Do ‘We the People’ Want More Immigration?

Donald Trump

Boston Globe columnist Evan Horowitz wrote on February 22 that Donald Trump is out of touch with the American public because, “A growing majority believe that immigration should either be kept at its current level or increased.” That claim is an old shibboleth. It is equally valid to say that a majority believe that immigration should be decreased or kept at its current level.

The Gallup Poll data cited by the writer show 33 percent wanting a decrease and 40 percent wanting no change. [Note: That latter level decreases when respondents are told that current immigration in currently more than one million persons per year.] The 73 percent total is obviously a large majority. Those supporting an increase – 25 percent of respondents – are a much smaller number than the one-third favoring reduction.

Read more on Trump’s Official Platform Position here.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    The libs / progressives / socialists or whatever they are calling themselves this week all agree that it is ok to lie if the lie might benefit their agenda. The big lie in this is that they want to help the poor people. Reality is that study after study, poll after poll, has shown that these illegals and most legal immigrants vote Democrat. Even most legal citizens on welfare vote Democrat. And you might note it is illegal for non-citizens to vote. Why do you think the progressives fight so hard against voter id laws? Why do you think the current administration has made such an effort to give the immigrants id? They don’t care if it takes billions of dollars from the taxpayers to provide food, clothing, housing and medical care for these folks when Joe Average taxpayer is already on a tight budget. They don’t care if these folks take jobs away from citizens who need them. The libs only concern is to create more Democrat voters so they can remain in power. The are only interested in remaining in power and creating a system where the Democrats win every election, thus becoming the governing royalty.

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    SickofPoliticks on

    Sure… we all want more immigration when we have millions out of work. LOL… The reason Trump has gotten this far is that he was the first candidate to speak out against illegals. And while he may have used the visa programs to his advantage as a businessman, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll stop the harm it does if he becomes President. I’m tired of our citizens and veterans taking a back seat to non-citizens, legal and illegal. Why can’t we help our veterans with call center positions instead of farming the jobs out to India, the Phillipines, etc.? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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    How any sane person can say that we want more unemployed Americans, more Americans on welfare, more homeless Americans on our streets, loss of all our rights while bringing into our country illiterate, unemployable illegals getting free housing, food, medical care, education on the backs of those who are working is beyond any possible any logical thinking. Then to bring in muslims who are out to destroy and conquer, at all cost, and promote jihad upon all who do not comply with Islam, and destroy our constitution and replace it with sharia law is totally incomprehensible. Obviously these crazed idiots have their heads in the sand or up their….(I’m a Christian woman and I don’t use the kind of language I would like to put here.) This kind of thinking and actions can only lead to the total and complete destruction of our country, far from what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

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    Lawrence Schreiber on

    Whoever is doing research for this article does not have a clue. U.S. citizens want illegal and legal immigration stopped cold. Should we allow immigration? Yes, but only where it benefits U.S. Times are a changing. This is not a time when we need unfettered immigration.

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    It’s the math these liberals use – it never makes any sense.
    Another reason to disregard Common Core.

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    A large part of the problem is that the mainstream media, including almost all newspapers, rely on propagandists like Evan Horowitz, who spout nothing but a bunch of cliches. He says this country was “once a bastion of hope to the world’s most desperate”. No, not true at all. Legal immigrants have never been accepted based on how “desperate” they are. Lots of people were turned around at Ellis Island because they were felt to be likely to become “public charges”.

    If before these questions were asked, people were actually given information relevant to the subject, the answers might be quite different. For instance, if it was pointed out that our population is growing 25 to 30 million per decade, with 80% of that coming from the effects of immigration, people would probably reconsider. As pointed out, support for immigration decreases when people learn that a million people are admitted legally every year.

    Very few of the public are actually aware of the true figure. Who else is to blame but a media that fails to inform us on one of the most important issues of our day. No doubt Mr. Horowitz is a dedicated environmentalist. How come he fails to make the connection between environmental degradation and increased population? Phony hypocrite.

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      In Seattle We Use Re-cycling as the Lame Excuse for More Overpopulation, Even Though We Have Boeing

      Mother Earth alleges 1 trip on a Boeing Jet= a year’s worth of Carbon Footprint reduction recycling….LOL

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      It’s because they are all LIARS! They know the truth but since it is not in their favorite the LIE!

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      The world population is soaring even as we are are running out of clean water, air and ocean. There are too many people on earth now – especially in America . I’ve lived long enough to remember what it used to be like – and this is not good. Too many cars and pollution. We will be just like the lab rats that were allowed to overcrowd their cages.
      They did anything to gain space. Ugly. No one thinks of NOT having more children. I wish more people were educated and followed what reason dictates rather then their sexual organs.

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        You are 100% correct. The world is overpopulated by about 3 billion people. There is a massive surplus of labor on earth compared to the labor demand. As automation expands, labor demand decreases thus exasperating the problem. This is why we need to encourage abortion as a means of population control.

        The proof of overpopulation is the unending stream of economic refugees flooding out of the middle east and Africa into Europe and from Mexico to the USA. The fatcats are overjoyed at the labor surplus because it drives wages lower. The fatcats love exploiting the cheap labor.

        Before we opened our borders up to legal immigration in 1965 and wider in 1990 we had the natural balance between the natural born American population and the existing level of economic activity. But since then we have lost massive numbers of jobs due to loss of industry from free trade. New industry cannot be expected to provide the level of job demand that the severely downsized black iron industries provided. New immigrants are simply not needed. They simply flood our safety net resources and put more Americans out of work.

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      The actual authorized level for legal immigration right now is 1.8 million per year. Even Jeff Sessions isn’t aware that the level has climbed this high.