kids.

    Those are future disgruntled masses, a.k.a. proletariat, who will power neo-bolshevik revolution (or similar) in the US. It is worht noting that many of those who control major mass media have their roots in Soviet Union, Russia, and vicinity.

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    Its Funny How Much of the Ethnic Companies Only Hire Their Ethnic Type

    They come to America, start like a Chinese Restaurant and only Chinese are hired.

    A construction company, and only Latinos are hired….

    Indian S/W hires only Indians, etc., etc…

    Where’s the diversity once the EB-5s get to America? LOL

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      I can explain it.

      Diversity means replacing whites with non-whites. For instance, Jamaica whose population is 99 percent black is almost perfectly diverse.

      I hope you now see a method in this madness.

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    I am amazed. Of course the Washington Post is still for amnesty for illegal aliens. I recently watched a panel discussion on a major cable news channel composed of a couple of media elites and a congressman. American citizens opposed to illegal immigration were laughed at and belittled, called “nativists” who like “beating up on immigrants”, and who think (illegal) immigrants are going to “rape their wives” and “steal their jobs”.

    No, American citizens opposed to illegal immigration are not deluded idiots who have been duped into believing some fantasy about illegal immigration that really isn’t occurring. The fact is that Americans’ jobs are being taken and wages depressed by people in this country illegally and Americans are killed on a regular basis and women and children raped by people in this country illegally.

    Some of the terrorists on 9/11 had violated our immigration laws and potentially could have been stopped. Given that Washington is at the top of the list of targets for a terrorist attack, one would think that anyone living there would want our borders secured to make it more difficult for potential terrorists to cross into our country illegally. It just goes to show that a lot of our so-called Washington and media “elites” aren’t as smart as they think they are.

    But how will present day Washington be viewed by future historians anyway, but as the corrupt capital of a decadent and aging empire, a playground for lobbyists and w—-s.

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      SecBorders do not mix the immgration issue with 9/11……two different things…use your brains.. if you are so aware as per your feedback///how come u don’t use any simopae math to understand how we are being lied about///…how many illegals…….20M out of 330M………not even 10%…..and 10% at at fault of our financial situation,,,,,,if you believe that….than you live in LALA land that is exactly what the politicians wants us to be….to believe that……

      There is an illegal/immigration problem for sure,,,, it has always been the case and always will be……..if not how do you think the US came to be…….

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        Now refine your thinking…..the investors visas should not be stopped. What should deb done is that Congress should start working for a change and improve things on how these are given and the money used…….for instance Canada revises its immigration Law and updates it all the time……..how come we don’t?

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          Simple truth…..not too log ago NOBODY cared about the illegals……now that we screwed up the financial system and selling our companies to Asia…we see ….dire straights…and we have to blame the illegals….not the actual perpetrators………you don’t have to believe me just sit back think what I said…..do not even have to write e back…..just think……I am sure you can use your intellect…….

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            You said “do not mix the immigration issue with 9/11”. You need to explain that. As SecBorders said, some of the attackers violated immigration laws. Some were here on expired visas and yet they were allowed to board airplanes. Had they been refused, there was a good chance the whole thing could have been disrupted.

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            regardless of any immigration rules, those suckers would have figured out the way to infiltrate themselves into the system,….but everybody goes crazy about blaming the illegals for 9/11 when it is completely FALSE. One has nothing to do with the there one………………those guys came to harm us legally while the others come illegally to be abused…………….

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            The fact is that some of the hijackers were here illegally because their visas had expired. Had we had a proper system of tracking it might have disrupted the whole plot at the last minute if they had not been allowed to board. You trying to make some excuse that they “would have figured out the way” to do an attack ignores the fact that they couldn’t do it if they were deported.

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            Leland it appears you do not understand the system…………………so you claim we should have had a crystal ball…..!….really…….even our own have done it or you don’t remember the Ok……

            You are simply too close-minded to understand what I just said….amazing…….REALLY amazing……you belong in Congress….

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            So you’re making the argument that “even our own have done it” so that means because we have our own criminals then we don’t do anything about people who are here illegally?

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    Noteworthy, especially coming from the WaPo, but why is did our government act like pimps in the first place?