Say “No” to Sanctuary Policies in Mississippi

Last week, the Mississippi State Senate passed critical anti-sanctuary legislation, Senate Bill 2306 (SB 2306). SB 2306 prohibits state and local officials from instituting sanctuary policies that limit or restrict the enforcement of immigration laws, and requires state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials, including honoring immigration detainers.

SB 2306 is still waiting to be scheduled for action by the Speaker of the House. We need your help to move SB 2306 to the House floor before the Legislature’s March 30th deadline!

Please call House Speaker Philip Gunn and ask him to bring SB 2306 to the House floor and prohibit sanctuary policies in Mississippi once and for all.

Tell him the benefits of legislation aimed at increasing cooperation with federal immigration officials include:

  • Furthering the public safety and welfare of Mississippi residents and visitors;
  • Fighting illegal immigration by eliminating the attraction for illegal aliens to come to Mississippi;
  • Taking away competition for scarce jobs; and
  • Providing ICE with critical assistance to accomplish its mission to identify and remove criminal aliens who are already in state or local custody.

Let the Speaker of the House know ignoring anti-sanctuary legislation is not an option and puts public safety at risk! Contact Philip Gunn at (601)-359-3300 or write on his Facebook page and tell him to bring SB 2306 to the House floor TODAY!

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.

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