Cruz and Abbott Team Up to Empower States in Refugee Resettlement

17015676800_dc2eed5514_bYesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, introduced commonsense legislation to empower states to have a greater role in the refugee resettlement process. Specifically, Cruz’s bill requires the Federal government to give states advance notice of the intent to resettle refugees and allows governors to block resettlement when the Federal government fails to provide “adequate assurance” that the immigrant does not present a security risk. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has voiced opposition to the Obama administration’s practice of relocating refugees without notifying states, joined Sen. Cruz to discuss their efforts in Texas. Watch the press conference here.

Senator Cruz: “This legislation will protect the authority of the states and the authority of the governors to keep their citizens safe. Some 30 governors across the country have stood together with Gov. Abbott – standing together as one saying their obligation is to protect the safety and security of the citizens of Texas and the citizens of each of the states that have elected those governors.

Governor Abbott: “Congress intended to give states a substantial role in the refugee resettlement process. The federal government and resettlement agencies have sidestepped that role. My top priority as Governor is to keep Texas citizens safe and this legislation helps me do that.”

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