FAIR Guest Opinion: Trump Taps Gen. Kelly to Clean Up Obama Mess at DHS

The choice of Retired General John Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a clear indication that, under the incoming Trump administration, homeland security will actually be the primary focus of the department.

Gen. Kelly’s experience as commander of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), as well as his combat role in the Middle East — the cradle of global jihad — provides him with firsthand knowledge of the security threats that the nation faces.

For the past eight years, the Obama administration recklessly sacrificed the department’s mission of protecting the security of Americans at home to the president’s political priorities, which included maximizing the number of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers entering the United States.

Gen. Kelly will be faced with the immediate challenge of restoring public confidence in the department’s mission and the confidence of demoralized agencies within DHS charged with protecting the security of the American people.

As former commander of SOUTHCOM, Kelly has dealt with security challenges that are exacerbated by our nation’s porous borders and by political policies that have served as an inducement for people to cross our borders illegally.

As secretary of DHS, his role will be to oversee the construction of the border security infrastructure President-elect Trump has promised to put in place, and to eliminate policies that have triggered a surge of illegal immigration across the southern border. Truly securing our borders requires that we do both.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The (so-called) anchor babies were never authorized by the 14th amendment. It’s intent was to make citizens out of the children of slaves born in America and to make citizens out of the American Indians. There has long been a market along the border for paperwork alleging that a baby was born in America.

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    I am glad to see the departure of one of the dumbest odummers assistants we have ever had in any government position. johnson had no clue what a drone is, his dhs continues to harass older Americans, those with disabilities and those that question the actions of agents at airports, contrary to their own guidelines and the violations of the 4th amendment. I say profile and keep track of those so called terrorists, and the mosque they came out of that want to do harm to US and America. Redo PL 42-414 banning muslems from the US as they will not assimilate into the American life and will forever be a burden. Note, they will not work if it involves touching alcoholic beverages, pork or any by-products. The worst is the honor killings, which MSM is not telling us about.

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    Mr. Stein’s article brings up some very important points, which American Citizens need to focus on.
    -Anchor babies; we have to change the law to prevent immigrants entering illegally and giving birth to take advantage of social programs designed to benefit Americans. These people have no concept of reproductive responsibility, as our government takes care of the tab. The United States is not responsible for their welfare.
    -The mass migration of children from the South re-introduces disease into our country. (CDC)
    -The rule of law holds very little regard for people who migrate across the Southern border, the concept of abiding by the law requires one to be knowlegable of the law. Their primary focus is to get away with everything they can without getting caught.
    The impact of the financial burden is the cost to shelter, feed & provide medical care. You are paying for all of it if you are employed. California’s tax rate is one indicator.

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    General Kelly will be replacing an out-going muslim as the head of DHS. This certainly makes me feel better. Remember. A devout muslim places mor importance on the Koran than our Constitution.

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      In the good old days, if one bloke left the draw bridge or the Gate to the castle open or un-barricated, it was curtain times for the inhabitants who succumbed to the hordes crawling all over the map taking advantage of a push over and easy pickens by just helping themselves to the King’s Jewels etc!

      Not only that, this Earth Warming Ponzi Scheme that being spread for any unaware of these criminals who have become millionaires plus by pulling the wool over Brain Dead dummies eyes!

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        It appears you never went to school nor have a degree to realize our system is warming up . .ha!!!

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            Peter's Neighbor on

            Hey Peter, are you still trolling? Look, everyone on our block knows that you have been unemployed for over a year and are behind on your bill payments. I also heard that you refused to take the remedial English classes that the social worker recommended for you. Really now, Peter, you’re a deadbeat who has no business lecturing anyone about anything.

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    It will truly be unusual and refreshing (and a blessing) to have Secretaries & Directors doing what they’re supposed to do: protecting American Citizens!! These last 8-years have been erroneously focused on protecting and giving welfare (at taxpayer expense) to Illegal Immigrants! Of course I’m pro-immigration –all our ancestors came here from somewhere unless we’re Native American Indians– but it must be LEGAL Immigration–not crashing in illegally! One seeking our Country has to actually WANT TO BE AN AMERICAN: learning our language, and getting a job as soon as possible, and pledging allegiance to our Anthem & Flag, and allowing us ALL our Freedom Of Religion -not trying to do away with Christian Holiday traditions! One must obey OUR laws & Constitution, rather than trying to change us to their beliefs & laws!! If they want only their own laws & beliefs, they should stay in their own country, not come battle with us to change US!

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      Hey Teddy u know better illegals cannot get Welfare…but the Cubans, Somalis…do N whites. Africans N Hispanics etc that r legal…

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        Actually you know better, because you’ve been told many times. Illegals get welfare for their children born here. Also, many states, like California, can and have voted to give welfare to illegals because a federal law allows states to do it on an individual basis.

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    This administration put all kinds of roadblocks in the way of the Border Patrol doing their job. That is over with.

    My neighbor voted for Hillary and she knows I voted for Trump and used to always vote Democratic until recent years. I asked her if she thinks that millions of Americans just suddenly decided to become racist because that’s how so many Hillary supporters see Trump voters. She told me the perception comes from the fact that someone like David Duke supports Trump. I explained that has nothing to do with it and just because Duke supports him doesn’t mean Trump supports Duke. It’s like they cannot separate the two issues.

    She told me she has lost several close friends who voted for Trump and I said that’s because a lot of people hate being pigeonholed as bigots, although she admits I’m not and she doesn’t think her friends are either. Anyone who chooses not to like me for voting the way I did is not worth my time. But hey, Hillary set the tone. Support Trump and you’re “deplorable”, not merely someone so totally fed up with the system they are willing to try anything.

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        SecBorders your agreement of putting a military man in civilian matters, does show how little you understand how things work… N the reason even gold… the banks N walk street git us to the mess in 2008 …N the same people are being place for the first time in history I’m chRge if the gov….first time within our lifetime…. I wonder if you are lucid nor even understood what it takes to run a gov… especially us…

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          I know exactly how things work. If putting a military man in charge of our borders doesn’t work, then why do China, Russia, Israel, and the Koreans have military forces in charge of their border security? If it is good enough for those countries, it is good enough for the US. I know that you don’t want a Marine General in charge of DHS, because you are afraid of being deported back to Mexico, but maybe you can get a job in Cabo on the beach.

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            SecBorders the one going back to Mexico is you N third wirkd countries where you belong N agree to have the military…you just acknowledge you are more of a tyrant than a developed citizen that prefers to have Russian, Chinese… hierarchy…u should be honest to yourself N go back where u came from…..u r are just dead wood in this country… .

            Remember our Chief of the military is the president whereas Putin your cousin n your brothers in arms the Chinese president areore like you……you don’t belong here N never did…

            You just showed completely ignorance on what we stand for N who we are….

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            Peter's Neighbor on

            Look Peter, everyone on our block knows that you have been unemployed for over a year and are living off of welfare benefits paid for by citizens. So quit trying to lecture everyone else about how they should conduct their own affairs. Yeah, and one more thing Peter, quit playing your Mexican music at such loud volumes at night. You and your kind are turning our neighborhood into a 3rd world toliet.

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        Actually Peter, you seem to not respect SecBorders’s opinion. Obama caused the mess over eight years. He attempted to tear our nation apart.

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          Dale you are very ignorant on how things work in Congress…..the president dies not do everything N not to blame for the whole mess.. .he could have been improved by the reps…etc etc. U show no knowledge of how our system works N accountability… SecBorders is a third wirkd country citizen N his mentality bn belongs in Cuba Russia but our land…..

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            Daughter of Peter on

            Daddy, please get a job and stop trolling or Grandma will kick us out of the basement.

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      SecBorders r ha man’s expertise I S best to be out where it belongs….. on the ground… so that when in operations our military can learn from the experts.

      A DHS person should be picked aligned to the expertise … I can see you have little experience on these things in your life time….